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  1. Seriously this is all about bugs????? NOOOOOO new topic needed!!!
  2. All I have to add to this is that I played violin for a long time. I still have it I just don't actively play it anymore.
  3. well i did think it would be good to talk to some girls about this show seeing as how so many fans are boys but I guess not. Its ok though I will find them somewhere
  4. I just finished season 1 put your hooves up!
  5. Wow a pinkie pie moth that is so cool! Got An applejack moth in there somewhere or a rainbow dash? Are they all fuzzy? And aren't they pretty big?
  6. It's not just moths it's all bugs and small insect creatures I am such a girl in that regard. But seriously aren't moths supposed to be prettier than butterflies?
  7. I am a huge history buff I actually taught history in a high school. I am also a medical person that I have a medical degree. I have to a of interests! I also love having In depth conversations!
  8. Hey come join us in the girls only thread my stallion is not quite a closet brony but he has asked to watch it with me and he has started asking questions to clarify things. such as how old the ponies are because shouldn't there be grown up horses in the show. hehehe it was a hilarious conversation. I also send him a pony picture everyday and he likes it. so who knows. How are you strange?
  9. @Glamour- wow you and rarity do sound so alike. are you as amazingly generous as her? would you cut off your tale for someone you just met? hehehe @Raven- Cherry Jubillee is cool and I like Apple Fritter but I don't know who Berry Punch is My Disney Wedding was amazing and it was romantic just like anyone else's I would imagine. We actually met at WDW and got engaged at WDW so we had to get married there. here are some pictures]for you guys
  10. Ok I do not understand this moth thing at all and moths creep me out...even though aren't they supposed to be prettier than butterflies generally...or something? i don't think I know what I am talking about. So everyone...what else can we chat about in here I know there is tons of stuff. What is your #1 non MLP fandom? mine is star wars! Here are some more fun pictures from Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World.
  11. Having a place for us to chat is cool although it would be neat if we had a whole board on the forum just for us older folk. Anywho.... Let's answer as question. When did you become a pony fan and how? Give us your detailed stories I'm sure we all have them.
  12. Hey older ponies! I know there are lots of younger ponies around here so I thought I'd try and find the older ponies. I am high in the 20's age range but hey I am still in my 20's woo hoo! Come say hi and introduce yourself. I am a 28 year old lady brony I love applejack My interesting fact: the one show I liked more than MLP as a kid in the 80's was the Care Bears but this new generation of Care Bears is just not as awesome as the old school one. Who's next?
  13. We love Big Bang theory and can't wait to see the new one this week. Should be awesome! It is such a funny show even though it can make geek guys look bad
  14. Well hey my birthday is in march too! How cool! My second favorite is FS. I just got into the ponies again a few weeks ago and I am so glad I did. I am still learning about background ponies. I like the cutie mark crusaders they are all so cute. As far as anyone else I am not sure who everyone really is yet but the DJ pony looks cool. I have almost finished season 1 on netflix I have a couple more episodes to go then on to season 2. Favorite season 1 episode is apple bucking season one. I was laughing so much during it. Where are you from? ~lavender