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  1. Well, the Reds has 47 Games left so, they are giving the Dodgers a run for their life like they did the Marlins. Reds are now 16 Games below .500 and will have a chance to go 15 below with a win today and a Series win locked in and which they will have a chance for the Season Series Monday at home which I'll be at work.
  2. Really? Reds are showing up in the 2nd half of the MLB Season like they could've done in the first half before the All-Star Break. But look at National League Standings, Cubs are leading NL Central and Reds are 25 Games back of that. Reds are playing like they are not 25 Games back of NL Central Leading Cubs. Reds are 13 Games back of the 2nd NL Wildcard Spot whoever has it.
  3. Look at Cleveland Indians, they are doing better. They are proving to Every MLB Team that this MLB Season will be the year that Cleveland Indians are going to bring home a World Series Title like Cleveland Cavaliers Did to bring home a NBA Title.
  4. Let me ask you about the Texas Rangers, How long as it been since they last made it through the first round (Game/Series) in MLB Postseason?
  5. Oh Really, what about the new NBA Champions? Cleveland Cavaliers?
  6. First of all, Idk. Second, I think That is Really her Father because we haven't seen him since Episode 12 Season 3
  7. That is what I want to happen, I'm still hoping for the best this season in MLB
  8. First time I've seen my Chicago Bulls not being in the Playoffs since 2007/08. Stupid Pacers should've lost. I want that Playoff Spot.
  9. Okay easy there. I'm going to get my revenge on your team anyways. Ohio State got someone that you don't have and that's Urban Meyer
  10. #tosu She will pick Ohio State University Buckeyes Not a boring school like LSU
  11. nice try, do you really think that Rainbow Dash will play for LSU, I don't think so, Ohio State is the best fit for Rainbow Dash.