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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Nameria

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I saw John Wick 2. I LOVED it! I may be biased because I love John Wick and Keanu Reeves. :-P
  3. Nameria

    Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?

    Oooh, super interesting! It's super interesting and it only shows how fragile our minds are. Thank you for your input!
  4. Nameria

    S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    I loved the episode, but that changeling design.... eh... I don't like them. :-P
  5. Nameria

    Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?

    The first one is obviously the one that kickstarted the whole phenomenon, Nelson Mandela's death. Click here for "proof" found in a text book about his death being in 1991. Here are people's testimonies regarding this event. Details regarding JFK's assassination. Again, this is not solid evidence but it's at least something to think about!
  6. Nameria

    Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?

    :ninja: I agree with you, but shh, don't let the "Berenstain" people know. :ninja:
  7. Nameria

    Do you believe in the Mandela Effect?

    It may be! I cannot rule out any possibility. How would you explain the "changes" in historical events, however? True. I am also with this notion. Our memories are not perfect indeed. However, it still kind of doesn't explain why I vividly remember things differently. But still, unlike many Mandela Effect theorists, I am willing to accept if my memory failed me. I'm just curious because I clearly remember the past differently. In my case, I remember I was being taught in school about his death. I remember all the teachers talking about it, and I remember watching the TV because they were broadcasting a memorial in his honor. I saw the funeral, I saw pretty much everything. I still remember it vividly. So it was a huge shocker for me when I found out he died in 2013. I thought so too. I remember when I was little looking at the candy wrapper. I have always been very observant from a young age. I would stare at logos, names, wrappers, and I would intricately study every little detail. So when I say I remember something related to a brand, I say so because I remember it very different. Now every time I look at Kit Kat I feel something is missing. I do remember saying in my mind that I was going to be able to memorize the name if I remembered a penny because it was spelt just like it. As I said above I was very observant. But yeah, it may be just bad memory. I have no history of mental illness whatsoever and I still noticed these "changes." The only instances, in my case, of a less than ideal mental health is when I have those derealization episodes whenever I feel depressed or stressed. But I think that can happen to anyone, so... I think it may affect people who have mental illnesses worse than neurotypical people, but I still believe this could affect anyone regardless of their mental state. In my case, I always remembered Curious George without a tail. I always saw him as a chimpanzee. But you're not alone, a lot of people remember him having one. I personally remember the name being Bernstein. I don't remember the Beren- affix. I just remember the Bernstein Bears. Which is odd, because no one seems to remember it like I do. I find this interesting! I know that our memories are not as stable as we think they are. However, before I was brought to this Mandela Effect theory, I thought that the past I knew was still the norm and I never thought about it much because I thought it was real. It was until I was shown differently and I saw how things are and always had been that it caused a deep shock in me. Even my husband, who is really see-to-believe, was losing his mind over some of the Mandela Effects because he also remembered things differently. Our minds are so unreliable sometimes, it hurts! Interesting theory! Being a Christian I do not believe in reincarnation but hey, no one really knows what happens after death, so I always remember to keep an open mind about it. I have kind of been into parallel worlds and alternate timelines lately. It'd be so cool if there were parallel worlds or alternate timelines where things were different and somehow it affected our own? Heh, sounds crazy but it'd be really amazing.
  8. Nameria

    General What Birth Stone Do You Have?

    I was born in December 10th, so mine is turquoise, zircon or tanzanite.
  9. Nameria

    Chewy or crispy?

    However it honestly depends on what I am eating. But, if we're talking about cookies, brownies, biscuits... I love them crunchy and with a soft center. If we're talking about meat, I love crispy meats but it all depends if I'm craving it. I can always appreciate texture in my food!
  10. Nameria

    Your FIRST time being TRUELY terrified

    I have been terrified a couple of times in my life. The first thing that pops in my head is the moment where I thought I was going to be either raped or kidnapped; I was at my university campus, parking my car. I had to park it further away from the building, because at the time the entire parking lot was full to the max, so I couldn't do anything about it. I went to get out of my car, and proceeded to walk towards the building. Suddenly I hear this raspy, deep voice coming from my right, saying, "Heeelllooooo." I froze, and when I looked towards the source of the voice, there was this dude in his mid 20's or 30's, wearing a sweaty white shirt, grey pants, and he looked pale. His teeth were crooked, and he had heavy eye bags, as if he hadn't slept in months. He was smiling at me with a smile only seen in horror movies, and stood there with his head tilted. I just ran as fast as I could. When I finally got to a safe distance, I saw him run into a car; it was a grey oldsmobile car, but I just ran into the security office and reported him. Turns out that he was a sex offender that tried to kidnap a girl only two hours later, and thanks to the drawing I did of his face, they were able to capture him. I spent weeks having flash backs of his face, and I woke up crying and screaming in the middle of the night. Every time I closed my eyes I saw him. It was horrible, and it made me think about my entire life... it was truly life changing. My heart goes out to those that have been victims of this horrible crime. The most terrifying thing? Being diagnosed with Lupus. Thanks to God, I am now Lupus free. But man, it was horrible. Terrifying, scary and intense. My heart also is with those who are suffering from any type of illness because of this experience. These two things marked my life profoundly, so yeah... I consider them to be my most terrifying experiences. Also, the Perfect episode from Courage the Cowardly Dog made me lose sleep for days. it still does
  11. Hey there! I didn't know where to post this, so if it's in a wrong spot, I have no problem with it being moved! I wanted to ask if anyone here believes in the Mandela Effect. For those that do not know, it is a whole phenomenon surrounding the death of Nelson Mandela. Some remember it happening in 2013, while others like myself remember it happening in the 80's or 90's. From that point onward, millions have come forward with evidence of remembering a past that is no longer real, and many have come up with theories like alternate timelines and parallel universes colliding. From changes in brand names to changes in historical events, many people have posted a lot of interesting content regarding what they believe is true. I encourage you all to research on the topic and reach to your own conclusions! I, for one, have been a victim of this conspiracy theory to some extent. At first it caused severe derealization/depersonalization episodes in me, so if you're easily freaked out then I don't recommend you researching this further. However, after researching, I don't believe the explanations people have put through, but I do recognize something's rather off about how I remember the past. I mean, how do we know? The more we discover about this universe, the less we know about it. Our minds are finite and honestly I cannot rule out something as ludicrous just because I don't believe in it. I remember Kit Kat having a dash in the middle (Kit-Kat) and the thing is that I remember it clearly. I remember the name of the shoe brand Skechers being Sketchers, as in sketch. I remember Looney Toons, not Looney Tunes because it was short for cartoons. I remember Chic-fil-a, and I remember specifically because I used to stare at their logo for long minutes and going like, "Why didn't they add a K to their name?" and now it's always been Chick-fil-a. I remember Fruit Loops, not Froot Loops, I also remember JC Penny and not JC Penney; Febreeze and not Febreze, Sex IN the City and not Sex AND the City, JFK's car had four people and not six, and the list goes on and on. Here's an entire website dedicated to it! What do you think? Is something really happening that is altering our reality? Or is it just all... bad memory?
  12. Honestly I don't enjoy Rarity's sense of fashion at times, so I'd probably reject it. She's too extravagant while my fashion is more simple and laid back.
  13. Nameria

    Has Sparity overstayed it's welcome?

    I mean no disrespect to any Sparity shipper out there, but honestly, this ship always made me cringe... It's a kid with an adult. So it's in the nope territory for me!
  14. Twilight Sparkle: I look for a deeper meaning to everything, and when something interests me I research the heck out of it. I always look for a reason behind something, and I want to know how it works. I am also a Pastor's daughter, so sometimes the responsibility I carry is intimidating, but with my family and loved ones' help, it's usually much easier to handle it. I also tend to obsess over things. I love science and I love to figure out how the world works around me. Fluttershy: I love animals, and I was really insecure when I was a little girl. I was always afraid of everyone because I was bullied when I was a kid. I remember to love animals a lot at this point, and I used them as my escape from reality. I learned as much as I could from them, drew them, and had several pets. But, when I grew up, I understood that being kind was not equal to being stepped on, and for that, I'm thankful. Pinkie Pie: I love to see people happy and content. I put other's happiness over my own, sometimes leading to stress, but in the moment I see them smile, I feel happy too. I love to see my family and loved ones safe and happy. Applejack: I am honest and sometimes very stubborn to admit when I'm wrong. I am also a very family-oriented person. Rarity: I love to be generous when I have the means, and even if I don't, I always try to make someone feel better about themselves. I enjoy fashion, although I am not a freak about it. I just like to look good. I especially love make up like she does. Rainbow Dash: I'm loyal to the core. When I say I'm with you, I'm with you 'til the end. I am also lazy and laid-back, and if I had wings, I would also be up in the sky all the time. I am sometimes impatient and I used to be impulsive, although that is now under control.
  15. Nameria

    S05:E23 - The Hooffields and McColts

    I loved this episode! It showed my top two favorite ponies interacting together and I thought it was overall enjoyable. Loved the humor and I found myself smiling a lot through it. I especially loved the character development here, and I have been noticing that the writers have taken character development and placed it as a priority in these new season 5 episodes. All I can say was that I really loved this episode, and it has become one of my favorites so far!