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  1. Because you know i'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble Please help me.
  2. Dear lord it's been a while. 500 notifications to be exact

  3. just enjoying alexandria bay rn

  4. A lot of uti's at work today, wtf is going on XD

  5. It's easy Laugh at it, maybe joke around with the fact you watch the show. Most of all TOLERATE it. Don't flame back or pay too much attention over it.
  6. A toss up between Aerith's death in Final Fantasy 7 Solid Snake at the end of MGS4 Killing your companion cube in Portal
  7. Do i watch legend of Korra or continue my fan-fic, another clueless Saturday night

  8. Monsters University. It was funny and relatable since i just finished my first year but i can't help feel a bit older
  9. I wore my brony shirt to the gym, got brohoofed #winning

  10. When things don't go my way i have a tendency to act like a brat. What can i say, i was spoiled when I was a younger
  11. Childish Gambino: Bonfire Biggie Smalls: Juicy B.o.B: Airplanes pt 2 Tupac: My Ambitions as a Rider Nas: NY State of Mind Machine Gun Kelly: 100 words and Running Lil Wayne: Let the Beat Build Meek Mill: Traumatized Jay-Z: Tom Ford Eminem: Stan i could go on and on, i love me some hip hop
  12. Couldn't agree more. In fact, the episode Over a Barrel ends in way that doesn't promote racism. Unfortunately it doesn't turn out that way irl