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  1. Scrubbed user

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    The first console I played on was the SNES. My dad did have a NES, but by the time I ever knew he had one, it didn't work anymore. However, the first one I ever paid for myself (not counting a PSP) was a slim PS3. Our phat one had the YLOD, and I had some money to just buy one. However, that one had an HDD failure.
  2. Scrubbed user

    Is Pinkie Pie part draconequus?

    She is a cartoon character and she knows it. She knows that our Laws of Nature do not apply in their world. This is how she is able to perform the feats she has done.
  3. Scrubbed user

    General Should Dabbing be Banned?

    I can't take this tread seriously at all.
  4. Scrubbed user

    Keep , Throw Away or Sell?

    I'd try to sell them, but only if I could get a good price for them. Dale Earnhardt's Daytona 500 winning car
  5. Not a whole lot of people actually use it, but Nintendo still charges anyway.
  6. Scrubbed user

    Console or PC?

    What exactly is a "standard" gaming PC? Mind you, there are hundreds of combinations of parts to choose from, and it doesn't need to be extremely expensive. You also have to consider the additional costs of a console like the unnecessary online subscription, the cost of additional controllers, and the cost of games. It really adds up. Oh, and a controller isn't "just better". I would never use a controller for a competitive FPS, not would I use one for a racing sim.
  7. Scrubbed user

    Console or PC?

    I switched to PC 3 years ago, and I never looked back, and will never go back to consoles. There is just too much bullshit with consoles these days. I remember when they were just boxes to play games on. Nowadays, they're trying to be multipurpose machines, and I don't think they're doing a good job at it. And paid online? Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo can piss off with that.
  8. Scrubbed user

    Gaming Would you put yourself in a video game? Or is that too lame?

    My IRL name is already in a game, so.... But, if I was going to put myself in a game, it would probably just be a cameo or a Easter egg.
  9. Scrubbed user

    Am I a toxic brony?

    I wouldn't equate any of what you wrote to being "toxic", if anything, you don't seem to be the toxic one.
  10. Scrubbed user

    How would your world be if MLP never existed?

    It wouldn't really be any different.
  11. Scrubbed user

    Would you (have you) go to your high school reunion?

    They say time heals all wounds, but I hated everyone I went to school with, so no, I wouldn't go.
  12. Scrubbed user

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    You can like both, but I don't think anyone who identifies as bisexual is truly 50/50.
  13. I'll take 25. That's when you're not considered a "young driver" when you try to get car insurance, and it shouldn't cost an absurd amount, it's also the age when you can rent a car. It's also right when alcohol (or at least in my experience) doesn't hit you as bad.
  14. Scrubbed user

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    Any GPU you can buy today has an HDMI port on it. Plug that into the TV, get a wireless keyboard and mouse, get a controller if needed, and there you go.
  15. Scrubbed user

    Technology The Glorious PC master race thread

    What if I told you that you don't have to have a desk, and that If you can afford a console, the pointless online subscription, and $60 games, you can afford a PC.