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  1. happy birthday me tomorrow ill be 17 and couting!!!!!!!!!!

  2. any1 want to join my rp

  3. plot: twilight betrays the ponies by giving in to the evil nightmare moon. she joins nightmare in the evil quest to cover equestria in complete darkness.the ponies get caputred and spike is the only one that can talk sence into twilight. futchure plans: the ponies ecape the prison and free celestia then they defeat nightmare and twilight making nightmare into princess luna.but the evilness from nightmare destroys twilights soul making twilight more evil then nightmare ever was.... characters: twilight nightmare moon/luna pinky pie applejack rainbowdash rarity spike priness celestia evil warrers(2) 4 other ponies
  4. im gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Its was a cold and dark night when twilight ran into the library and screamed "princess celistia has been captured!!!!!!" spikes eyes widen when he realized whom captured her. "it was nightmare moon!!!!" spikes head lowered "she's back" he said with a shock. Fear rain down his scaly back. "go get the others we have to stop nightmare moon from covering equestria into darkness." twilight said. He feel to the ground "they've all joined her" he depressingly said. A tear went down twilight face. "it couldn't happen." she said doubtfully." where's applebottem?" she asked " was captured cause she refused to join." spike walked out side. Fog was forming everywhere. Twilight couldn't see a thing. She saw a dark shadow come back from the clouds. It was applejack and fluttershy. "applejack fluttershy its not true is it?"
  6. It was a dangerous time in equestria. Everyone knew of nightmare moon coming back and some ponies wanted to help her make darkness everywhere. One day twilight was walking with spike and spike obviously knew she was getting more and more interested in becoming a recruiting member of nightmare moons army " spike I have to go princess celistia is better off I have to go now..." it was like she was become brain washed...
  7. One day twilight,rainbow dash, and applejack was planning a surprise get together for fluttershy. They wanted to show her how much they appreciated her by throwing her this get together. " now your going to tell her that I need her in the library and spike what your going to do is have her run random arens around the town." twilight said. Later that day it was dark and smoggy. " why it looks like it is going to rain ,so scary." fluttershy said. The moon was rising way to soon something was happening.... Nightmare moon was back and wanted revenge on the 6 ponies... " there can't be a get together now it getting to dark." applejack said. " I know we have to cancel it which sucks". Twilight answered. Walking torde them was a dark shadowy figure. It wad night mare.... yo be continued
  8. Anything is okay just use you imagination anything is okay IDC who wins this epic battle as long as their is an epic battle so we need three or four more people and we can get started ight also this is my very first role play so don't get mad if idk what to do
  9. I need at least 4-5 people plot: princess Luna has took over and is planning something evil (blank) and princess Luna has persuaded twilight and rainbow dash to join her. The others has joined princess celisita to defeat them in this upholding battle. setting: equestria rules: fallow all rule pertaining role play be nice don't hold back of imagination have fun future plains: its up to yall who wins the war but applejack and the others get captures and put in a prison underneath equestria its up to yall they get out or not so yeah
  10. It could be I'm still new to this I have no idea what I'm doing or what sparks peoples instreast