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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. acleus097

    Visual Art It Ain't All About Ponies

    My B. and thanks. It's a bit old but I needed good pictures for my first post. lmao
  3. acleus097

    Visual Art It Ain't All About Ponies

    It's been forever since I posted again and I want a different title to my thread than "Art Dump".
  4. Well, I haven't posted any new art in a while and managed to get quite a few pieces done.
  5. Man, I really don't keep this post updated like...at all.
  6. I haven't gone in and digitally colored one of my drawings in a while, so have this!
  7. birthday, Happy! :o

    1. acleus097


      You, thanks! Lmao

  8. Thanks Slozy, I'm glad you like it. I've made more as well.
  9. Thanks Lunarpalette. I had a bit of free time now that I don't have to worry about portfolio reviews for class.
  10. So much time so few drawings. Well, so few mlp drawings at least.
  11. Well, that was a bit of a break. I have more drawings though.
  12. Did yet another art stream tonight. I wanted to do something Christmas themed before I lost my chance.
  13. Well, I was mostly just looking for games to play. Maybe I'll finish it some other time.
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