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  1. This is a message to all:

    I've returned, this time for real, and this time with a caveat. The old me is gone. I am trying to be a new person, a better person. No more arguing over nonsense, no more pettiness, no more fighting. I want to give everyone a fresh start in my book and I hope that others will be willing to do the same for me. As a result, EVERYONE is unblocked. Furthermore, if we previously had issues in the past, I encourage you to message me so we can bury the hatchet. I want to give everyone a fair shake and show that I'm genuine here.

    Why am I doing this?

    Simple. I want to send a message out to those who tried to change in the past and no one believed them and treated them as they were up to no good. I want to set the example of if you WANT to change, you deserve to be given the chance.

    Anyone who approaches me from this moment is granted complete and full amnesty for anything that has happened in the past between us.

    It's a new start. Let's do it together.

    1. Califorum


      Good to see you back!