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    everyone deserves love... no matter what.
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    Mlp, doctor who, supernatural, tumblr, reading, art, volunteering, singing, the internet, lolita fashion, cosplay, marvel comics, sleeping ^^, pokemon, disney, Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Vikings

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  1. How I miss my wonderful ponies... how are you all doing?

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    2. Wayzer


      I'm doing good :o

    3. Zyla Fae

      Zyla Fae

      Hey skyheart, it's nice to see you back on the forums ^^

    4. Deae Rising Shine~
  2. Um, hello! Name: Sky, SkyHeart, Ryann, Flareon Age: 18 Gender: female Country: united states (i'm in Oregon!) Likes: pokemon, doctor who, supernatural, mild rp, hanging out, chocolate, art, animals, reading, poetry, movies, marvel, music, disney movies, and more! Dislikes: racism, cheaters, liars, bigots, and dirty bathrooms! Hobbies: drawing, listening to music, gaming (mainly rpgs), hanging out, and being with animals! Other Info: i'm just a farm girl from Oregon, and need a friend or two! I'm nice, love to listen, and a bit shy... ^^; My only warning is that
  3. SkyHeart

    General Media Worst Wrestling Moments You Ever Saw

    I only know about freestyle wrestling. And my worst (or possibly best) was throwing a crossface and breaking his noce. But I didn't called because it was TECHNICALLY legal, and I won the match :3
  4. I was a vegatarian for three months. Let me explain: I was raised my whole life in the country, on a farm. When you do, and your family is rednecks, you dont have much of an option... meat is a neccessity. Once I turned 18, I began a personal journy, and one of my outcomes was that I felt I needed to be a vegatarian. Now, I am already a very skinny and athletic person, at 5'2", 120 pounds But I had no idea about how else to get my protein. I got sick... i dropped to 97 pounds... i was pale and unenergetic... i was also battling depression, which did not help. Finally my mom forced me to
  5. SkyHeart

    Mega Thread Feminist Club!

    When I loggfed on and saw this thread, I was brought to tears... thank you for making it possible to disscuss with fellow pony lovers about feminism, and helping other realize its importance! Beautiful work! *hugs*
  6. hello my beautiful ponies!! i know it has been so long... after a heartbreaking few months, i am finnally back! ive missed you all... if you are in the us, and are a good friend, message me for my number! i would love to talk, and to be honest, i need friends pretty badly... im in a very low place... i love you all!

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    2. SkyHeart


      No that never happened... I just got so caught up in some stuff and was going through some really hard life decisions and choices... But now I think I'm ready to come back to the pony community :)

    3. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      Yay^^ I really missed you.

    4. Wayzer


      Damm I missed you too o.0 *cuddles close* GREAT TO HAVE YA BACK!!!! Wanna talk on skype mayb?

  7. skyheart.cutie is my skype name!!! Please talk to me, family!!!

    1. monsdkfndflksdnlksl


      I can when i get home okay Little Sis? *Hugs*

  8. does anypony remember my skype name?

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    2. SkyHeart


      Ha! Thank you Brighty :3

    3. StormBolt24


      Why you not talk at skype? :c

    4. BoopMan


      have you not paid attention to the comments? she forgot her skype name.

  9. I don't understand what I did wrong... :( Why am I getting banned/punished? not here, but other places...

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    2. SkyHeart


      I love you guys so much <3 your the best friends/family ever

    3. Deae Rising Shine~
    4. Wayzer


      huh that's ridiculous!

  10. If I chose out of the mares, it would be Apple Jack, because I feel like her dates would be super fun! (A rodeo? And an apple eating contest? Followed by a cuddle in the orchard? Why Apple Jack, that is so sweet!) Out of the stallions, Time Turner (Doctor Whooves?) because he is just the sexiest ever *w*
  11. Absolutely! I love animals, and a date with Fluttershy? She is so cute! Of course I would! ^^
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