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  1. And I'm out for good this time.

  2. Scrubbed user

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    The first console I played on was the SNES. My dad did have a NES, but by the time I ever knew he had one, it didn't work anymore. However, the first one I ever paid for myself (not counting a PSP) was a slim PS3. Our phat one had the YLOD, and I had some money to just buy one. However, that one had an HDD failure.
  3. Scrubbed user

    Is Pinkie Pie part draconequus?

    She is a cartoon character and she knows it. She knows that our Laws of Nature do not apply in their world. This is how she is able to perform the feats she has done.
  4. nh_d15_1.jpg

    In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

    1. Snow


      What is that?

  5. Topaz, amethyst, and sapphire awards. I bet those will be removed in a few minutes.

  6. RIP Burt Reynolds.

  7. Scrubbed user

    General Should Dabbing be Banned?

    I can't take this tread seriously at all.
  8. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    I was only recounting my experiences with these games. I already boycotted companies that do these things long ago. In reality, it's not a huge segment of the industry that does these things, but it's big enough, and the games are popular enough to where the shitstorms they create is front and center.
  9. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    They may not say they push them on players, but if you actually look at it, they indirectly encourage people to buy them. The game I have the most experience with that practically actively promotes buying money is GTA V, which is also a fantastic example of what is wrong with the gaming industry today. Any new content that is added in is extremely expensive, and you have to grind for the rest of your life just to get anything because missions outside of heists don't pay very much money, and any of the other ways of legitimately earning money is extremely difficult. It's like I said before when I said a whole outfit was nearly $500,000. I mean, I did want that, but the time it took me to get it was almost not even worth it. The ENTIRE game is full of that exact thing. Clothing for your character, vehicle customizations, add-ons for guns, new vehicles that aren't worth anything, and all those new properties they've added. They all cost ludicrous amounts of money. You can either put hours upon hours upon hours to get a fraction of the money needed to obtain them. Or, do what Take-Two and Rockstar would rather players do, and buy a shark card or two, only to burn through that money in an instant. Oh, and it's not a free-to-play game. It's $60. The best thing I could do as a player was to quit, and that's exactly what I did.
  10. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    And it all circles back to my first post where I said the consumers are the cause of this, and the companies keep putting them in the games and pushing them on players because we keep feeding it. Also, saying "it's just cosmetics" is ridiculous since it falls under the same thing. They put it in, people keep buying it, companies see they can make money on it, put more in and shove them in everyone's faces, and it will keep snowballing until every game will have a free-to-play business model, but you'll still have to buy the game. There will be no skill or time put in to get anything because it won't be an option for anyone. Which is why I say anyone who buys into this crap is part of the problem.
  11. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    "Totally optional", yeah, that's why it's included. Not because they know people will buy it. Nope, that's not it at all. It's a scummy business practice, and it's what the publishers and developers would rather players do.
  12. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    That "option" is what I'm complaining about. Let me say it again: There was a time where you had to play the game in order to get the things you wanted. Nowadays, you can do that, or, you can do what the developers would rather you do, and that is buy it with real money, for items you don't have to pay for, but they usually will take a lot of time to get them, which makes buying it with real money seemingly the more compelling option. I don't think I can make my point any more clear. It also seems like you want to defend this practice.
  13. Scrubbed user

    Keep , Throw Away or Sell?

    I'd try to sell them, but only if I could get a good price for them. Dale Earnhardt's Daytona 500 winning car
  14. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    Forking over real money for something you can pay for with in-game money is absurd, no matter if it's easy to obtain or not, especially in a game that you have to buy. Some clothing items in GTA V for example is ridiculous. I remember having one outfit that in total was almost half a million dollars. Do you know how long it would take to get that much money without cheating, or waiting to get it from Rockstar, or buying shark cards? Longer than it should be is how long it takes, in a $60 game.
  15. Scrubbed user

    Gaming The Entire Gaming Industry is a Rip-Off!

    Remember when you had to play the game to unlock stuff like that? Or at least buy them with in-game money? Now you can buy 'em all, just $3.99 a pop!