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  1. So... this giant enemy crab.

    1. The_Gobo


      Attack it's weakpoint for massive damage? o3o


  2. Mega Thread

    Playing overwatch. What is your favorite moon phase?
  3. You are so nice you came back four times just to give people compliments!!
  4. Being a dream walker, have you ever tried lucid dreaming?
  5. California, it is already clear they don't give a damn anymore. I mean they when bankrupt, what a dumb state. I say this with love I was born and raised in California.
  6. I am a pony princess!


    1. The_Gobo


      Odd, you look like a fox o3o


  7. I don't get it... please explain.
  8. I live in the beautiful commonwealth of Virginia... yes it is a commonwealth, not a state hehe. Virginia is famous for lots of things... for example, Virginia was the first state. More presidents have been born in Virginia than any other state. And it is a political swing State... making it politically diverse. I choose to live In Virginia after careful consideration... I would never live anywhere else it is AMAZING. And recently weed!! XD
  9. The new Firefox is noticeably better!

    1. CypherHoof


      Odd, this site doesn't seem noticably faster, although having the square tabs now is a striking visual difference...

    2. FlitterFlutter


      no... but on websites such as facebook.. that are sluggish by nature, it is noticeable. This site is always fast for me.

    3. CypherHoof


      OK, now decided I hate the new Firefox. Updated my machines at work, and it broke every significant plugin I use, with no reasonable replacements in many of the cases. Having to shift to chrome :(

  10. For me, it is always hard choosing a gaming system. I know I can only afford one every 5 years so I need to know I am choosing the best one for my needs. Generally, that comes down to where are my friends playing. Gaming is social to me and I want to be able to play with them. Also, the problem with the switch is the price. You might be correct in saying that it is a handheld system and is not worth comparing... but the price kind of forces the comparison. Also, it is a Nintendo system like does anyone buy the switch to play Doom? No, the buy it for breath of the wild and Mario Odisy and splatoon. It is cool it can play Doom... but does anyone really care?
  11. There is no greater sorrow then to recall times of joy in times of great wickedness.

  12. Well, I really need to lay off the drinking.
  13. At what point does Limon water become lemonade?

    1. The_Gobo


      I don't know what Lime-on water is.
      But lemons in water become lemonade once you put sugar in it


  14. General

    Are those reasons because we were online?
  15. One movie comes to mind... The Brave Little Toaster... That movie is messed up