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  1. I had gotten a lot of mixed reviews from friends after season one, saying that I should basically skip most episodes except the ones that were Rarity-centric. I still continued on and, unpopular opinion I suppose, I really loved the last episode of season three. Yes, the season was quite a lot shorter than the other seasons, but I don't think it was lacking for that reason. Maybe it's because I'm watching it through Netflix and there isn't as much concern for me about how many weeks of new episodes I'm seeing, but I think some seasons stretched even a little thin after a while. Then again, I also come from an anime background where 12-13 episodes per season is really commonplace. All of the music from the episode was awesome. I love the bigger voiced songs (maybe a bit biased being an opera singer/choir member for several years). They just seem to be so well done, and I love that about the show. There's something for everyone. Twilight's coronation song was awesome. "True, True Friend" is constantly stuck in my head at this point. I'll tip my hat for all of the music. I do also understand that, for some, musicals just aren't everyone's thing. It was probably one of the more emotional episodes for me. I didn't like Twilight for the longest time. I found her pompous because she was "above" the whole friendship thing. As time went on, though, I started to like her more without realizing I had. Strangely enough, I am a lot like Twilight in a lot of ways. Anyway, I digress. I cried a little. There, I said it. I found this was one of my favorite episodes in the series thus far.
  2. I've been following this story religiously. It's absolutely ridiculous that this culture where the victims get blamed because the people who should be protecting them are perpetuating violence through inaction is still a thing. I want to give this kid a hug and the most epic brohoof. I've been there. I've been that kid that liked something in my targeted age group that others thought was strange. It's hard. But people on, say, the county's Facebook page, saying horrible things such as "parents need to stop raising pussies and fight for themselves with a good old ass kicking" are also perpetuating violence as a solution. I'm sorry, but not every kid is a violent person. Grayson likes MLPFiM probably because it teaches the magic of friendship and solving problems in ways that don't involve fists and bloodshed. I could really go on for weeks about this, but I really hope that Grayson will find some awesome friends that like Rainbow Dash too.
  3. Thanks, everyone! I'm continually working hard to get better at my craft. Also, if any of you are coming to the Tampa Brony Con, I will be there for painting the faces!
  4. I'll be applying to be in the artist alley for this! All the body art for all the ponies! Can't wait
  5. Oh look what just happened on my face today. ;D
  6. Rarityyyy! She's my favorite. I would probs buy a Rarity hat too. Also Celestia and Luna would be pretty. These are lovely, by the way!
  7. So, I work at a theme park under a particular art company. My boss is a really cool guy and all... until you work under him. I busted my rear for almost a year in management, only to not get a promotion after he decided to play favorites to one of my friends. I'm trying not to hold any bitterness toward her, but at the same time, it's difficult to not do so. Due to these events, I'm having to search for a new job in order to really make ends meet. I'm awfully afraid of what will happen to me when school starts back up and I have to still uphold my $500+ a month in rent, bills, and food, the other half coming from my significant other. In the meantime, however, my current job is keeping me on days I need off, like moving days. Then days that happen annually, once a year, such as my birthday, I've had to work both years in a row. It really sucks. Any other job gave me my special day off, especially because I was hoping to have it for relaxing, instead of being in such a toxic environment. But, alas, I deal. I'm trying to start up my henna/face painting business on the side for some extra cash flow as well. Birthday parties, weddings, what have you. I tell ya, I haven't heard a single "hay" for a paid gig, regardless of the countless times I've given out my contact information with a discounted rate for the parties. I'm hoping that will change, of course, but you never really know in my line of work. Thankfully, somepony might line me up with a Brony convention artist alley spot, so I may be doing some pony face paints and henna tattoos for that! Hopefully, it can land me a few hundred extra bits for my living expenses. Aside from that, I may be out of debt temporarily from my tax refund, which looks handsome, thankfully. Being an adult can be fun at times, but for other days, it's very trying on your happiness and patience. I miss the easy days. I'm still trying to cope with my best friend being hundreds of miles away, too. I feel like a lot of my biggest issues lately are rooted from this feeling of abandonment, though I can't help but feel a bit selfish if I admit that to him. What's a lady to do?
  8. Birthday's on Monday, but get to sit through work on my 21st. ): Sucks!

  9. If you're ever at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL, come on by! ;D
  10. Thank you so much. I have more that I've done in the past somewhere in my dense art folders, so I'll post those and any new ones very soon. c: Thanks! It's my pride and joy, haha. Definitely one of my favorites I've done on myself.
  11. Hey everypony! This is basically a dump of some of my favorite face paints that I've done in the past year or so, including my Pokemon face paints. The Charizard is my pride and joy, hahaha. My boss made me stop doing them after about two weeks, so that's why you have random X&Y characters and then a stop at Wartortle. Sorry for the body art spam everywhere! I promise this is my last thread for now~ Hahah.
  12. I'm gonna be all over this art forum with my body art stuff... But here are a couple of my MLP face paints that I've done! They're constantly getting better, too! Critique and awe welcome. c; (aaaand I apparently can only find two, but here you are!)
  13. Hmm, let's go with... 1. "Let it Go" - Idina Menzel 2. "Sonrie" - Gloria Estefan Feat. Laura Pausini 3. "Scintille" - Annalisa 4. "The Four Seasons: Winter" - Antonio Vivaldi (this got performed by the Florida Orchestra the night of my birthday one year... Needless to say, I got the most expensive tickets I could get and cried) 5. "O Magnum Mysterium" - Morten Lauridsen There are so maaaany! Especially because I typically separate classical works from pop/jazz tunes in my list of favorites. :3