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  1. Cuteness overload with Fluttershy's butt singing talent. I really really love this episode
  2. It takes me a couple of time to finish them. I must practice more on this.
  3. I just draw Fluttershy in Valentine's day theme, Hope you guys like it ~ Um...Do you want a rose ? I-If that's ok with you... Links :
  4. Just a my little fan art for the Pinkie Pride episode. I used a Valentine's theme for this work, hope you guys like it. ><
  5. If Discord didn't drop his water, I guess everything will be ok ~ XD Best troll ever !!
  6. Thank you for the information. I do collect a real mlp toy but it's too expensive and hard to find in my country, and your money currency is too high. I also can't buy it online. Anyway I try to save my money and buy it slowly. After he give me this fake pony, He asked me "What's it name ?" But I don't know anything about g1,2 and 3. I'm a g4 brony. So, This is a free fake pony. and I decided to keep it. If I give back to him it'll be misbehave in Thai.
  7. At college - 95% Steamed pork noodle with coconut juice and 5% Fried chicken with rice. At home - Fried egg, Sausage, Bacon and Bread. Drinks are plain water or softdrink.
  8. From my sister's friend. He told me he found it in his house. Mystery thing has begun ~ I'm in Asia, Thailand.
  9. Thank you ^w^ But only 1 reply isn't enough. I'll waiting for another reply ~
  10. Can you see it now ? (Sorry if it too big)
  11. Can you go through this link ?
  12. Today I got an unknown pink pony in my room. It's look old and has a fade ink under her belly. I don't know she is on the show or not. If somebody know her name please reply this post. - Thank you >w<
  13. Does the Sonic Riders count ? I love the racing style, Boards and courses. The most I love in this game is how you drifting in the corner. (I don't know what that bracelet called)
  14. - Ponies and absolutely fluttershy ~yay - All japan stuff (music, anime, manga, games, figure model, place, etc.) - Sleeping and food - Internet and wifi
  15. - Drawing pony or random stuffs :3 - Head banging if it's a rock or dubstep music ~ Wub Wub - Tapping a finger to the rhythm - Sing along with memory lyrics ( always wrong XD )