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  1. Actually, my argument is based on actually being there so I wouldn't call that an argument of semantics or me doing 'research'. I was there and saw the G2 products first being introduced so it certainly was not some kind of experiment as you seem to be describing, it almost comes across like you are belittling it. That's just my take on how you come across. They changed the brand to sell toys, sure, G1 changed the body style and ponies all the time. It even seems to fall into the Hasbro just wants money complaint. I'm always surprised by the whole Hasbro OMG, they just want to make money selling toys. That argument is almost comical, IMO. I'd be interested to know, in your research on MLP's previous brands, did you research the community of people who liked MLP before g4; unless you're one of those fellows that believes there were no 'real' pony fans before G4. I sort of wonder how many fans of MLP you actually spoke to while doing your 'research' to know what we thought of G2 and how it impacted the already existing community of fans/collectors?
  2. Before we go any further, I'm just interested to know, were you into MLP during the end of G1 and the beginning of G2. I'd just like to know your history with the toyline and brand that you can speak about it in this way. G2 lasted from 1997-2003, that's 6 years. If you were around then and on the forums that existed where do you draw this idea that G2 was an experiment from?
  3. How popular was My Little Pony in earlier times?

    LOL's! Are we under the radar or is it that we generally hang out at the same places? I've often wondered about the ego of it all. Plus I don't know how much the G4 male centered Brony fanbase really considers the 5 year old who likes MLP, they're not exactly coming on forums to type well thought out opinions on the toy or the latest episode or do the G4 centered fans, would they consider someone like me who is more of a MLP brand fan, am I considered part of what you call a 'cultural boom'...I don't know? Is it just that a bunch of dudes like MLP now that suggests this 'boom' and that gets the attention, while the rest of us who've been around forever just keep on keepin on? Ignoring the boom cause a lot of the nonsense doesn't interest me. I'll put my 30+ years being into MLP up against any of the 'cultural boomers' any day. Is G4 even 10 yet?
  4. How popular was My Little Pony in earlier times?

    hum, are you talking cartoon only? Considering there was pony before 2003. Ponies overall yearly: G1 - 1982-1995 G2 -1997-2003 G3 - 2003-2010 G4 - 2010 - present So technically, MLP has only taken one year off, 1996.
  5. I don't quite know if I agree that 2 and 3.5 were experiments. G1 had it's own variety of different style molds of pony toys. People who say all G1 look alike, that they are all fat ponies is just damn ignorant of the how many G1's are out there. G2 toy line went on far longer than what was sold in the USA. There were whole likes of the toy I couldn't even buy here in the USA. G3.5 was just a change to the body style but to me it's still G3. And I'm not always sure in terms of G2 if people in the FIM centered fandom is talking Tales or actual G2 toys. Becuase there are always those fans who don't know the toyline history. Tales toys were part of G1...G2 was a completely different style but I wouldn't really call it an experiment. Especially when you tie the word experiement in and say it was to sell toys and merch....MLP is a toyline and Hasbro is a toy company...they're main goal is to sell you toys.
  6. What gen has the best pony designs?

    I'm assuming we are talking toys, if not then I'm going to stick to the toys not the cartoon since the toyline is generally where my focus is in MLP. If we are going overall, counting the quality of the toy, variety, scale of production then hands down it's G1. I'd put G3 second but there were some aspects of G3 that missed the mark whereas G1 continued till the same quality and standards till maybe the last couple of years. G1 had it's own mail order program where you could actually save up horseshoe ponies and get special edition ponies that a lot were never sold in store. Also take into consideration the vast number of ponies, produced outside the USA that were never sold in the states. There is like a whole like of G1's we never saw here, then lets not even get into the variants of ponies. Mail order G1 birth flower ponies were sold outside the USA but they were so awesome outside the USA whereas our US versions had same body hair color for all 12. G1 actually realized it was a collectable toy early on. I have kept letters from hasbro and such that was calling the first 6 mlp collector ponies, even going back to 86. Hasbro made each toy pony feel unique in G1, not based on a cartoon but based on the individual toy, a majority of which never appeared on the TV program but have just as much personality as anything G4 ever created, mostly because back then, we children of G1 had to make our own ponies. What people deem now some sort of unique OC, the actual ponies themselves were OC and we made up our own pony land. I know G4 is all the rage now, but sometimes it feels like the fanbase is just there to be a fanbase. I remember ponies back in the 80's as me and my cousins just loving our toy ponies and imagining our own versions of MLP. So as much as I like G4, nothing is ever going to replace MLP as a whole brand in my heart and certainly not G1, the thing that originally made me love MLP.
  7. What do you think about the older generations

    Actually, as far as toys go, G1 is far superior than the G2. They do not look fat to me, they look like ponies to me...but your idea of fat is clearly your own idea. What you are saying is fat (meh). It's someone drawing the ponies as well, the above image is not the toy. The artwork you provided, From left to right, Glory (One of the original G1 unicorns), G1 Sprinkles (winged pegasus that was sold with waterfall playset and also later sold as a mail order), G1 Lickety-Split, and G1 Majesty (sold with the Dream Castle playset and later also sold as a mail order). Sweetheart Sisters are G1, but they are in a different body mold than what you see in the above artwork, they were never on the cartoon so you would clearly be unaware of what they look like unless you actually did a google search. Flutter Ponies as well do not look like G1's, they are in a different body mold as well, are smaller and had super fragile wings which were quite pretty. The G2 toys are actually my least favorite toys besides the G4 toys. Much like G4 toys they are not as well made as the G1 and G3 toy line. Needless to say, when talking about My Little Pony, you really need to separate the discussion with me. I don't put a lot of stock in the cartoon, it's more like an accessory in how I view MLP. I know the G4 fans are 100% into the cartoon but I'm the exact opposite. I'm a more tangible person and a collector of the toy. As far as quality goes, style and variety of toys you cannot get any better than the G1 line. The quality of the G4 toy line is terrible compared. I've owned all generation of MLP. I rate the brand based on the toyline. G1 is first, G3 is second, and I'd have to give a tie to G2 and G4 in last place.
  8. What do you think about the older generations

    You must love G2 ponies then (LOL!) or sweetheart sisters from G1, or Flutterponies from G1. None of them are what you seem to be referring to when you say they look 'fat' to you.
  9. What do you think about the older generations

    OMG! Ponies that actually look like Ponies!!?? What madness is this!? Cartoon ponies and toys that actually look like the animal they're meant to look like... Yea, we were so craaazzzyyy back in the 80's and 90's.
  10. G3/Core 7 Why does so many people hate generation 3?

    Everyone? Well you don't speak for me and I'm pretty sure you don't speak for everyone.
  11. G3/Core 7 Why does so many people hate generation 3?

    I'm not sure what you are talking about with the 1.5-2??? Generation 2 didn't have a cartoon, just to clear up the confusion, I have no clue what 1.5 is. For your history lesson G1 1981-1995 (this includes MLP Tales; which I'm gonna make an assumption you are incorrectly calling this 1.5-2) G2 1997-2003 G3 2003-2010 (this includes what people refer to as 3.5) G4 2010-present
  12. As Envy explained, MLP is more about the toyline, or at least before G4 there was a collector community that already existed. Hasbro has already licensed, G1's ponies are being reproduced by a company called basic fun. Also a lot of G4 centered fans don't circle the G1 fandom or groups but for many years the G1 Pony Fair convention had connections with Hasbro. There are also collectors who have connections with original G1 artists and people who worked for Hasbro and have acquired connections so we get to see prototypes and art of things that were never created during the G1 line. So those people come to the fair and share info from the original pony lines prior to G4. So I'd suggest people research the original collecting community online more to make yourself aware of what Hasbro and collectors are actually doing, since it's not always about Hasbro. I'd say if you are actually interested in learning G1 history in particular or you are actually interested in the toys then you're best bet is to attend the Fair this June. The convention will be in orlando this year June 16-17. It's probably the best place to meet other collectors, learn actual real MLP history, info. It's also a great place to buy ponies without the crazy super expensive prices on ebay, etc. The fair is not G1 only, it's a place for all generations of MLP, not just one generation.
  13. What do you think about the older generations

    I don't really get adult women from the main six, I get a teenager vibe from them, MAYBE 18-20. Or they're sort of written more in a perspective of how children would see/view adults. A lot of the storylines, sure, as adults we can watch the G4 cartoon and enjoy it but it does come across as a kids cartoon, with adult ponies who look like adults but it's more of how a kid would see an adult. But then again, this opinion is coming from someone who is in her 40's so I'm probably jaded in how I view most cartoons now. As much as I enjoy friendship is magic, it's reached a point in the last year to year and a half where I don't particularly care if I miss an episode or not.
  14. What do you think about the older generations

    Actually the G3 cartoons...were aimed at children under 3-4. Hasbro confirmed this at the collectors convention years ago when we asked about it. You've got to realize there is a difference in cartoon centered generation FIM and G1 generation. G1 fans are more toy centered. It's probably good to realize that Faust more than likely got more of her ideas from her own toy ponies than she did from the cartoon. As I've explained many times, the original cartoons were more of an accessory, the toy was first and cartoon was secondary.
  15. 35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

    Yea, I saw this on the mlparena. They're also supposed to be doing the original 6 uni/pegs and one of the original playsets the pretty parlor. Though I think those are maybe coming in the fall...