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  1. Rings, Proposals, and Double Standards

    How does text sound? I assure you that I'm perfectly fine. I never said that. I'm not really complaining, I am asking a question and wondering why the user in question seems to be very focused on such a subject. There's no such thing as sexual equality. Sorry but sex is a person's choice and they are allowed to be as prejudiced about it as they desire because it's their body and they have every right to not give it up to another person based upon any reason. There's no reason to bother promoting something that won't happen. I do not understand that logic, but furthermore is all you intend to do just try and flip my posts back on me and use my words in a reconstructed sentence against me? I mean it's pretty clear you're looking for a reason to take issue with myself, and trying to get some kind of emotional reaction out of me when I have made it pretty clear that I am operating on logic, not emotion or offense. I did read the posts. I am stating that I feel he is angry that women get a "better" hand in society by his perception. Again, I don't see why you're going to far out of your way to find a reason to take issue with me, but I don't really find any of this productive. I'm sorry if something I said offended you, that was not my intent.
  2. Rings, Proposals, and Double Standards

    I'm not offended at all. Why would I be? I am merely trying to assist. I apologize if it comes off as I'm "offended" or trying to attack anyone, thus why I prefaced my post with "take this with a grain of salt" and even "I'm not trying to be a bitch here". I have merely noticed a trend or pattern in the way this person posts blogs and that they all seem to connect to a similar subject. The previous one was being upset that men can't be seen as beautiful and that women can, and this one now is upset that men are obligated to do all the work in proposals and marriage. I merely noticed a pattern and proposed it as a potential source of where these feelings are coming from. The one before the previous one was talking about how men are "the villains" and how it's unfair and women have all the advantages, etc. Sometimes we have to say what people don't want to hear to truly help them. I can't help but notice that in the past three blogs they have been complaining about how the world is unfair to men and that women have all the advantages. When someone makes three blogs in a row complaining about women, I feel it's only logical to propose an animosity toward women as a potential cause, wouldn't you? Logically speaking it makes the most sense.
  3. Does MLP being a toy commercial hold it back?

    You're asking that question while on a fansite for said show that has thousands of users, in a fandom with hundreds of thousands of fans...
  4. Rings, Proposals, and Double Standards

    I'm married. It was a group decision. My mother in law bought the rings. Just sayin'. Okay I am going to be real here for a second and I want you to take this with a grain of salt: I have seen a lot of your blogs regarding women, relationships, etc. and is it possible that perhaps you have some resentment toward the dating scene for your own lack of prowess in it? Not trying to be a bitch here, but I can't help but notice you complain a lot about how men (which you are) are unattractive and women are so lucky... I am sensing a lot of animosity toward women and it's becoming internalized self hate. Why do you have such animosity toward women, might I ask?
  5. This post is an apology for my attitude.

    Hell to the yes, my girl Rainbow Dash know how it's done. Chillaxin' in style.
  6. This post is an apology for my attitude.

    Ships are about love, not hate. Here's some love for you:
  7. Can Men Be Beautiful?

    Beauty is perception. Some people can think men are beautiful, some don't, and either way is not right or wrong. Beauty is subjective after all.
  8. Sex Issues: Living on Team "Villain"

    If you're any example... I'd say they are... Also, I don't go around assuming everyone is evil or bad because that's how you live in total misery. That's how you live your life hating existence and not truly living. Very unlikely. Most who have such negative views share them regularly and openly because they don't see them as "bad" so they have no reason to believe others would disagree. I do not think there has been any study done to assert the number of hundreds of thousands or millions in any level of accuracy. Even 100 million women is not even 1% of the world population of women, remember that. Even if the ENTIRE US population of women were all "man haters" that would still be less than 10% of the world population, etc. There is no reverse sexism, just sexism. If you blame someone making a mistake on their sex, you are being sexist, period. Absurd. I also wouldn't even call it "widely popular" because it's supported only by extreme feminists who make up less than 20% of the US population, and less than 10% of the UK population and less than 1% of the world population. I would hardly call that widely popular. It's just another idiotic lie that third wave feminists made up to have an excuse to blame men for more problems instead of addressing real issues. There are real problems in the world that women face such as women in third world countries being killed for "honor" because they were raped. Women having their clitorises forcibly removed in third world countries to prevent them from cheating on their husbands who they are forced to marry. Women in many cultures who are punished merely for speaking out of turn or voting. But here are third wave feminists complaining about non-existent or trivial problems that women in the US who have the most privileges of any other nation are facing such as "manspreading" and "toxic masculinity". I don't take the opinion of some third wave feminist blogging from her iPhone at a Starbucks Cafe seriously when she continually turns a blind eye to the crimes of Islamic nations who literally treat women as less than property while at the same time complaining about how toxic masculinity is one of the biggest problems we as a society face. I am more interested in attacking REAL issues in the west for women such as reducing rape against women and raising awareness for rape victims to come forward sooner so that the chances of justice are higher and of course improving forensic science to catch rapists more often.
  9. Sex Issues: Living on Team "Villain"

    I'll be a bit controversial and say my two bits. Forewarning, I open this by stating I am a trans person so my view does not come from that of a biological woman's so keep that in mind. Full disclosure. The view from nasty women like the people who write these articles... it's hard to say if they are a majority or a minority, but for the most part, I find they are a minority. Feminism in the US is at an all-time low after all. That being said... there definitely is an issue with men being seen negatively by default and often just for not being "Attractive enough". If a man is overweight or unattractive to most he's seen as "creepy" if he even so much as talks to a woman. It's not seen the same the other way. Feminism tells overweight women you're "great as you are!" and calls being fat "curvy" etc. Even the ridiculous fat acceptance movement SELDOM focuses on overweight men. So there is a stigma against men, to the point where I would say the 'privilege" is not inherently in men's favor. If you're an attractive man who has good connections? Yeah, you'lll be pretty well off, but if you're not... the odds are stacked against you in many areas, with only a few areas where men have an advantage. That being said, here in Germany it's not quite so much like that, but these issues do need to be addressed. On the MORE controversial side I'm going to openly say: a lot of women that complain about men disrespecting women... (not all, but I'd say a chunk at least, like the people who write these articles) WANT to be disrespected by men. They want to because it gives them something to complain about. They want to feel justified in being a pain in the ass and point to operations like hooters and strip clubs and porn... When in reality... the women working those places are making good money for relatively little work. Most of them are actually pretty happy with what they do and paid way more than most would be for doing much harder and more labor-intensive jobs. A lot of it can stem from jealousy, jealousy that these women are desirable enough to do these jobs and be successful at it when the ones complaining don't believe they could be. They like to look down on the men who enjoy these things instead of realizing that it's the women who accept these jobs and willingly do them. There is no conspiracy to keep women in these jobs. The irony is that if these people complaining about this stuff actually believed in loving yourself for who and what you are, they wouldn't bitch so much about women being sexy and using that to get a living. That's their choice and they feel great enough about who they are and what they look like to do it, then who are we to say they are "wrong". It's capitalism, they have something people are willing to pay for and they are using it. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  10. Yeah, I mean outside of mobile. Because the "HD" Trilogy on the 3DS was kind of dumb because the 3DS isn't HD so it's kind of a lie lol. Sadly, me as well. The source only talks about the mainline games too... :c 100%! A fantastic way to lead into a new mainline game! With Megaman I really have no clue why they did it because all the games could fit on one set... Maybe it was to get it out faster? With this series I can at least PARTIALLY understand needing to split it. These are not mostly NES and SNES games, they're DS and 3DS games, and the DS games are going to utilize the 3DS version assets. So they're slightly larger. If I recall Dual Destinies was almost 1GB+ on its own and when you bring that up to HD it likely will take up more space. The last two games had cutscenes and voice acting so they naturally will take up more room, so I can see them requiring a second set. I am REALLY hoping it's not just straight ports, but some enhancements would be cool. I'd love to see cutscenes and voice acting added to the original trilogy... Maybe even new content? And I think many would LOVE to see the DLC that we never got to see in the two 3DS games.
  11. How you holding up, love?

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    2. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      Alright, 4 day weekend finally after working myself to death. Been saving for an apartment and a new computer, so it's been chaos.

      I know due to recent events you were a little shaken, I just wanted to make sure you were alright after the recent loss.

    3. Me.


      Yeah. What happened had shocked me when I found out and I was pretty upset for a while. I almost considered leaving the site for a little while from it...

    4. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      You do what you have to do. There is no wrong way to grieve so long as you're not hurting yourself or others.

  12. When people hate my guts for my opinions on stuff or debates, I encourage you to read my "About Me" Section where I blatantly say that if you ever approach me outside of a debate, I will be totally cool with you and I'll treat it like it never happened. I also specifically state that I can come off as aggressive in debate because I debate hard and I don't back down, but I actually will stick my neck out for you if you show respect to me.

    Amazing how many people pretty much assume because I disagree with your opinion on some game, or movie or game company that means basically I hate your guts and you should hold a vendetta against me. I have no grudges against anyone for disagreements in opinions here. I only have beefs with people who have legit stabbed me in the back and spat in my hand repeatedly when I helped them. And anyone who happens to be said person has been given multiple chances by me as well.

    Just amazing how many people basically will decide they despise a person for disagreements over totally non-important crap. Like when I think about how many people hate my guts over my opinions on VIDEO GAMES it almost makes me sad for them. That a disagreement on video games is enough to make you hate a person. Anyone who doesn't like me, I always invite to contact me directly and maybe we can work it out.

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    2. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      Irony about this fandom is despite how much people insist this show "teaches" people seldom seem to learn from it.

    3. Steel Accord

      Steel Accord

      Depends on who you talk to. It has changed many for the better.

    4. Celli
  13. I would not want it done because it would likely just be a bunch of fan pandering and in-fandom reference jokes. Not to mention made by amateurs instead of professionals.
  14. So this came about in November last year, but since then Capcom has released the Megaman Legacy Collection in this fashion and has indeed mentioned they want to continue the Ace Attorney games on the Switch, as they have proven to be one of Nintendo's nicest little niche titles on the DS and 3DS with a dedicated following, myself included! I know @Envy is a big fan of this series and I'm sure plenty of users here are as well. A full release of the entire main series on the Switch would be a great boon to the Switch's library (inb4 no more ports!) as there are many people who actually have never played these games. They were always relatively niche titles and many of us were sad that Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice were never physically released in the US, so this could be a chance to have a physical copy out there. Now sadly Capcom doesn't have the BEST track record with handling the series as they have made some mistakes in the past such as: Not porting Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2 to the west citing poor sales of the first game, despite a fan translation being made because the demand was high enough to justify it. Locking out a DLC from Dual Destinies from the west because they claimed Americans would not be able to figure out the puzzles that "required heavy knowledge of Japan to do" despite living in an age of the internet where people could look up and research this stuff. Making the previous two entries eShop exclusive. Not releasing a prequel game in the west that people were demanding. But this DOES bring me to another fear I have: Capcom released the Legacy Collection for Megaman on the Switch in the dumbest way possible... Megaman 8 and 9 were download codes... Defeating the purpose of releasing a physical copy if there is going to be a download code for two of the games. Why? Because half the point of physical copies is preservation and sharing. If I want to let my wife play these games, now she can't play them on HER Switch because I had to redeem the codes, etc. Also makes them worthless buying used as well. Please Capcom do this right this time and lead into a new game the RIGHT way.
  15. I can be whatever you want or whatever you want to call it. If you still like a ship even if canon breaks it, you're not stopped from liking it, making art of it or fanfiction of it.