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  1. It's your birthday!! So go celebrate, and have fun.:wub:

    1. TheRockARabbitoh


      Thank you, Hannah.

      That means a lot, my friend.

  2. Mega Thread

  3. Well jokuc is cute so I am fine with this.
  4. *Looks at you and tries to hypnotize you* Trussssssst in me. :3

  5. talk please?

    1. Johnny1226


      about what?

  6. Why is it inhumane to let an animal suffer at the end of their life. 

    But, not to force people to live when they really don't want to.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      The truth of that is, if you REALLY wanted to die, you'd be dead.

    2. FlitterFlutter


      Not the case lunar. Suppose you have been paralysed in a car crash. You are not able to move or speak. They have to keep you alive... That is just fucked up, who wants to live that way.

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      It's a tricky subject.

  7. In case it matters I am using Google chrome on an Android device.
  8. Has anyone heard Ninja Sex Party? They are really good actually. There concerts are most always sold out.
  9. The problem is even more annoying when trying to use a mobile phone. If it is possible I too would request it to be moved. Thanks for your consideration!
  10. I am not sure what this means. What news do you watch... sure a national news station might not tell you about a flood on the other side of the world. How could they? That is what local news is about. If the national news took the time to mention every natural disaster that happened across the world every day it would never end. That is not the point of national news. They tend to focus on things that affect the whole country... such as politics or really big natural disasters like a hurricane. I guess I just don't see a problem with that... because like you said it is not hidden, really easy to find actually. Sure, we can be wrong. The point is not we live in a perfect world. The point is we live in a hell of a better world then say 70 years ago. The fact we can even have 33% efficiency (assuming that is correct) I am sure is better than what it has ever been in the past. if a hurricane comes we hear about it for weeks...we have task forces sitting by ready to be anywhere in the country practically overnight to try to rescue people. Maybe not, the problem with the "common cold" is it is not common at all. In fact, it changes year to year and from person to person. It comes from many different viruses that is why each time you get it the symptoms might be different. But I digress. Conflict is a result of power struggle between people. There is no fix... it is foolish to say if all jobs were done the right way conflict would not exist. You see I brought up houses because homeless people create conflict. They often have to steal in order to live... In that regard construction, workers are solving a problem. When you get down to it all jobs are solving a problem in some fashion.
  11. I tend to take a functionalist point of view. I believe that it is functional to have conflict, think about it for a minute. If all conflict was gone what would we do? Almost all jobs involve overcoming some conflict. For example, a construction worker overcomes the conflict of us needing a shelter. I believe when it comes to natural disasters we are better equipped than ever. We have technology like helicopters and boats to save people from floods. Sure we can't stop these things but we have learned and are still learning how to deal with them. When it comes to illness we are leaps and bounds ahead of even what we were 50 years ago. With new medical breakthroughs almost ever month now it appears. Sure we are heated when it comes to politics but we have always been. You ever read this story? . Imagine if that happened now with a congressman literally beating another congressman with a cane. I think the reason we hear about it more now is because information is so easily accessed. we get to hear about every little thing that happens. So to answer the question. No, I don't believe we have passed that point. In the words of Billy Joel "we didn't start the fire it was always burning."
  12. 1-10 generic sound and annoying lyrics. was kinda funny is why it got a 1.
  13. "Wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand and wouldn't it be great if we were dead" such lovely lyrics.:D

  14. I would rather live in his world, then live without him in mine.

  15. 10/10! So so cuti