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  1. Life should be treasured right? But what I'd a life has to be lost to protect more, what I'd that life is the life of someone you love? What then? As the blade fell a flash of yellow fell to the ground with a drop of blue already falling to the ground, the creature fell and with its last breath cursed those wo defeated him, but it was too late as she was the last the only one he even showed an ounce of care for and she had survived to exact her revenge, and thus she had, but his magic had taken their toll 5 were gone leaving but one and the one could feel nothing but regret, she felt horrified that she could do such a thins and looks to the fallen blade, she leans to pick it up but is stopped by a flicker of movement, his last motion was to cut her neck and he succeeded, as she fell her life passed before her eyes, her alone could see the worlds her friends thought they inhabited, and she alone saw the pies , but too late did she try to stop him, she saw the deaths of her does da as he killed hemselvs and and died believing hat they had done a great evil and desrrved to die, and each grime did an try and fail to save he. And she was swarm closer and closer to insanity untill she do ally broke and her revenge was taken, but now she too was dieing, The yellow is stained red, and purity is killed with a slash To be shy had killed To not had killed Did she deserve to die? To her she did, but to you she did not, But what is it to us to decide the blunts of those who had died As he last died and the yellow fades under a mat of red, Friendship has died..
  2. Hey world I'm back and ready to roll out new story's! Wish me luck !

  3. Recently, one of me and my old friend stoped hanging out because of this question, but do you think the fandom should accept the writers like me with no problem, or should our work be censored, and then hidden to inly people really looking for that kind of stuff. His argument, and i understand his point, is that the brony fandom is built around friendship, and love, but I still withhold, that there has to be someone to balence out the sides of the fandom (The Grim, Dark, Sad writers) So, yeah, been bugging me for a while, so any opinions would probably help, thanks!
  4. TO ALL PEOPLES, Im thinking about writing the next in my line of storys revolving around the ends of the main 6, comment and tell me who i should do on the list next!

  5. If your a script writer on this, can you send me a skype request, just so i have a way to stay in contact with you all
  6. I wont be available for a while, screen cracked on my comp, until i get it fixd, cant get on much, but will still help as much as possible
  7. Just a question, is this just for one video, or is this the start of a group to make lots of videos?
  8. Well... on the verge of crying, mid-writing the last story, remembered Conor Clapton. RIP, and No more Tears in Heaven

  9. got two more, Sad, about the death and new life of Rarity "Till the End"\ Sad, about the death and regret of Rainbow Dash "Regret"
  10. The lights fade, all falling into a single point. She can hear the voices all around her, the voices of friends and family, even the voices of royalty. But over all she could hear the voice of her sister. Begging for another chance at life. But then, they blur together until sound stops almost compleatly, only leaving the sound of her body trying to fight on. She felt something wet fall to her body, and her eyes opened and could see once more, but all that they could see were colors too bright to look at. Then a vibration went through the room like a door had been slammed. Her eyes closed again, and another much stronger vibration runs through the room, her eyes still closed, but through her eyelids she could still see the bright flash of a rainbow. The vibration woke her just enough to hear for a couple of seconds, but it was long enough. The words she heard carried her out of this world in a peaceful knowledge of her life fulfilled. Cancer. Untreatable. Heart. Life. Transplant. And lastly. And most importantly. Save. Generosity even in death. Soon the white will be cut, and the life, the love of one will be moved to another. Tiny wings will flap once more, and a new life shall begin. The pure of whites will be stained, and will intermingle with another. The story will live from the gift given. But for the giver, the story is over. The white rill run red. And the red will fall from the white. The red will intermingle. With Orange.
  11. I understand your point and mabey a year ago i would have agreed, but ive put out my fare share of gore and murder, but your point is still held. In all fan groups there are two kinds of people, those who like the show as it is and respect it to keep it as the show intended, and us.
  12. Once the script starts getting written, you can send it to me in chunks and i can edit it to make more sence, grammer, or detaling. Im ready to go whenever
  13. Kinda agree there, even if this isnt a huge blockbuster idea, we should treat it like a real thing