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  1. Sshhhh... let em have that win... G3 isn't all that bad tho. There are worse ones...........................
  2. I only buy the illegal ones from out of state. the ones that go in the air are fun. the stupid ones i can buy at walmart are, well stupid. and im 23.
  3. I used to... took it about 60 and wrecked into the side of a bridge in front of my cousins car. Lucky for me i laid it down sideways before i hit the gardrail. the creek was dry and rocky. It took us about 10 minutes to get it unwedged from under the guardrail.\
  4. Ok, right to the point. Its been probally close to a year since i have read this, and it was incomplete at the time. But: This is a human mlp fanfic This is set in 2 different dementions, (or something) But in one demintion is sunset shimmer as she came from ponyville, after the events of the first movie. She is living with celestia and celestia is thinking about adopting her, by the time i stopped reading it, she hasnt addopted sunset yet. But it is sunset after the first movie, and i believe it did sunset after the second movie also, i just cant remember what happened. In the alternate universe, it is just a normal non pony sunset shimmer and twilight, who are best friends. I remember in one of the filler chapters, sunset is dreaming that she goes to a secret lab below canterlot high with twilight, and goes back in time and meets twilights grandmother. stuff happens, sunset wakes up, twilights grandmother bursts through the wall(i think) and then Twilight wakes up, it was twilights dream all along. ( i think that is how it went) I can remember some other small details, like at the beginning of the pony sunset, she has snips and snails make her a fake ID and she goes buys alcohol. She slowly becomes friends with the main 6. She helps [The CMC] do something. i believe it was set up a prank? If you all could help me, i would be extremely grateful, i have been searching on FIMFIC for it for the past 2 hours (approx.) and i can not find it. I really want to read it again and to finish it, I have remembered it for this long but can never seem to find it when i do think about it and really, REALLY want to read it. so please help me.
  5. Well, Cowboy Bebop, like @@Denim&Venom, said. A New one is Kiznaiver. Its somewhat different. One Piece...
  6. I normally wear stuff that does stand out more than others around me. hell my shirt in my profile pic is mlp
  7. I would advise using Krita, its free, and awesome, and i find it better than Media Bang Paint Pro.
  8. 2 dogs, 2 horses, 2 ponies, 2 snakes, 2 cats, 9 kittens, 1 geanui pig, 1 fish, 1 turtle, 1 chicken, 1 duck.
  9. A pool of dead. Deadpool Or.. a portal to equestria. Or... MONEY $100 dollar bills OR... A pool of never ending alcoholic beverages. ORR... a pull full of the eternal spring water, to live forever. ORRRR... a pull full of TARDIS's
  10. Hmmm... Im on windows, but... the only thing i could find like that was VIEW > SHOW CANVAS ONLY Something that was close was SETTINGS > SHOW DOCKERS If they dont work. (Even if they are unchecked, i would try clicking them anyway) You could head over tho the Krita IRC channel and ask for help. (I cant find the link off hand. sorry) CHECK THIS OUT FIRST: I know you have a mac, but it might help. also... Yay, i didnt know the new version 3.0 was out now, guess thats what im getting tonight. YAY.
  11. give me a few minutes to mess around with krita, see if i can get the same problem
  12. Fuck your spoilers. ..... But seriously. fuck your spoilers. Try pushing the TAB button. if nothing. go to to VIEW and make shure FULL SCREEN MODE and SHOW CANVAS ONLY are unchecked. If you were on windows, i would just say go delete the TEMP files for krita, but i dont know how to use a mac. or how it works. also, if you didnt get it solved from what me or others said before, please post something so i know, ill try to figure something out