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  1. Happy birthday Booey!

  2. Righto I've heard 3 names for this pony, and I doubt anyone has the official. Some dude on youtube named him. CHUNKY You guys are naming him ROID RAGE. And I saw on a tumblr page his name is QUAKE DOOMTROT. Now, I'm confused. YEAAAAAAAAH
  3. Applejacks style is honest and true, and modest due to the hair tie. Better than rainbows, to be honest. Although rainbow does have a ruffian style. Twilight has quite a formal and regal look, and not to mention, that's quite appealing. Fluttershys hair looks like the common girl, and rarity looks overdone, like she spent too much time curling her hair and it went to hell.
  5. I'd go for applejack. A girl who works hard and isn't afraid to get her hooves dirty? That's what you want. Also a blondie, has a tan. And cute cheek freckles! Sorta reminds me of Bonnie McFarlane (Red Dead Redemption)
  6. This is war, private. (Nothing to do with "Warcraft" :3) Imagine all outwarfare between the Ponies of Equestria. Every pony for themselves. Nobody helping another soul. Now explain why your chosen pony/pegasus/unicorn would be the last one standing. ( EXCLUDES CELESTIA, LUNA, DISCORD, IRON WILL ) DebateKGO.
  7. Show her the episode with this in it. Honestly with all the love in that song, she's bound to start watching the series.
  8. Ahh man. I was getting ready for some Dalek (Donk-lek) < Horrible re-naming. Yeah I agree with you guys about the copyright. That was going on in the back of my head. But it'd be great to see him. For sure.
  9. I think we need to involve Doctor Whooves a little more in the MLP series. Do you think, Dr Whooves, first seen in the "Call of the Cutie" should have an episode of his own? Sure it would make for a very.... complicated.... letter to Princess Celestia, and sidetrack from Ponyville and Equestria a little, but hey, I believe it would create the excitement which we all felt when TS' & Friends defeated Discord and Nightmare Moon. I wanna hear your input.
  10. I do also feel that. I went to the cinemas and watched paranormal activity? Does that count.
  11. MOAR COMIC SANS FOR PONY JOE Annyway. Darkshadow - Take the mazda, they're worth it. With a little practise, driving stick isn't that hard. I drive an automatic, but whenever I get into a manual, it's like my second nature. CutieCindyHoney - I will admit having a brand new car would be great. But you would have spent a tonne of money on that. Why not head down to your major city and pick up a government car for half the price? Still in almost the same condition, serviced every 5000k . I didn't realise there were that many older members on this forum. RainbowDash92 - YES FOR FORDS!
  12. Hey Ya'll. I'd like to ask you about your cars. What is it? Makes and Model? How's the sound system? Colour? Modifications to exterior? I'm running a 98 Ford Falcon, Bullbar on the front, spoiler on the back. 6" pioneer speakers in the doors, 12" Dual pioneer sub in the boot. Silver Paint Job. 6 Cylinders of Pure glory. 2.5" Catback Exhaust. I know y'all folk in ponyville are darn tootin when it comes to automobiles.