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  1. Just curious if anyone is going. It's 4th of July weekend. I will be attending with my brother. We will be in artist alley, well, he will mostly. I will probly walk around a bit and check things out cause it will be my first anime convention. I will have some of my carved boxes there for sale. There will be a variety of types.
  2. RyuNeko


    Something is starting to take shape, so to speak. Finally found a saw that may be worthy of using. Scroll saws are becoming harder and harder to find. Got it ordered over the weekend and is supposed to be shipped from the manufacturer. I hope it gets sent sooner than later, notice said it could be 5-21 business days before getting it. I have lots to catch up on. I have an event in May taking place in Jacksonville, IL and I am supposed to have a few pieces made for that particular event and then the first weekend of July I am going to Anime Midwest with my brother. Plan on taking pony and anime character boxes out there. In the mean time I will be studying for my certification as a nutritional consultant. I am supposed to get my study materials soon. Hope everything works out this time. Everypony, have a wonderful week.
  3. not feeling too hot.

  4. Trying to figure out how to get the money to buy a new scroll saw so that I can put commissions up on this site.

    1. Yamato


      Sell a kidney.

    2. RyuNeko


      LOL. That's a good choice.

  5. Well, since my mother-in-law broke her ankle I have hardly had any time to do anything. Been over there about 16 hours a day then doing my cleaning jobs and errands has left little time to try and make anything. The little time that I did have this week wasn't so hot either. I got a design ready for a Princess Luna box and started to cut it out but my scroll saw had other plans. It decided, "I don't want to work anymore, good night". Yeah, so now I have to get a new one. I just wanted to let people know what was going on since they were expecting to have seen something last weekend. Again, I apologize for the late update.
  6. does anyone know what percentage the site takes from commissions? i've tried contacting them and no response.

  7. Well, everything i had planned has gone completely wrong. Been taking care of mother-in-law as she needs 24 hour care after surgery. It's gonna be quite a while before I can work on anything. : (

  8. Rarity got the most picks (I had this up on a couple of other forums) and Rarity and Princess Luna were the most popular ones. So I will be working on them later today. I have to go and help take care of my mother-in-law first. So look forward to the WIP pics of them. I will definitely work on this character when these two are done. I'm not gonna leave ya hangin.
  9. getting ready to go to work. everyone go to my blog and vote on what character you want to see made into a nice trinket box. i will check tonight when i get home from work and errands.

  10. Waiting for a response from someone about commissions.

  11. playing nazi zombies

  12. I think i found a new favorite music group "In This Moment"

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    2. ZukoIsBestPony


      Cool my favorite song of there's would have to be Blood. cheery name I know, but the song is really good!

    3. RyuNeko


      I like adrenalize


    4. ZukoIsBestPony
  13. If your sexy and you know it, raise your hoof!

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    2. ZukoIsBestPony
    3. RyuNeko


      HAHAHAHA, that was hilarious. Thank you so much for the laugh.

    4. ZukoIsBestPony


      No ploblem! :) I love making everypony laugh!

  14. nice to be home after work. just prop my legs up for a bit then cook dinner.

  15. RyuNeko

    Votes in

    Everypony needs to get their votes in as to who they want to see done next for a trinket/jewelry box. So far Rarity is in the lead. Tonight I will be starting on another project (non pony related). It's two more boxes. They are going to be Dragonball Z related. Once this weekend comes then I will start on the new pony box.