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  1. Holy fudge! Hi guyz!

  2. Well slap me on some horns and call me the devil, I have 666 brohoofs..

  3. Awwww Yeah! 665 brohoofs!!

    1. Clod


      And I gave you your 666th brohoof.

    2. Fantasma Phantasm

      Fantasma Phantasm sneaky D***l... XD

    3. Alpharius


      I Still have 40

  4. Boom! My father now has a room for himself! Woot!

  5. There are times when I hate being a fan Superman... But you can't control how you feel right?

  6. I need people to play Skullgirls with!>·<

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    2. Fantasma Phantasm

      Fantasma Phantasm

      Do you have it? If so, what version? SUIGLY!!!

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      No, but Peacock is my fave.

    4. Fantasma Phantasm

      Fantasma Phantasm

      Aw well. Squigly is mine! :D

  7. I'm playing Skullgirls!!!! (While listening to Master Hand.)
  8. Talking about all things Skullgirls! Which includes: finding friends to fight with, talking about about the characters, showing art and all things related to the Skullgirls! Have fun! (P.S. My favorite character is Squigly!)
  9. I'm gonna reintroduce myself. Hi guys! I am Fantasma! Glad to meet you all! Its really exciting to be back! Hope to meet new friends and some old!

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    2. Fantasma Phantasm

      Fantasma Phantasm

      You bet! I just got to connect with others or (hopefully) reconnect with others.

    3. Geek0zoid


      I've been struggling with that recently :/

    4. Fantasma Phantasm
  10. Names Lucario Rarity. Wins all Beauty contests with no losses.

  11. It really sucks when you're ready to move forward but things keep obstructing your path, and you can't passed them!