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  1. Yep K I'll get the pm ready as quick as I can.
  2. Sure of course you can.Just tell me when you decide on a character.
  3. goodnight everyone. man do I need to go to sleep earlier

  4. Okay just tell when you decided on one of my OCs
  5. Here’s are the rules · pm so anything goes only if you want · Some plot is required. Midnight Treat Fading Light Harmonic Lightning Light Pastels also I'm willing to do multiple 1x1 rps. Possibly settings are Ponyville, Mahnhatten, or Trottingham.
  6. The oc i want to use is this one ; and pm i tend to make short responces alot quicker and frequent
  7. good night everyone

  8. I've been really stressed with studying and what's been going on in my personal life I almost forgot about this website.