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  1. Friendship is magic, now you see it and then you don't...

  2. Friendship is magic, now you see it and then you don't...

  3. What's the OC name. Shuriken Everfree Gender (if it has one) Male Backstory (don't right a novel on it) He's the King of the Everfree Ponies and their military Commander, he was trained to fight from the day he was born. Taking his mother's place as the ruler of his small nation he began his campaign to take back their empire and unite the lands. Falling in love with a beautiful mare named Daisy who then tells him that she's pregnant with his child, she forces him to promise her not to die on the battlefield. It's powers of fighting style Melee fighter (Katana) Uses
  4. Please note that this was done before se3 and that it's based on a non-cannon race of ponies. I'm looking for advice, ideas and improvements such as events, stories and other things that i could add to expand their history. A long time ago, longer than anypony can remember, Equestria was ruled by three dark and evil tyrants, Venom, Plague and Fear, they were powerful Draconi who exploited the lands and the ponies that lived on them, bringing pain and suffering to all that lived. They were dark days full of pain, suffering, death and depression. But there was hope the king had a young
  5. Shuriken

    Movies/TV Anime suggestions

    Well ever since i finished Bakka and test i've been looking for an anime that's pretty much the same style, i mean something with no deaths like in fairy tail and bakka and test but with really funny and humorous moments. Does anyone know what i should watch now?
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    Bump! Like i said this thread must live!
  7. So i got kicked out of my house again, time to go have a mini break!

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    Isn't this too much work to be taking on all at once Qwerty? Also hi i'm sticking around to see more of your stuff :3
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    I'm so happy with this picture thank you so much :3
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    eeyup i'm the arrtsyninjapony
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    Don't you worry about it abcdefg
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    My art? Lol. My dear sir you're mistaken this is Qwerty's page and i'm sure sh'd be happy to help you with that
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    I made a DA account but i don't really know what to do with it as stupid as that might sound lol
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    I hate double posting but this thread needs to be brought back up
  15. Sail Colour: Blue, blue represents, Steadfastness, strength and loyalty. Hull colour: Rosewood red with golden plated rails or (fence, i don't know what they're called) Sail motives: A emerald green dragon wrapped around a golden Trident, In heraldry a dragon represents wealth and power or, wealth or power. The trident was the weapon wielded by Poseidon/Neptune, which would symbolize power over the sea Name: The Maiden's Triumph/Wrath. (I was undecided with the name since wrath also goes well with ships)
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