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  1. K I'll get the pm started.
  2. Yep K I'll get the pm ready as quick as I can.
  3. Yes I still looking for rpers.
  4. Sure of course you can.Just tell me when you decide on a character.
  5. goodnight everyone. man do I need to go to sleep earlier

  6. Sure I'll get the rp started soon
  7. Okay just tell when you decided on one of my OCs
  8. Here’s are the rules · pm so anything goes only if you want · Some plot is required. Midnight Treat http://mlpforums.com...ght-treat-r5542 Fading Light http://mlpforums.com...ing-light-r6067 Harmonic Lightning http://mlpforums.com...lightning-r7318 Light Pastels http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/light-pastels-r7600 also I'm willing to do multiple 1x1 rps. Possibly settings are Ponyville, Mahnhatten, or Trottingham.
  9. The oc i want to use is this one http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/midnight-treat-r5542 ; and pm i tend to make short responces alot quicker and frequent
  10. if you up for it then I'll ad one of my Oc
  11. good night everyone

  12. I've been really stressed with studying and what's been going on in my personal life I almost forgot about this website.
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