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  1. I feel like this fandom is dying.. :c

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    2. ArtytheBearded


      Yeah, I guess.. But the fandom gives us things to connect with each other. Plus, I think bronies have a few lessons to teach before it kicks it. And.. That is more than all of the WoW subscriptions combined over the past 10 years .-.

    3. Malinter


      WoW is only declining because of blizzard making stupid decision on top of stupid decision. On the fandom itself theres already a season beyond this one so for those that reemain they'll be plenty to talk about.

    4. ArtytheBearded


      yeah, but season 4 introduced several new writers, all of which are completely bombing their positions out by writing basic pulp fiction instead of the classic emotional cutesy friendship is magic style. :c ~ I have a slight fear that people are going to get bored with it soon.

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