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  1. I'm back from the dead.

  2. I'm back from the dead.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      What was death like?

  3. 2good4me. That's amazing!
  4. (I'm back yeyy) Vertic got up but then something came to her mind. Wait..what if the referee thinks I'm cheating? What if they think I was knocked unconscious but then got up again..? If they do, how will Vertic explain? She doesn't know. (Neither do I XD) So Vertic stood there.
  5. Got a graphics tablet. ~So happy~

  6. Ugh, this won't come to a good end..for me at least. Vertic thought to herself. But I won't think about giving up..Not even in my dreams. She lies there,pretending to not move and close her eyes. This might not work..but who knows? I can pretend that I am defeat, after he stops attacking me I'll get up.
  7. Vertic eyes widened as the fire went straight for her, she was surprised. Vertic stood still as the flames zoomed into her. All she could see now is white..seconds later, she could only see with her right eye. Vertic's left pupil turned grey, she coudn't see through the left eye anymore. She got up, her mane, tail and even parts of her hoof casts are burnt, left with the colour charcoal black. She was mad, crazy mad. Vertic ran as fast as she can, running towards Samurai, grabbing her axe. Vertic jumped at striked at Samurai, at least 10 times. She doesn't know wether the attack will kill him or make him unconscious or do nothing at all, she doesn't know why she was doing it, but all Vertic was thinking and know is to attack Samurai.
  8. "If you say so, I'm no normal coward." Vertic stepped out of her fighting place, waiting for Samurai to stop hiding too. No more hiding it is. "Now would you mind to stop hiding in your turtle shell? This cannot be a little hide and seek game, you know that right?"
  9. "..." Vertic still hid and kept silent, she knows that her opponent will pop up and attack her any moment if she came close to the piece of armour. Vertic is quite impatient, she tried her best, Vertic moaned silently. She does not want to get attacked, yet this is how it's going to stay if nopony will attack and hide like this. What would Vertic or Samurai do?
  10. You see, this is a plain status.

  11. Quickly, Vertic blocks the attack with her metal axe. "Woo, calm down. you're getting fired up there. And imagine if this whole arena burned up, it woudn't be fun.." Within a nanosecond, Vertic kicks the samurai (in some way, at least) then disappeared out of sight..well maybe only, Samurai's eyes are pretty sharp, so he COULD know where Vertic now is, she was worried about that.
  12. Awesome OC! :3 If I could rate from 1 to 10, I'd definately choose 11! ()