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  1. Hey Everyone. This is a video I recorded of my mom. I was talking to her about the MLP OC Fluffle Puff but she kept getting confused of the name. She kept saying Puffer Fish and Puffer Fuff and things like that. I wish I had started recording like two minutes ago... it was even more funny. Anyway that's all I want to say.
  2. David Tennant is my favorite doctor, but Christopher is probably my second favorite.
  3. Happy birthday! c: Hope you have a great time~ ^w^

  4. _ _ _ _ C C C L M C C C X X X V I I
  5. I live in the us-uh also known as the United States of America.
  6. I never thought that Twilight Sparkle out of all characters was going to become evil... That being said Midnight Sparkle was really cool.
  7. Even when the series ends, it still won't really be "the end". As long as fans keep on liking the show, the series will never really end.
  8. Yes, and very random. VII
  9. Hotel transylvania. Don't think so because they have already been through this.
  10. This is the complicated counting game. Rules: Start counting in roman numerals until someone posts a pony picture at which point take the number that was last counted and divide the number by 2 and then count on the square root of the number (round it up if it is a decimal) Formula: The square root of (n/2) = c n is the last number that was counted. c is the number you start counting on. Example: I II III IV V II III I'll start I