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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy birthday!! Hope your day is wonderful! :D

  3. happy birthday =)

    1. Phoenix Flam

      Phoenix Flam

      Thank you ^_^ Thank you a load *hugs* /)

  4. I am helping out a talented artist in need As I mentioned once befor I payed an artist Dragonfoxgirl on DA for a lovely picture of well me. Since then I bought 3 more and I must say I am extremely happy witht the results and any pony looking for a nice image of there OC should go check her out she is doing commissions now.

  5. I have recently Payed for a commishionand OMG was I impressed. dragonfoxgirl on DA made my wolf OC like Comrade Courage did and now Ihave two beautiful Wolf Phoenix Drawings.

  6. *Climbs from under a rock* I am a terrible pony....good thing I have being a wolf to fall back on to. Goodnight all. Goodnight Brothers sleep well *Hugs and nuzzles* Sleep well

    1. Bright Bastion

      Bright Bastion

      GOODNIGHT PHOENIX! *echoes across the land*

    2. Bright Bastion

      Bright Bastion

      GOODNIGHT PHOENIX! *echoes across the land*

  7. When I went to my brothers I had it all pland as he has internet I could be here at the expense of having no or little pho e signal. However I was...let down by his ISP as the main junction to the home was fried after 30 minuets getting there. No home phone no Internet I was thrown to the dark age and 3G was hopless there as it is Ass end of nowere for cell service.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phoenix Flam

      Phoenix Flam

      Well goodnight anyway and sleep well all of you. Goodnight brothers *hugs and nuzzles* sleep well and sweet dreams.

    3. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* Nighty-night! Desserty dreams! :3

    4. Bright Bastion

      Bright Bastion

      Sorry for the Troubles Phoenix. Hopefully Good luck is headed your way.

  8. *Face Paw* half an hour late to work and 1.45 hours over time *sigh* this weekend had better be good -_- Goodnight all and sleep well. Goodnight brothers and sweet dreams *huggles and nuzzles*

    1. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles and gives muffin* Nighty-night Phoenix, sleep well and I hope you have some amazing dreams! :3

  9. yay for food poisoning I am off to bed. -_- It has been one of those days you don't whant to do anything yet you have been productive. Goodnight all. Goodnight Brothers *Huggles nuzzles* sleep well and sweet dreams.

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight. Hope you feel better. *hugs*

    2. Silver-Ember


      Ohhh, food poisoning? *huggles* I'm sorry that happened Phoenix. Um... I hope you feel better as soon as possible. *nuzzle* Goodnight brother.

    3. Phoenix Flam

      Phoenix Flam

      I have a strong stumuck so it was only for a day. Plenty of water and rest and I was back on my paws in no time.


      But thanks guys for wishing me better ^_^

  10. *Slaps face* comes on to say goodnight after a long time off line. sorry every pony I have had my paws tied up in art I forgot to relax a little -_- though art is relaxing. well goodnight to you all and sweet dreams my brothers. I will be back I just have the early shift this week so will struggle a little but do my best to be a little more active.

    1. Super Sand Legend
    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* Sleep well Phoenix! Glad to see you back. :3

  11. Phoenix Flam

    Visual Art Rogue

    I love it however you already knew that XP
  12. I see this is becoming a trend so I have made one now: http://kevan.org/jh/phoenix+flame Well I am off to bed now so goodnight guys and gals sleep well. Goodnight Brothers and sweet dreams *hugs and nuzzles*

    1. Silver-Ember


      Goodnight Phoenix. *hugs* Sleep tight brother.

  13. I have been neglecting my Duties and for this I am sorry -_- so I will do my best to come on more often but for today at least Goodnight and sleep well. Goodnight brothers for it is you I have neglected most. Sleep well and sweet dreams *Huggles and nuzzles*

  14. Just catching the last few things on DA and I am off to bed Goodnight all. Goodnight Brothers *Nuzzles and Huggles* Sweet dreams and sleep well.

    1. DashYoshi


      Goodnight! You too! *hugs* =)

    2. Storm Shine

      Storm Shine

      *Huggles* I hope you sleep well. :)

    3. Bright Bastion

      Bright Bastion


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