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  1. I will look at your character and pick out an oc to pair with yours, OK? Never mind, just realized How far behind I was. Does anyone need a meister? If Nit I have a possible weapon character.
  2. I would prefer to play a meister, but what exactly is needed most?
  3. I am actually in the process of working on the mappings. It's been an idea I've been trying for a while now.
  4. "Humans. Destroying Equestria. You know, while I believe you, I can't fathom how I never heard about this, but then again, even the shadowbolts were out of my jurisdiction. Who else besides those of us here know about him? As far as my storms, well, I'll try to keep it tamer."
  5. I have a few ideas. I'll wait to see who joins with who. It'll allow me to run some more unusual characters from anime.
  6. We can be anybody from anything? If so, what if we want to play a character that has other beings fighting for them, but they are necessary? No, not Pokemon.
  7. "When you recruit somepony, you should know more about them. First of all, that storm was specially designed. Not even that strong compared to ones I have seen. Back before the.pegas- " He cuts himself off as he realizes what he was about to say. "Anyways, Very few ponies would have been outside in that storm, even fewer could have flown in it. I'm one of them. Even the wonderbolts wouldn't have made it. Then again, I wouldn't have let them. Remember who I am, if you recruited me, you should know that much at least. If you don't know who I work for, and why I laugh at the thought of guards coming after us, you shouldn't have recruited. But do me affavorite, if you know How old I am, forget that number. Male one up, I don't care." He says, clearly ty flustered about pop it his earlier speech slip up.
  8. Mirror Wing knows what he is doing might catch a few eyes, but an unnatural storm is better than seeing a Pegasus from foal tales. He wonders if he should explain way he is exactly to the group, but if he wants to feel normal, How would them knowing his Age help that? Seeing Alamo heading back, he weakens the storm to a more natural level, and waits in front of the shed.
  9. I am Sorry twilight pie, but you are number four. Since a total of four characters will be in this, mine making the fourth, I cannot accept you. However, I may end up looking for more players later on, so don't give up on this. I plan to have a thread up tonight or tomorrow.
  10. He is unstable, but not a bad pony. Survivors.
  11. "Really? How the Hell is he ignoring a storm as powerful as that? Whatever, Sorry dude, but your shop might not survive if he doesn't hurry." He says, spreading his wings. The storm behind to seem to target the store, lightning strikes, just barely avoiding the store, tornadoes whirl around it, nopony could miss that the storm is unnatural.
  12. Taking off, it's almost as if mini tornadoes were under his wings as the dirt around his hooves spin around. Flying through the storm he brought earlier, he heads to the shack he saw Alamo run to before. "Flying high has it's advantages." He says, standing on a cloud, looking for the pony. "Went for supplies, only one store here would be useful for that, I can't go running around there though. Ponies might notice me and start asking questions. I refuse to repeat that experience." Using the same storm as before, he strengthens it beyond what a normal weather patrol would dare and brings it towards the town. "Those two will know whose work it was and won't ask too many questions."
  13. He drags the pony outside, deciding he wouldn't be carrying him. "Shock and awe is an acceptable strategy as well if it comes down to it. Guess I owe him a Door. Minor detail, the house is standing and I'll keep the storm moving.on so as to appear like a group of weather ponies lost control."