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  1. Moost


    Give this a few minutes and the mods will banish it to a different dimension.
  2. The one thing I hate about Trixie, is that she is loved by Sethisto (and I really, really hate that guy).
  3. Moost

    Foreign places outside Equestria?

    That's what we will be seeing tomorrow? Ooh, you've got me excited now.
  4. Moost

    Foreign places outside Equestria?

    Where did that picture come from? Is that the finale?
  5. Moost

    Gaming Games you are looking forward to

    Wolfenstien: The New Order and DooM 4.
  6. Moost

    Glass toilet

    What happens when it shatters whilst bombing porcelainstan with a 10 pound grogan? You would get glass stuck in your arse.
  7. Moost

    ET cartridges found in New Mexico desert

    I just feel sorry for the poor bastards that brought the game.
  8. FUCK YEAH, I'm probably the only tosser who finds this exciting.
  9. Moost

    To Everyone: I'm sorry

    Stop beating yourself up all the time, and take it easy.
  10. Moost

    Why do people like Trixie?

    You know by saying that, you've just been upgraded to bum hole.
  11. Moost

    How did the half-ponies/pony-people get ears and tails?

    In the lamest freaking possible way that doesn't make sense. They look like fucking Mary Sue's when the get the magic.
  12. Moost

    Rainbow Rocks Q&A With Co-Director Ishi Rudell

    THIS MOVIE BETTER BE WORTH IT OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL STICK THIS BABY IN THE MICROWAVE. Don't take that to offense of course, it's just a joke. This movie will rock, get it because Rainbow Rocks. Ah forget it. JUST DON'T BUCK UP, MORONS OVER AT HASBRO.
  13. Moost

    Are Bronies Obsessed with Death?

    I like killing, but not the way they do. I like to kill in an action packed sense, you know what I mean? Like tearing someones genitals off with my bear hands. That sort of stuff, humorous and badass.
  14. Moost

    Are Bronies Obsessed with Death?

    Yup, they're all shit smearing emo psychopaths with a hunger for children. Seriously though, what is up with some of you?