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  1. This is mostly about the Xbox One S All Digital. It's only minorly relevant, so please try and keep it pertinent to the topic, I don't want this derailed into a PC discussion or a PC vs. consoles discussion. To put it simply though: I actually spoke against PC going all digital as well because you end up with shit like what's going on with the Epic Game Store, but that's a discussion for another topic, another day.
  2. I don't really see the relevance to this topic.
  3. So, for those who don't know, Microsoft is releasing an all digital Xbox One without a disk drive. Austin Evans did a teardown: So, to sort of echo Austin's thoughts a bit here, but I have to say... A lot of this console design makes... No sense: The name is... Bad. I mean it's just bad. Xbox One S All Digital is not only a mouthful, but it abbreviates to Xbox One SAD which is worse. Being ALSO called an Xbox One S might create confusion with parents. The hard drive being non-removable makes NO SENSE for an all-digital edition console, especially with all that space saved from not having an optical drive. 1TB is not that much these days, so this makes no sense to do. Making it too much in appearance to the regular S is going to cause confusion in the resale market too. I can already see people duping uninformed buyers with these. The price point... It's only $50 cheaper than the regular S, but what's worse... You can find regular Xbox One S's on Amazon for less than the All Digital, so... The only real benefit to the system is sort of negated. Given how many Xboxes are sitting in warehouses, I doubt this will ever not be the case either. As a collector, this system has no value. Literally, even when the Xbox One is "retro" you won't be able to use this to play ANYTHING as it will be obsolete the moment support for the Xbox One ends. Especially with the S will be more abundant. It's clear that this system is Microsoft trying to ween people onto accepting no physical media so they can achieve their digital-only future. I sincerely hope it doesn't take off, because it would be the start of a bad trend for consumers. This is just one person's thoughts though. What are yours?