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  1. Love me.

    1. Moost


      I love you, no homo. Ah fuck it, yes homo.

  2. You are like my favorite person on the forums yo

    1. Moost


      Why am I getting all this praise? I'm depressed leave me alone or I will cut my wrist and the acid will spray all over you XD

  3. Just playing some DOOM becuase that's the way FPS should be.

  4. You're my new favorite deputy.

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    2. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      No, (this is Rae btw) but I just had a feeling to let him do it, so I did. anyways, hi though. :)

    3. Moost
    4. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      Chevette just smacked my ass with the TV remote ok

  5. Hey moderators, did you hurt your mothers when you came out because of your big heads?

  6. Skye

    You're my favorite

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    2. Skye


      Let's get human married.

    3. Moost


      Yeah, and we can have human babies but they will turn out to be black and you start to question me asking for a divorce.

    4. Skye


      Wow. I am 1/8th black. I am very offense. I am reporting u. Feld0 will hear about this.

  7. I am the depressing boy feeler. I cut my wrist every night before I go to bed. Please uncle, lay off me. ~ A majority of you.

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    2. Moost


      Yeah, I'm thinking about leaving, the folk here are starting to piss me off. But why should I leave just because of a bunch of whiney teenagers?

    3. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      people bitch about no one wanting to talk to them/be their friend.


      who wants to be friends with someone who bitches and is negative 24/7/420??

    4. Moost


      I know everyone on the forums who are like that, may Satan take their souls.

  8. Give this a few minutes and the mods will banish it to a different dimension.
  9. HAIL SATAN!!!

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    2. ~SadisticFluttershy~


      it's the internet. No rules saying I can't reply to one's status. Quit being a dick, and get out of here. You are just making a fool out of yourself.

    3. Moost


      Listen to you "kid"


    4. ~SadisticFluttershy~
  10. Big willied willis the name, pleased to meetcha.

  11. Had to make a new PSN account.

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Moost


      'cos I got of the old username. Cliff Racer is a blight to me.

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
  12. The one thing I hate about Trixie, is that she is loved by Sethisto (and I really, really hate that guy).
  13. I'm gonna go out of my way and say that THIS IS THE MOST FUCKING WEIRD FETISH EVER.
  14. sup niggas

    1. SnipSnap



    2. Moost


      But I'm black myself so HA!

    3. Vermillion


      i am 1 8th black

      i take so much offense