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    i have 2 best ponies but sadly i can only put one as best pony. Fluttershy & Twilight are my two favorite
    i love youtube channels a lot, especially MLP blind lets watchers
    these are the best ones :P
    MrCobaltSky =
    xXSoundspeedXx =
    MasterNeutral1 =

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  1. No I'm not one for drinking alcohol, and I'm not planning on drinking.
  2. MasterNeutral1 Haha just kidding. He hates when people say he sings good. Eddie Vedder is probably my favorite.
  3. ok so i watched some of Alex Side, surprised i havent heard of him before considering hes pretty big, hes pretty good i have to say. he can be pretty entertaining at times
  4. i watched some awkwardreviewer and i must agree he is pretty good i do like his outros also where he gives the pros and cons a pretty neat idea. i need to try alex side and idk about equestrias reflection, ive seen some of their vids before and i couldnt really get into them that much. though ive never really been a big fan of group/dual commentaries.
  5. i will check him out tomorrow thanks need to get some sleep
  6. Not too sure if this belongs here or not buuuuut yeah Anyway I've been re-watching a lot of blind commentaries on MLP and was just wondering if you guys know anyone i can try out here are the commentators i know. xXSoundSpeedXx (Favorite) MrCobaltSky (3rd Favorite) MasterNeutral1 (2nd Favorite) SirFrogFinest (4th Favorite) I'm willing to give everyone a try, though I have given a few others a try but i just didn't get into them. The four above are the ones I think are the best and the ones worth watching, so please give me some suggestions
  7. it would give people more of a reason to hate us bronies
  8. ooo i love cake too much
  9. twilight and fluttershy are my favorite ponies, but i can only choose one
  10. idk why, i havent told any of my friends except one (he just turned into a brony) and hes extremely open about it at school and no1 gives him crap for it. but i feel people would think im the crazy one if i came out and said im a brony. i feel like it has to do with status and im in no way very popular, but my friend is. im a shy person irl. fluttershy <3 it reminds me of michael and ray from roosterteeth, nobody gives them shit for being bronies but god forbid someone who isnt well known or popular is one.
  11. the game is kinda fun and yeah a time waster (in a good way ofc)
  12. i agree to everything except staying away from the ponies i love the most! andstaying away from ponyville/canterlot