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  1. Germany conquers France once again.

  2. Minecraft is at least 1.5 times better when you have guns in it.

  3. Because custom livery that someone made me and LOUD NOISES.
  4. Porsh

    General Why did you choose your username?

    It's making fun of people who pronounce Porsche like that.
  5. Porsh

    cars What's your dream car?

    That's a Charger Daytona.
  6. Porsh

    Will smartphones be replaced by 2020?

    They'd have to come up with a better way to implant it. I would not want it jammed into my eye socket.
  7. Porsh

    Guess that car!

    Not even close.
  8. Porsh

    Guess that car!

    T This is the Evanta Barchetta. Shelby GT500 KR Chevy Impala SS Shelby Cobra It could be a 427, but some 289s also had the wider bodywork on them. It very well could also be a Cobra kit car, it's more common to see a kit car than a real one, even if the owner tells you it's real. What I am certain of, is the lack of an interior.
  9. My name is going to be on a race car. A virtual race car, but still. A Porsche 911 RSR to be exact.

  10. TOYOTA WINS LE MANS!!!! They finally fucking did it after 30 years or trying!

  11. Have you driven one? I haven't, but I don't think you have either.
  12. Tell me why it needs "that old V8" instead of the more compact engine they used to allow for the shape the rear section the car has.
  13. Gonna be getting my first fountain pen tomorrow.

  14. I want respond this too. Ford GT, Ford F-150 Raptor, and Haas F1 cars all feature V6 engines, and they're all fast. Well, the Raptor is fast for a full-size truck, but it's more powerful and more fuel efficient than it's predecessor. Oh, and the Ecoboost Mustang? More powerful than the old V6, and more powerful than the old Modular V8. Speed + economy
  15. There is someone on here with the name "LordOfDemWaffles". I find it to be amusing.