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  1. Uuh... what d'you mean by that? pardon me for asking
  2. I really should post in these forums more often. Literally my only other post was in the Welcoming Plaza, and that was back when I went by Gem-Song... eheh. Anyway, hi. I go by Star Note nowadays, and I'm currently questioning my identity. I know I'm -- at least partially -- non-binary, but that's really all I'm sure about. I was kinda wondering -- does anyone else here have an OC that's non-binary (or are non-binary themselves)? 'cause I recently created a new one to better represent myself (you can see it up there in my pic) and I was just kinda wondering if anyone else had one. or s
  3. I don't get it... Oh, uh, thanks. It's one of the characters I have on PonyMUSH, heheh.
  4. Hello! I'm Gem-Song, and my good friend Ano170 introduced me to these forums. Well more like pestered me to join them but whatever. So yeah. Hello and such.
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