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  1. 42 it is! Or "Insufficiant data for a meaningful answer" Anyways, I'd still appreciate it if I get some more help
  2. Thank you guys, those are very good ideas! I'm sorry, I didn't even know there was a section like that
  3. Hello guys! I am going to participate to a writing competition where I'm supposed to write an essay about "Happiness". I love writing and my teachers/friends always loved my writings, but this is the first time that I participate to a competition, so I decided to get a little help from you. If you want to help me, here is the full topic: "Whatever else happiness may be, it is neither in havingnor in being, but in becoming. Happiness is in the pursuit itself, in the meaningful pursuit of what is life-engaging and life-revealing, which is to say, in the idea of becoming.” By taking into consideration the quotation given above, write a well-organized essay (300-350 words), in English,on the idea of happiness. The questions given below may help you contemplate on the topic. What is happiness? How can you describe it? Is it something personal or social? How is it achieved? So first of all, I need a title. Since titles are very important, I don't wanna put a title like "Happiness and How to Achieve It", I need something original. Then, I want to use some good sayings about happiness. And lastly, I need a good ending. I would like to add something funny in it too, otherwise it would be too boring. I'd really apreciate it if you help me. Thank you in advance ^^
  4. Hi everypony! 2 days ago, it has come: Animator vs. Animation IV. This is the forth episode of a great series, where a stick figure in the computer fights against his creator. If you havent watched the previous episodes, I highly recommend you to watch them. I don't know if it's allowed to share links on that forum, so I won't share them but you can easily find them on YouTube. So, what do you think about it? I can say that it was just epic
  5. I think I'm like 5/10. I enjoy the show so much and I really like the fandom, but I don't collect, and I only read 5 fanfics so far (Rainbow Factory, Cupcakes, 2 Cupcakes based fanfics and My Little Dashie). And if I listen 15 songs in a day, 13-14 of them is pony music (fanmade or canon).
  6. Awesome cover! Did anybody else notice that MLP sticker on the piano?
  7. I don't know how, but I read the title as "Would you go to eat your favorite pony?" You can imagine the look on my face.
  8. Really well said my friend! You are right, life is too short to be sad, that's one of my life philosophies and I always try my best to make everyone happy, just like Pinkie Pie and that's why I love her so much!!!! ehm, anyway, I've never been in a funeral, but when one of my best friend's brother died, everyone cried but me. I just couldn't cry and I tried to make my friends happy, just like Pinkie Pie and I love her so much!! and at the end they called me disrespectful. I don't wanna make anyone sad just because I die. I mean, I'm doing my best to make them happy and why would I make them sad in the very last time that we'll see each other? Death is just another thing to experince, like anything else in the life. Call me crazy, but I really can't wait to die. I wanna see what happens (If anything happens, of course ) And I'll make my nears promise me that they'll not be sad when I'm gone. There's no difference between you and me, or between you and anyone else. I even don't know you name but I can easly say that. Because all of us are the same at the core. So, yes. You deserve everything good like anyone else ^^
  9. Hi everypony. Some minutes ago, my friend told me about the Deep Web, a thing that I've never heard before. We made a little research but we couldn't be sure about whether it's legal or not. Anyway, what do you think about it? Have you ever tried it?
  10. Once you create your character tutorial automatically begins, but if that's not you meant then I have no idea
  11. That's what I dream. Legends of Equestria is our only hope NeverWinter has a little tutorial like 10 minutes, and it is solo. Once you finish it (After killing the boss) it teleports you to the main town where you can see the other players So guys I heard a disgusting new about NeverWinter and I wanted to inform you: A new race (Dragonborn) added to NeverWinter. It's a very OP race, but the only way to play as this race is to buy a special pack called Dragonborn Legend Pack. And it's like $70. I think you understood why I said this new is disgusting.