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    Here lies Nuke87654, who used to love these forums until he heard and saw the deplorable actions of Simon and Stitch and the few who would defend them regardless of those two abhorrent morals. I take my leave and depart from this place.

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    1. Lambdadelta


      Damn, you are my best reviewer in this forum, how could you? T__T. Will you continue to review episode again somewhere outside "these forums" ?

  1. Hello everyone. I will admit that I have not posted any of my blog reviews in a long while and after this one, I won't anymore here. It saddens me that this has to come, but I do not wish to support anymore of Poniverse and it's assets any longer. Hearing of how Simon and Stitch's back room politicking of the many folks they've thrown out and have attempted to destroy such as Silver Eagle, Kyoshi, and Koukatsu with their power play, apathy, and lies respectively, I've chosen to refuse to abide by their terrible acts and blatant attempts to steer the justified backlash towards anyone in their attempt to restore their order they've created at everyone's expense. It is also on Feld0, Poniverse's owner, who has allowed this situation to come due to his incompetence and own apathetic behavior to the abuses that Simon especially has committed in his blind greed. As a result, I've deleted all of my blogs here, all of my hard work and toil that I've created here out of the comfort and cared I once showed to these forums is gone by my hand. This is to show of how far and willing I' am to go to no longer associate myself with the disgusting behavior of Ponivere's heads or provide support to them anymore. You will not see me ever on these forums again. I've already established in other third party sites in order to alleviate the impact of this departure. As a result, I will give the link to my profile page here: where you can find where I frequent and use these days if you wish to continue to associate with me outside of these forums. Goodbye to the folks of MLP Forums (save for those I mentioned above and those who are willing to support their behavior). I will miss you dearly and the fond memories I had with this place that I once called my internet home.
  2. Happy birthday to you Eloquence. May it be a great one.

  3. I'm sorry you feel that way. I want to make things better for you.
  4. You're right in the regard that it took teamwork and that Twilight was able to move forward onto the path to the spell because she activated the entries for it with her magic, though why can't RD have gotten it considering that it was on top the tower and she could've easily flown up to get it but that's a different issue. The problem is that it was Twilight who decided to go solo and it was thanks to Spike who ignored her order not to go with her that she was even able to get to those as I mentioned as Twilight failed on her first trap because she thought she could handle it on her own when in reality she couldn't. Twilight deserves a bit of credit but it was through Spike's initiative and actions that Twilight was able to even get that far.
  5. That's fine, and good for me. Because Spike really held a large part to saving the crystal empire as I said. The only other person who can claim of any equal respect for his deeds in saving the crystal empire is Princess Cadance for generating the shield to stop Sombra from entering and saving Spike when he needed it from Sombra. Considering how she seems to be built as the humble princess and she's already well awarded for her efforts via being the leader of the crystal empire I'd say Cadance is well praised for her role. If you were to say Twilight deserves credit, I'd say no as Twilight would've failed the first trap if not for Spike coming to save her against her wishes and she failed to grab the crystal from jumping carelessly into a trap. The others, Shining Armor was pretty much there for moral support and to show off his Olympic level wife javelin tossing, and the remane five were pretty much cheerleaders for the crystal ponies to help make them happy so they can jump start the crystal heart better. Thus it's actually well within reason for the crystal empire to praise Spike so much, especially as he did it again in the Equestria games that only helped grew him to greater heights. It's a choice the writers have made in making Spike well praised for his role in saving the crystal empire and I don't see an issue with it as the guy truly earned it and should be celebrated for it. If it were up to me I'd do the same with the mane 6 in equestria but that doesn't seem to be the case so I don't mind their choice. It would be logically, however the show does enough to at least show they do try to go for the security thing even if it isn't far enough to make it convincing, you're right they could've done more but again I don't see a problem for I do not wish to place what I would consider logical when the show does enough to at least show they're doing something that should be followed logically. They did put security around and such, and whether you feel they didn't do enough or not, it at least exists. As for the Twilight and Cadance dance, I just feel it was meant to be a light hearted moment to make the situation a little more lighter while at the same time do a call back from past seasons. As you said, we're not certain how Changelings conduct their plans at least we're ignorant towards it so whose to say they're not as incompetent as the pony security you see. Perhaps, and as for why his identity wasn't challenged, a case that Spike vouched for the guy and considering their hero worship of him they accepted it as such. After all who was to suspect Spike would befriend a changeling. And, he has every right to believe in that considering the crap he went through for them and whether it was set up so it makes the change in Shining Armor's behavior to Thorax more meaningful is irrelevant as his actions was justified and his acceptance for Thorax is understandable too even if the acceptance was rushed admittingly as there would've needed more time for him to accept but that's for later episodes to decide on that. As for the comics, yea a matter of a person's willingness to view the stuff. Aye, a matter of tastes in that scene. Just pointing out what it was meant to be and a reference too. Thank you and you're welcome
  6. Thank you Lambdadelta. Perhaps in September I will do so among others I'm missing. Now as for the lyrics, from what I've gathered, it seems to be of a changeling that is challenging the view and perspective on a changeling as a whole. Note the part where he states in song of how no two ponies are the same or two snowflakes. If this was a matter that a changeling can change for the better, it would highlight something like that. Instead he states at how nothing can be the absolute same to each other. Thus what I see when it says 'A changeling can change', it's not meaning the individual changeling, but rather on a changeling challenging the views on what is a changeling and how he can change their views on his race give or take.
  7. I'd say quite the opposite as to me was a take on prejudice and it handled it quite well as it not only didn't paint the ponies as being wrong for holding their beliefs towards the changeling which who can blame them as I'll get to below, but also showed of how not every person from the opposing side is a bad person and that some are capable of changing for the better. It was with the help of Spike that: A. Saved Twilight Sparkle who was going to fail miserably when a trap sprung on her when he disobeyed her to not follow her to find the crystal heart. B. Whisked the Crystal Heart away from the pedestal when again Twilight was ensnared in a trap and Sombra was closing in. While Cadance deserved credit too for saving Spike from Sombra's clutches but Spike should earn kudos for getting Twilight to that spot and recovering the crystal heart for her. C. Helped save the equestrian olympics from a disaster by melting the ice. Considering all of these at least it would make sense for why the Crystal Empire would view him so favorably, especially as he's treated with great respect by the royal family for his deeds. As for why he and not the mane 6 get kudos for their efforts, it is because of: A. The show runs on the trope that the mane 6's deeds in saving equestria aren't mentioned for the sake of not paying such attention to it. B. For Spike's case however they have chosen to to give Spike some respect to his character. C. The Crystal Empire is not like the rest of Equestria as they have their own customs and what not, so they chose to worship Spike for saving their kingdom from Sombra and the giant ice at the equestria games. D. Spike himself loves it as it helps boost his own self importance so I don't see any problems with it. The thing is is that Spike is risking his reputation that he has built up and earned with the crystal ponies and especially among the Crystal royal family as especially Shining Armor have shown to despise changelings so him showing support for Thorax puts his butt on the fire to where he could lose a great deal of respect among them for supporting a changeling as he would be viewed as foolish at best, traitorous at worse. I mean folks have lost their reputations for far lesser crap, him supporting a being from a mortal enemies to ponies would be the ticket for it. It's a little thing that Cadance and Twilight would know how to do between each other and it's a cute callback from past seasons of their little dance number they had between each other. I see no issues for it. As for why they assume that Starlight and Spike are fine, they're newcomers that just arrived alongside Twilight and they assume that if Twilight was able to vouch for them and she was real than it was fine. Not everything needs to be tight and close to be 100% certain that they're changelings, especially as they said that the changeling was spotted in the crystal empire so I wouldn't expect newcomers like Twilight and her companions among the chief suspects. As for the stuff, you're assuming that Spike is going to think of the situation similarly to how you would approach it. He was convinced that Thorax was honest with his story, and especially as he saved Spike from falling to his death. As for the others, they were paranoid and didn't trust Thorax as it took essentially Spike putting his reputation and vouching for him on the line to show how much he trusts Thorax and wishes for others to do as well and an alicorn princess in Twilight to further recommend they do the same. Again they're not going to approach a situation similarly as what you believe they should but instead should see if they're approaching a situation with justifiable cause and action which I believe they have. Because you're assuming that Thorax could pull it off well as we see that despite his disguise, due to his hunger, he'll lose it and expose himself which was likely how they found out there was a changeling in the first place. Spike's plan is not stellar but given the circumstances and what he could do it was literally the best plan Spike can do for Thorax as they try to figure out what to do to get him to feed in a manner that wasn't going to hurt anyone as Thorax feared doing. You can blame it on the lax security for not checking identification for him at the gate or so true however. Though I do not consider it such a flaw as they did do security sweeps and stuffs just not to the extent one should expect they should do. I think this point here is a case of one thinking deeply for larger contexts of those scenes rather than something inherently wrong. Actually it's pretty justifiable for Shining Armor to behave like that to Changelings considering how: A. Queen Chrysalis kidnapped his wife and guised as her. B. Brainwashed him and drained his love for her own needs. Which leaves far darker contexts between Queen Chrysalis and Shining Armor in that case if we're to assume they slept with each other. C. Used his love to defeat Celestia and nearly take over Canterlot and threaten Equestria with her changeling army Thus in the show alone, he had justifiable reasons to hate the changelings as much as he did. Hell I loved that as it showed good characterization on his part, something I wish his wife was a little more consistent in that regard. This is not including the comics to where we see This And this Where Queen Chrysalis and the changeling horde wrecked at least two Equestrian cities and they gotten so bad that Celestia herself in her youth went and stopped them personally and threw them inside a volcano. Lorewise, Changelings are the Equestrians biggest enemy in existence as the changelings seem to be predators to the Equestrian pony prey. So put all that together, it makes total sense for any pony to behave as Shining Armor did. While it's true that Thorax was different rather than change for them, however in context this can open up to where we see more friendly changelings as it's shown that there are friendly changelings out there and while Thorax has a long upstanding battle against Chrysalis and the rest of her changelings, however considering what they have done with Gilda representing Griffons, the Yaks, and Ember for the Dragons, I assume they have a plan waiting in store for them and intention for what they could have in store. Who knows, perhaps he can help bring about the change they need away from Chrysalis's war mongering rule. Yes considering how Twilight and her friends did friendship reports so it makes sense for Starlight to be taught in a similar manner. Heck there's an upcoming episode this season that will explain more on it. I'm sure it's something he agreed to do considering that he holds a prestigious position of not only taking care of the crystal but also being a royal nanny has it's perks for his reputation so I'd say he's in a happy position in his life. Much more than his life as a bitter librarian and scholar. I think this point is thinking a little much on how Spike is able to convince coming and going as he pleases, especially with his reputation and such in the empire. The reflection gag is actually based on an old time joke here: So it was meant to be funny rather than being anything super serious. As for showing off the baby, here's why: But other than that, I'm sure it was so he can feed safely or something like that he was still starving so I'm assuming this was them allowing him to feed off from the love the baby had. For other ponies, they're just proud parents to say the least. Thank you very much, music chart fan.
  8. May I challenge on these points, Music Chart Fan?
  9. 1. Rainbow Falls. Derailed and ruined the equestria games arc by bad writing, ooc, ruined the wonderbolts, and a plot that breaks even itself for how much fail it has. 2. Daring Don't: Why was Daring Do made real again? Her stories make no sense considering how much crap she saves and the threats she faces that should've brought more attention to considering she sells them as autobiographies for a living. She worked much better as a fictional character in Fim. 3. One Bad Apple: One bad psa episode and a bery unlikeable babs seed to whom works much better if you pretend these events don't happen.
  10. My sympathies goes out to all gsw fans tonight. As a new england patriots fan, I know that feeling you're feeling tonight.

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      That's why I wasn't surprised at all. Now all 4 pro sports teams with best ever regular season records all lost in the playoffs

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      It's bloody fate that's what it is.

  11. Hello my friend, long time no see.

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      Yay, thank you very much for the compliment =)

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      It's a great game, isn't it.


      I love DOOM.

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  12. Writing down a review for what I thought for Doom (2016). It will take some time for me to complete.