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  1. I almost wonder how tongue-in-cheek or serious this is. It's possible they're just taking the piss to people who abuse the Offensive report for people who disagree with them. It's also possible they're just corralling it all on the same spot then ignoring it.
  2. Well that's a bit shallow don't you think? You don't think that many people enjoyed it because it was a good game? The PreAlpha is still getting played, and Mane6 is still a talking point in the Fighting game community. Let's not forget it was almost at EVO. The largest Fighting game stage you can be! And it wasn't just because ponies... Let's put it this way: I'd never touch the game if it weren't good. Ponies or no.
  3. "normally wouldn't watch." What, you mean like a bad show? Not really any I can think of. Unless you count WordGirl, which pfft why would you?
  4. Nintendo Easy. They already have several decades on the other two, and their backup profits from ventures past eclipse what the other two have, That being said, Sony and Microsoft also aren't dedicated to gaming alone, so while their gaming branches may die, they'll still be around for awhile too. But IMO not for 50 more years.
  5. The issue is, if you want them all or even just the ones you like, you HAVE to take them seriously or you don't get them. I'd have loved a Ness amiibo, but that looks like it'll never happen, which sucks. If I don't pre-order and go Amiibo hunting, I'll NEVER get to have it, so it comes down to all or nothing. And I'd rather not have nothing if I can help it. That being said, I have about 15 of them now and never paid above retail price for any, besides Meta Knight who I payed to get shipped.
  6. Well as with all horror, living it is different to only watching it. One reason you didn't care for the Completionist's videos were that you weren't the one playing yourself. The Jumpscares are merely the puishment factor of the game, but the game is considered scary for many more reasons. Panic is a good one that shows up often. That being said, yeah it's pretty overrated. I think they're very good games, but they're not exactly amazing. But, that being said, that's also WAY more than I ever expected for a $10 title from one person.
  7. Recess, 3rd grade. I remember it ended early and everyone was confused as to why. We came in, and the teacher put on the television, which was recapping the events of what had just happened. If I remember right, the first building was struck but the second was fine at the time, but I can't remember that well.
  8. V Rock from Vice City and Vice City Stories. VCS especially, as it has Dio, Ted Nugent and Motley Crue.
  9. Yeah, lots actually. Really, MLP is nothing more than a good show. But it's hardly a masterpiece like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Avatar or Ducktales is.
  10. Led Zeppelin: 1. Since I've Been Loving You 2. Kasmir 3. Song Remains the Same
  11. The new theory on the block states that Gideon is actually a monster of some kind. After this last episode, I'm willing to believe anything.
  12. The oldest one I've played is a 2600. Played the crap out of River Raid, Warlords, Circus Atari and Video Olympics. However, the Sega Genesis is the oldest console I've actually owned.
  13. Mostly, I just add new things to listen to. I don't abandon the old things I used to listen to. I'll never get tired of you, Robert Plant <3
  14. Fuck if I can find 10 Sonic games I like but I'll try: 1. Sonic 2 2. Sonic 1 3. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 4. Sonic Rush 5. Sonic CD 6. Sonic 3 & Knuckles 7. Sonic Adventure 8. Umm... Sonic Heroes? 9. Probably Sonic Adventure 2? 10. Fuck if I know
  15. Well Steam is consistantly digging it's own little hole so not being Steam will probably be a big plus in a few years. I know I've already stopped buying stuff from there and moved almost completely to GoG. Can't wait for Galaxy!