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  1. Bleep bloop blop beep

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    2. Gravelord Neat-O

      Gravelord Neat-O

      Beem beem boosh bossh bloopbloop beep boop.

    3. PartyWithPinkie


      Blip blop blip bloop beep bip BANG!

    4. Gravelord Neat-O

      Gravelord Neat-O

      Blap blap bleep bleep beep boop boop BLAP!!

  2. Looking for a buddy to message :D

    1. RainbowDashie2000


      Ok message me I'm bored

    2. RainbowDashie2000


      Ok message me I'm bored

  3. It seems like a normal Alicorn trait. Seeing as Twilight has grown since her ascension, I would assume it's an Alicorn thing.
  4. I'm a sucker for a sad love story.

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    2. PartyWithPinkie


      Ugh I just watched a movie called "her" and it really tore me up. Idk why. I liked it,

    3. Renton


      good movie, samantha ftw

    4. PartyWithPinkie


      Lol glad you saw it too. Yeah particularly what made me sad was when she left. So I think I agree, Samantha ftw

  5. Who would ever say no to this? Although if I were to eat with Pinkie we would have to run around to all sorts of different sweet shops. One is just not enough. They'd run out too fast.
  6. I know that I should have but it honestly was not my first thought. My honest first though was this is potentially dangerous and we need to leave. Now. I'm just paranoid and anxious that way. Which we did, I pretended that my friends mother texted me saying she had arrived and we needed to go to the front to see her,There were tons of other people right near us as well. Next time I'll be sure to find a staff member. It all happened pretty fast and was shocking to me as I'd never encountered a weirdo at a con before. Don't be like me you guys and just run away. Tell the authorities about the creep and get their stupid self thrown out,
  7. I was at Brony-Con this year and some guy proceeded to bring up sexual topics to my friend and I. It was so weird... It was my friends first con and I felt really bad something like that happened her first time. He was clearly an adult and we were clearly underage. He also knew our age yet still continued talking about it. It doesn't matter how uncomfortable you look or what you say to them, creepers will say whatever they want. Though regardless of age it was inappropriate and we spent the rest of that day worried we would run into him again. Don't put up with weirdos at cons, you guys. It ain't cool.
  8. I'm making spaghetti and meatballs for me and someone awesome I love pasta.
  9. I personally think that a majority of those Bronies chose twilight as their favorite pony, which would explain why they like the episode so much. Like Many Pinkie fans, including myself, like Party of One a lot.
  10. The clip makes me pretty excited for season 5. There are some funny jokes in there as well, I hope to see that throughout the whole season. Lol Pinkie... "Hi, Mom and Dad!" Anyway, one thing I'm hoping they do differently this time around is not dedicating the whole season to the finale, if that makes sense. We spent all of season 4 trying to find those keys. Everything else in there felt like filler. Though this is just the way I feel about it, not necessarily what is true. I still very much enjoyed the season. It just wasn't the mlp I'm used to, but that's fine I just really can't wait to see more.
  11. Waiting for the mail man to come o_o waiting.... Waiting......... I want my package. Pleez.

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    2. thegoodhen


      Oh wow! A 4 legged one? xD

    3. thegoodhen


      Anyway, I manely sculpt, so I don't collect stuff that much. But I gtg now! Good night!

    4. PartyWithPinkie


      lol no not a 4 legged one :P night!

  12. I think they'd be able to pull off an episode like that. They don't necessarily need to focus on the fact they were killed, just that they are no longer with us. Death isn't something that kids never hear about so in my opinion I don't think it would be a bad idea. If they did it in a smart, subtle way I don't think it would cause any problems.
  13. Im so excited to do my first full cosplay, and even more excited that I'm doing it at Brony-Con 2014!

    1. rainbowdashbrony1


      have fun anyway in June at the anime in Wichita,ks at the Hyatt hotel I dressed as Rainbowdash even had fun getting into character I even found my rainbow tail made from 6 lays in rainbow colors ! oh yeah I used a suit up book bag with a pony hoodie got it on sale when hot topic had it for $16 dollars less then the normal price which was $49.99 ! Last things I bought at the Anime were My Little Pony Playing cards cost $7.50 Sailor moon playing cards $6.00 sailor m...

    2. PartyWithPinkie


      I'm so glad you had fun and got so much cool stuff! If you have any pictures of your Rainbow Dash cosplay, I'd love to see. I'm really excited about Brony-Con. I can't wait to talk to Bronies in real life, because I've never met any before.

    3. rainbowdashbrony1


      Sorry I didn't bring a camera and I don't have a printer for my computer only my step dad has one and I took a friend to the anime fest ? Yes I met the Bronies last year at the Animefest Wichia, KS even got to do a sing along of the Smile song they were awesome bunch of people that were kind and friendly ! I don't believe the bullshit they tell you about the Bronies on the net being sexist perverts or into fetishes not true !

  14. It would kinda contradict everything about the way cutie marks work if they never got one..... So I think they will and should get them eventually. I don't think it would be less boring if they got them. I think they deserve to know who they are so they can embark on a new journey together with their special talents.
  15. Welcome to the MLP forums! I hope you enjoy our time here. I think this is one of the nicest places to hang out on the internet.