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  1. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Mmmm potato skins. <3
  2. Key Sharkz

    Spoiler 2nd half of S8.

    "I hate how the students don't get development." "I hate how they are trying to develop them by giving them airtime." ~This fandom.
  3. Key Sharkz

    Movies/TV Roseanne Reboot cancelled due to her Tweeting

    I like how people say "she got what she deserved", yeah except Rosanne is still wealthy and still doing fine, the people who were REALLY punished was her entire show staff like the cameramen and the light experts who are not sitting on millions and the other people who were passionate about making a show they cared about. In your effort to take down someone you didn't like you took down tons of innocents who had no hand in it. This isn't like Kathy Griffin where 1 person got their just deserts, you had to knock an entire show off the network to take Roseanne down which means you basically just killed a cockroach by burning the house down. I don't know why anyone is celebrating. Tons of people who had nothing to do with this got hit with the same punishment that the perpetrator did and we're here celebrating. Meanwhile Roseanne still has a career, still has millions and the crew working on the show lost out on a paying job.
  4. Show is actually approaching it's 8th anniversary actually. Either way, I intend to give G5 a fair chance without comparing it to G4 and I encourage others to do the same. Approach this as a new beginning, not as a stubborn child refusing to take off the nostalgia goggles and look at something new. I think you've made an excellent assessment of the situation and approached the subject realistically and not overly optimistic or overly pessimistic. A fine essay and a damn good perspective.
  5. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Well, it's bedtime for me everyone!
  6. Key Sharkz

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    That's not what that means at all... Some math for you: 30% is 100 million+ people and even if they were all being charged $50 a month (most are being charged way more) that's still $6 billion a year from customers who have no choice but to use your service. Now you tell me... How you propose they go out of business just because the other 70% can go elsewhere? That being said the remaining 70% actually are not REALLY 70%, they are actually much smaller because outside of the 30% who are stuck with no one but Comcast, a large percent only has the option between either Comcast or another provider that is equally shitty or a small tiny provider who can not provide speeds that are even remotely competent in comparison. Sure you may get the choice between Comcast and some small time ISP, but when the small time ISP can only offer 1Mbps it's not really "competition" because the speeds are so slow that your only REASONABLE choice is Comcast. Again, I recommend you actually look up a lot of this stuff because how you think this will happen is not how it actually is happening. There's way more too it than you think because this isn't like other markets, the ISPs are the gate keepers so if they don't offer service in your area, there is no competition. Cell phone hot spots are not even close to a replacement for proper ISPs. They are not that reliable and they almost always have data caps, on top of that they are very expensive if you tried to use them like normal internet connections at home. Google Fibre may shake up the market but as it stands now they are still a good decade or so from being any real threat to major ISPs, and with the FCC in the ISP's back pocket they can push to have laws and regulations passed that block Google from making headway. Not true at all. The options coming are limited and slow in their arrival. They are ALREADY trying these "foolish" things you speak of, just go look up Comcast's video about how they are introducing data caps to their customers for no arbitrary reason. People are already catching ISPs throttling services. And I have now explained why you should be far more concerned. How you seem to view this all is not how it actually is. You've been fooled, sorry to say.
  7. Key Sharkz

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    Apparently, you don't seem to realize that ISPs don't need customer satisfaction because they don't really HAVE competition. You realize that 30% of the US can ONLY get internet from one provider, right? It's not like you can just go "I'll go to someone else" because there is no one else in your area and you can't just move to get better internet. When you literally know that 30% of the population has no choice but to use you, there is no reason to ever satisfy your customers because you are pretty much ensured you'll get business. They also have tons of contracts and laws that protect them from rival ISPs from opening up as well, on top of insanely high infrastructure costs that make anyone who is wanting to become real competition to never succeed. Literally these "competitors" you speak of do not exist. Even the other big ISPs are all doing it as well because they have all realized that if all of them agree not to go in on anyone else's territory they all can get away with charging whatever they like. Verizon has proven corrupt too and they are one of the top ISPs as well. Basically the top ISPs that control well over half the country are all corrupt. Unless you're one of the 100 million Americans who live in a zone where ONLY Comcast services, then you are shit out of luck and jolly well fucked. Comcast has been trash for years and people have been demanding change from them and negative reviewing them into oblivion for almost a decade now and nothing has been done. It's not the same as Steam or video games because people can't just buy another ISP in most areas, they are forced to deal with either this terrible ISP that throttles speeds and treats the customers like trash or they are to go without internet entirely. And since Internet is so essential to our current society it would basically be asking them to go live in the stone age. Most people need internet for work or education. It's pretty much a mandatory service now.
  8. Key Sharkz

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    Yeah it's speculation but as @Kyoshi has said... It's safe assumption that ISPs which have proven time and time again that they are money hungry enough to screw over the customer whenever they are given the opportunity to do so without retribution. So it's safe to say... the effects may not be immediate, but they will more than likely be negative.
  9. Key Sharkz

    Web Net Nuetrality?

    What does it mean? The answer is... We don't know yet. It could go bad, it could go worse, we don't know yet. It depends on how badly ISPs want to abuse this new freedom.
  10. Key Sharkz

    Gaming Online Gamer Trolls

    I get pretty "trolly" in some games but it's usually counter-measures to people being douchebags. Like if another person is being an ass I basically start being super trolly to mess with them.
  11. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    You're a clever dude, you'll pull through. Well Germany won the game today, I'm not much of a sports person but it is good to see our team win.
  12. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Work is over! I am home! How is everyone?
  13. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Yeah, like right now, it's super cool to see how long the story ALREADY is.
  14. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Long and arduous, but that is part of what makes it fun. Seeing it when it's done will be... Amazing.
  15. Key Sharkz

    The WPCC Lounge

    Good morning, crew. Time to brew a cup and work on some writing!