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  1. K I'll get the pm started.
  2. Yep K I'll get the pm ready as quick as I can.
  3. Yes I still looking for rpers.
  4. Sure of course you can.Just tell me when you decide on a character.
  5. goodnight everyone. man do I need to go to sleep earlier

  6. Sure I'll get the rp started soon
  7. Okay just tell when you decided on one of my OCs
  8. Here’s are the rules · pm so anything goes only if you want · Some plot is required. Midnight Treat http://mlpforums.com...ght-treat-r5542 Fading Light http://mlpforums.com...ing-light-r6067 Harmonic Lightning http://mlpforums.com...lightning-r7318 Light Pastels http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/light-pastels-r7600 also I'm willing to do multiple 1x1 rps. Possibly settings are Ponyville, Mahnhatten, or Trottingham.
  9. The oc i want to use is this one http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/midnight-treat-r5542 ; and pm i tend to make short responces alot quicker and frequent
  10. if you up for it then I'll ad one of my Oc
  11. good night everyone

  12. I've been really stressed with studying and what's been going on in my personal life I almost forgot about this website.
  13. I really sorry I haven't posted there's been a lot of junk going on in my life currently
  14. @slimmyjimjim @Pelate " I think we should learn each other quirks, ticks, interest, and personalities to really sell it off that the curse did't happen." Harmonic stated calmly. Suddenly Harmonic heard them being called over and sighed quietly and began to over to the group of ponies.
  15. My dog is such a spoiled brat

    1. Arican


      "How spoiled is he?"


  16. @Pelate "Yeah sure,” Harmonic stated following herself. “My name is Harmonic Lightning, I originally lived in the city, I ended up in PonyVill because I thought it would be a nice break from city life.” She stated calmly. “ Now that I told you about me, it’s your turn. ”She stated.
  17. Pelate "We're going to have to learn allot about each other."Harmonic stated calmly."So, this would be the perfect time to get to know each other better."Harmonic stated in a calm tone. Well at least today isn't going to boring.It's going to be anything but boring she thought to herself.
  18. @Pelate "Yes, your me. But how are you me?Also who I'm I?" Harmonic responded still taking deep breaths trying to regain the rest of her sanity. Please tell me he know who I am. Harmonic pleaded in her thoughts as she finally regained her common sense and stopped brthing deeply.
  19. @Pelate Harmonic started taking deeper breaths and listen to herself."Okay, I'll try to calm down."Harmonic stated taking long deep breaths. Don't block everything out it's only going to make me panic more the deep breaths help, soon Harmonic was allot calmer then she was.
  20. @Pelate When Harmonic shreaking finally stops. Her breathing starts to go faster as she starts to panic more and more. She look at her, his ,somebody's hooves noticing the wings didn't help calm her down. " This can't be happening, it just can't, it's impossible!!!!!!!!!"She stated in a hoarsed voice as she started to try to block everything out.
  21. @Pelate Everything suddenly went blank for less than a second.She found herself across the cafe drinking a cup of water. She spat out the water chocking on it from surprise slamming the glass down on the table.Taking deep breaths trying to calm herself down.As she looks down she noticed her coat was now a light brown, and she was a guy.Wait why am I a guy!?!?Why am I coming over here?!?! She sees herself throwing water on herself and herself fainting.Her breathing becomes quicker until she shreaks.
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