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    My MLP forum's epitath lies here.
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    Here lies Nuke87654, who used to love these forums until he heard and saw the deplorable actions of Simon and Stitch and the few who would defend them regardless of those two abhorrent morals. I take my leave and depart from this place.

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    1. Lambdadelta


      Damn, you are my best reviewer in this forum, how could you? T__T. Will you continue to review episode again somewhere outside "these forums" ?

  1. Hello everyone. I will admit that I have not posted any of my blog reviews in a long while and after this one, I won't anymore here. It saddens me that this has to come, but I do not wish to support anymore of Poniverse and it's assets any longer. Hearing of how Simon and Stitch's back room politicking of the many folks they've thrown out and have attempted to destroy such as Silver Eagle, Kyoshi, and Koukatsu with their power play, apathy, and lies respectively, I've chosen to refuse to abide by their terrible acts and blatant attempts to steer the justified backlash towards anyone in the
  2. Happy birthday to you Eloquence. May it be a great one.

  3. I'm sorry you feel that way. I want to make things better for you.
  4. You're right in the regard that it took teamwork and that Twilight was able to move forward onto the path to the spell because she activated the entries for it with her magic, though why can't RD have gotten it considering that it was on top the tower and she could've easily flown up to get it but that's a different issue. The problem is that it was Twilight who decided to go solo and it was thanks to Spike who ignored her order not to go with her that she was even able to get to those as I mentioned as Twilight failed on her first trap because she thought she could handle it on her own when i
  5. That's fine, and good for me. Because Spike really held a large part to saving the crystal empire as I said. The only other person who can claim of any equal respect for his deeds in saving the crystal empire is Princess Cadance for generating the shield to stop Sombra from entering and saving Spike when he needed it from Sombra. Considering how she seems to be built as the humble princess and she's already well awarded for her efforts via being the leader of the crystal empire I'd say Cadance is well praised for her role. If you were to say Twilight deserves credit, I'd say no as Twiligh
  6. Thank you Lambdadelta. Perhaps in September I will do so among others I'm missing. Now as for the lyrics, from what I've gathered, it seems to be of a changeling that is challenging the view and perspective on a changeling as a whole. Note the part where he states in song of how no two ponies are the same or two snowflakes. If this was a matter that a changeling can change for the better, it would highlight something like that. Instead he states at how nothing can be the absolute same to each other. Thus what I see when it says 'A changeling can change', it's not meaning the individual cha
  7. I'd say quite the opposite as to me was a take on prejudice and it handled it quite well as it not only didn't paint the ponies as being wrong for holding their beliefs towards the changeling which who can blame them as I'll get to below, but also showed of how not every person from the opposing side is a bad person and that some are capable of changing for the better. It was with the help of Spike that: A. Saved Twilight Sparkle who was going to fail miserably when a trap sprung on her when he disobeyed her to not follow her to find the crystal heart. B. Whisked the Crystal H
  8. May I challenge on these points, Music Chart Fan?
  9. 1. Rainbow Falls. Derailed and ruined the equestria games arc by bad writing, ooc, ruined the wonderbolts, and a plot that breaks even itself for how much fail it has. 2. Daring Don't: Why was Daring Do made real again? Her stories make no sense considering how much crap she saves and the threats she faces that should've brought more attention to considering she sells them as autobiographies for a living. She worked much better as a fictional character in Fim. 3. One Bad Apple: One bad psa episode and a bery unlikeable babs seed to whom works much better if you pretend these events don
  10. My sympathies goes out to all gsw fans tonight. As a new england patriots fan, I know that feeling you're feeling tonight.

    1. Frostgage


      That's why I wasn't surprised at all. Now all 4 pro sports teams with best ever regular season records all lost in the playoffs

    2. Nuke87654


      It's bloody fate that's what it is.

  11. Hello my friend, long time no see.

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    2. Nuke87654


      Yay, thank you very much for the compliment =)

    3. TheRockARooster


      It's a great game, isn't it.


      I love DOOM.

    4. Nuke87654
  12. Writing down a review for what I thought for Doom (2016). It will take some time for me to complete.
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