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  1. I don't know, I seem to remember plenty of times my cousins or friends were playing with each others toys, both male and female. I think sometimes how it seemed was not always the reality.
  2. KarentheUnicorn

    I'm thinking of starting watching previous Gens

    Most new fans/FIM centered fans confuse G2 with the Tales series. It doesn't help that one of the Brony documentaries labeled the series incorrectly. It's very disheartening to have that kind of thing out there, showing the lack of knowledge where MLP History is concerned. My Little Pony Generation tags are based on the toyline. And you have to actually go back to the time between the switch in the brand to understand why MLP ended up using the Generation Tagline. If you look at the tales series and the toys, the toys are in the exact same molds as G1 ponies; so at the time when the toys and series came out there was no confusion on who the toys where and characters were. If you both watched and collected the toy you would have no problem identifying ponies/toys. When the toyline changed and the whole line was revamped, that is when the Generation Tag started to be used online. One reason I remember back then we started using Generation terms is because Hasbro re-used G1 names in the G2 toyline. So to be able to explain which pony was being discussed, we started saying (for example) Generation 1, Sundance or Generation 2, Sundance. If you were a collector back then and were asking for G1 Sundance and you had someone send you G2 Sundance it was annoying. And because back then new people were getting into MLP, they didn't automatically know there were names being reused. You also need to remember that digital cameras were expensive back in the early days of the internet and hardly anyone I remember had a cell phone. So you had to depend on the description instead of photos when searching for ponies, etc. Now everyone has a camera and can add photos on the internet so there isn't that big of an issue but the Generation Tag makes it easier to explain what you're talking about, especially considering Hasbro has consistently reused pony names over the Generations. For example I could start talking about a Unicorn named Moondancer and most FIM centered fans are going to assume I mean the character on the G4 cartoon. However, back in 1983/84, Moondancer and Firefly were my first My Little Pony toys that my mom bought me. It's what got me into MLP. So me saying G1 Moondancer removes any confusion on which pony I'd be talking about, etc.
  3. KarentheUnicorn

    Who collects the old G1 ponies? I do!

    Hum, Orange. If you look at the bottom of the hoof, you will see Hasbro or some identifier if it is G1. If you post a picture I can probably tell you who you have if it's G1.
  4. KarentheUnicorn

    I'm thinking of starting watching previous Gens

    The first special Rescue at Midnight Castle is probably the best thing to start with, well duh it's the very first cartoon. Unless you count some of the original commercials that had animation (haha). The TV series is not exactly the same as the special, the animation is a little better in the special, and the TV episodes are a bit different in terms of not being quite as intense. One of my favorite episodes from the TV series in G1 is Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt. It's very sweet and innocent, so don't expect anything amazing in the episode. I think the reason I like it is because it's sweet and innocent and I just really love the theme of the episode. The song Be Glad you are who you are is probably one of my favorite songs from G1. The return of Tambelon is probably another of the G1 episodes I liked, I also liked Fugitive Flowers, here you will get to meet Posey the inspiration for Fluttershy, also a little side not, Optimus Prime is in this episode, no not the robot but the voice actor that plays OP is a character in this episode. The Golden Horseshoes - the inspiration that made the G1 pony Mimic extremely popular among collectors and for whatever reason makes people believe this pony is hard to find, but it's generally just made people pay a LOT more for this pony than the others in the TE set. Somnambula...yes, the introduction of boy ponies. While this episode isn't super memorable for me, it was more about the introduction of male ponies that was so awesome back then. In the toy line, all the ponies were female till the Big Brother Ponies were introduced...yea, it was a big deal if you were into the toyline back then. Anyway, those are some of my favorite episodes of the TV program. I know some people poopoo on the movie but I loved the movie as well.
  5. KarentheUnicorn

    Favorite G3 Ponies?

    My list is hardly a dent in the number of G3's. If you're looking for an organized list of toy ponies preG4, your best bet is to look at collector sites. Websites like Strawberry reef are really good. http://www.strawberryreef.com/index.html A really good site for G1 is Taffeta's website, but she mostly focused on the G1's with her site. She is a long time collector like myself who has a lot of good info, especially based on UK pony collecting because MLP toyline is different depending on country and region. Her website is http://www.etherella.com/scrapbook/ The biggest site that we collectors used back in the early 90's was Dream Valley but sadly the collector who owned the site took her whole site down a couple years ago, so one of the biggest and most extensive sites on MLP from a USA collector is no longer around. But thankfully Taffeta's site is pretty good and a lot of times her info of international ponies was much more accurate than Kim's(Dream Valley). For G1 we have collector guides now so it's not really so much of a big deal, plus for long time collectors we sort of know our ponies. But it's kind of helpful for those who have only come by way of G4, for those with an interest in previous generations. It's good to know history and how to tell what are original MLP and understand the history, etc.
  6. KarentheUnicorn

    Favorite G3 Ponies?

    Some of my favorite G3's are: Sunny Daze Autumn Skye Butterscotch Snowflake Starbeam Denim Blue SunShimmer Silver Song Aloha Pearl Strawberry Reef Seaspray Midnight Dream Silver Glow
  7. KarentheUnicorn

    Were there "bronies" in G1-3?

    Ou it's the whole WE are better fans than whatever existed before us thread. Sorry but some posts just come across as elitist. I remember when I first got access to the internet back in 1996 or 7 and the only reason I got internet was because another MLP fan I met told me there were boards and places where people when to talk about MLP and buy/trade/sell MLP. I started meeting people from around the world who loved MLP, including, guys/men who loved MLP as much as I did. One of them was a really great online friend who was the same age as me but sadly a couple years ago he passed away. I would defy any of the newbie fans to say he didn't love MLP as much as they do. I remember the first MLP meet we had back in 1999, where a lot of us who talked online finally got to hangout and meet each other. I find it a little offensive to see people talk about stuff they don't know about and make assumptions based on what they 'THINK' they know, how they insist something didn't exist or that it isn't as 'important' as they're side of the fandom. Yea fine, I don't have an issue that there are 'more' fans of FIM. But I do have a issue with how some fans belittle those who existed before an that some even insist that us long time fans are no where near as 'loyal' to MLP. IF 35 years isn't loyal then I can't quite see how a minimum of 8 years qualifies as so much more loyal than what I've got invested in MLP.
  8. KarentheUnicorn

    G3.5 What is your era of MLP?

    Er, you're kind of preaching to the choir...but yea, Tales is part of G1.
  9. KarentheUnicorn

    G3.5 What is your era of MLP?

    You would be like year 9 and 10 of MLP. The Tales ponies as far as the toy goes I believe were released in 1993, think the cartoon was 92. So you're still firmly in USA G1 toy land in 91.
  10. KarentheUnicorn

    Generation 1 Villains

    I thought they did a crappy job reusing the smooze in G4. Plus they made it the wrong color...just meh on how they moved smooze into the G4 universe.
  11. KarentheUnicorn

    MLP custom dolls

    All you have to do is type in google My Little Pony custom Deadpool and they'll pop up. Actually if you just type in My Little Pony custom into google search you'll see all kinds of hand made creative ponies.
  12. KarentheUnicorn

    G3.5 What is your era of MLP?

    If people need the years G1 -1982-1995 G2 - 1997-2003 G3 2003-2010 G4 2010-present
  13. KarentheUnicorn

    G3.5 What is your era of MLP?

    I was born in 1972 when there were no MLP, so G1...as I predate the brand.
  14. KarentheUnicorn

    What gen has the best pony designs?

    That's such a beautiful Posey!! I'm bias as G1's were my original ponies. But as far as the toy goes nothing for me really beats the G1. In terms of the toys, If a person likes horses/ponies they look more like ponies opposed to whatever is going on with the G4 toys. And I like the G4cartoon but I've yet to see a toy I really completely love in G4. I just don't think I'm a huge fan of the art style they used. They have the sort of wonky head or really I don't know how to describe it exactly, it's like the head isn't quite right for the body, almost like the head is stretched weirdly....I don't know when I first saw them to me I thought deer more than pony. I think in G4 the Movie they actually did a better job of sizing the body to head better...there is just something softer and more appealing to how the ponies looked in the movie to me.
  15. KarentheUnicorn

    MLP custom dolls

    I used to customize when I had time. There are bunches of amazing MLP fans who create their own custom ponies. If you look on the MLParena, they even have a forum for those of us who customize. There are also some facebook groups as well that focus in MLP customization. Here is one of my customs from a while back, sorry I don't have many photos up that are shareable (Thanks photobucket). This is the first one I could find on FB of one of my G1 customs. Here are some G4's. This is the last customs I actually finished. I won first prize at the MLP fair a few years ago: Here is a closeup of Fluttershy and Rarity: