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  1. In the end, it all comes down to prejudice, stereotypes, assumptions. I think all folks would be better off not assuming so many things based on such little information.
  2. Burning Desire

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    My favs would be Princess Tutu, Wandering Son, Code Geass, BECK, Outlaw Star, K-On!, .hack//SIGN, Cardcaptor Sakura, Witchblade, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  3. And that leaves those who exist outside that binary even more out of luck. The oppression of both genders to conform is also the main cause of suffering for those who's gender doesn't match their physical sex.
  4. I think ideally we'd try to get rid of such unnecessary disparities. People should be able to express themselves freely without cruel social stigma, as long as they aren't hurting others, and people should have equal opportunities in whatever pursuits their passions direct them to. It shouldn't matter the sex you are born at all. A male-born person shouldn't be beholden to things based on assumption and stereotypes, and neither should a female-born person be beholden to such stupid constraints. It is absurd that such things are continued to this point in our history (and I could throw the
  5. Burning Desire

    Ask Applejack!

    Heya Applejack I am curious. Besides your work on the farm, and your family, what other things occupy your time? What are you interested in? :3 what do you find "cool"?
  6. They all looked pretty, but I gotta throw my hat in with Derpy (even though I don't think she appeared in the episodes, I'm going off of fanart X3)
  7. I have particular fondness for Smile, Smile, Smile and Winter Wrap-Up ^^ I also love Cupcakes X3 always makes me giggle when I hear it~
  8. I'd like to see some of the ponies get more episodes developing them. I mean, we finally get an AJ solo song 3 seasons into the show, and I'd kinda like to see maybe an AJ episode that doesn't need to be about her relationship with her family, like the season one episodes that also involved Dashie and Rarity.
  9. Personally I think IQs are kinda silly. I don't really think they are a very good qualifier of somebody's intelligence. That is a very abstract thing that I think is too difficult to accurately measure with any system, and so I don't put much stock in it. Its like trying to measure talent, or love, or happiness.
  10. I don't believe in your silly notions of "genre". I like good music :3 genre is a bad system for describing music that relies simply on stereotypes and forgoes genuine understanding of music.
  11. I like music by Limp Bizkit and Dragonforce, and am absolutely unrepentant for it :3 I like alot of modernist atonal music which not many people like (they might grow to enjoy it if they gave it a chance)
  12. The media, especially Fox News, doesn't have a great track record in honesty. If you can't expect them to avoid racist, sexist and homophobic things, then I think its a bit unrealistic to expect them to present anything accurate or nuanced regarding bronies.
  13. Burning Desire

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    Claymore is really good :3 though I wouldn't call it short. 26 episodes is about the standard length of most anime shows out there, with only a few stretching longer than that. Still, it is a good show, and so are Hetalia and Black Butler. ^^ You should check out Princess Tutu
  14. Alot of people make assumptions, and alot of people assume that TV show's that are feminine are bad, partly because there have been very bland shows made with girls in mind, but also I think because of sexism to an extent. People assume feminine things are inherently inferior to masculine things. Its why its okay for girls to like "guy" shows, but guys are looked down upon for linking "girl" shows, like there's something shameful in femininity. Hopefully with more people being open-minded about great works like MLP: FIM, this will one day be a thing of that past ^^
  15. Burning Desire

    Mega Thread Anime Discussion Thread

    I actually really liked Witchblade because I thought the characters were very interesting and well developed. The story can be a tad wonky, and the fanservice I thought was unnecessary, but the strong characters and beautiful music made it a great series to watch ^^
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