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    everyone deserves love... no matter what.
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    Mlp, doctor who, supernatural, tumblr, reading, art, volunteering, singing, the internet, lolita fashion, cosplay, marvel comics, sleeping ^^, pokemon, disney, Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Vikings

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  1. SkyHeart

    Finding your next best friend

    Um, hello! Name: Sky, SkyHeart, Ryann, Flareon Age: 18 Gender: female Country: united states (i'm in Oregon!) Likes: pokemon, doctor who, supernatural, mild rp, hanging out, chocolate, art, animals, reading, poetry, movies, marvel, music, disney movies, and more! Dislikes: racism, cheaters, liars, bigots, and dirty bathrooms! Hobbies: drawing, listening to music, gaming (mainly rpgs), hanging out, and being with animals! Other Info: i'm just a farm girl from Oregon, and need a friend or two! I'm nice, love to listen, and a bit shy... ^^; My only warning is that I suffer from anxiety disorder, and often need comfort... I would love to text if you are in the US! PM me? :3 Oh my gosh, your post made me smile so much! Can we be friends? :3 I'll be your friend, stranger!
  2. I only know about freestyle wrestling. And my worst (or possibly best) was throwing a crossface and breaking his noce. But I didn't called because it was TECHNICALLY legal, and I won the match :3
  3. SkyHeart

    Is anypony a vegetarian?

    I was a vegatarian for three months. Let me explain: I was raised my whole life in the country, on a farm. When you do, and your family is rednecks, you dont have much of an option... meat is a neccessity. Once I turned 18, I began a personal journy, and one of my outcomes was that I felt I needed to be a vegatarian. Now, I am already a very skinny and athletic person, at 5'2", 120 pounds But I had no idea about how else to get my protein. I got sick... i dropped to 97 pounds... i was pale and unenergetic... i was also battling depression, which did not help. Finally my mom forced me to go to te doctor who said I had no choice but to eat meat for my body to become healthy again. The first night I vomitted it all up, but soon I was back to feeling a bit more healthy. I hope to learn more about my diet, and return to vegetarianism some day.
  4. SkyHeart

    Mega Thread Feminist Club!

    When I loggfed on and saw this thread, I was brought to tears... thank you for making it possible to disscuss with fellow pony lovers about feminism, and helping other realize its importance! Beautiful work! *hugs*
  5. SkyHeart

    Which pony would you date?

    If I chose out of the mares, it would be Apple Jack, because I feel like her dates would be super fun! (A rodeo? And an apple eating contest? Followed by a cuddle in the orchard? Why Apple Jack, that is so sweet!) Out of the stallions, Time Turner (Doctor Whooves?) because he is just the sexiest ever *w*
  6. Absolutely! I love animals, and a date with Fluttershy? She is so cute! Of course I would! ^^
  7. SkyHeart

    I'm Confused about being a brony

    Hey there! I love pokemon too, lol ^^ I hope you enjoy your time here, if you need a friend, let me know!
  8. SkyHeart


    Hi there! *hugs* I am SO SO happy you decided to join! If you need a friend, feel free to messege me ^^ I hope you have fun!
  9. SkyHeart

    Hello everypony I'm new=)

    Hey love! ^^ I am so glad you joined! <3
  10. SkyHeart

    Lightning Bliss & Awsome Pony Friends 6 Art Corner

    Wow! Just, ohmygoodness... So so amazing! I just love it! ^^ all your art!
  11. SkyHeart

    Open Casual Baltimare RP Reboot

    @ and @@Filthy Cropper (My apologies, friends! Please forgive my absence ) Skyheart was distracted by the birds singing in the tree branches. It seemed as though Lorem and Violet were in an important conversation, so she politely averted her gaze. After a moment, she turned to Violet. "Um, I don't mean to pry, but... Well, I have issues making friends too. It can be hard!" She smiled helpfully at her friend "But I would be honored to be your friend" Without noticing, they had arrived at her aunt's house. It was a small yellow cottage with a garden all around. Her Aunt was an earth pony.
  12. SkyHeart

    Open Casual Baltimare RP Reboot

    @@Filthy Cropper @ Skyheart smiled to see her two new friends getting along. Some ponies may find it odd that she was willing to trust and befriend ponies so fast, but it was just another one of her special talents. "Well" she said, making sure to face Lorem. "Shall we go?" she fluttered out the door, and into the evening sunshine. She needed to find her aunt's house, and care for her goldfish. Her aunt was a bit eccentiric, and had a strict feeding schedual for her 'Sweetie Weetie Goldie'. "I think we should visit the park. Or maybe the cafe down the lane?" she looked back at her new friends.
  13. SkyHeart

    Open Casual Baltimare RP Reboot

    @ @@Filthy Cropper SkyHeart could tell when a pony was nervouse, because she suffered from shy awkwardness herself. She spoke softly, and looked at the books, she Violet wouldnt feel like she was focusing to much on her. "Well, my new friend Lorem and I are heading to the house I am staying at. I am new here. Then we are goignt to the park. would you like to come?" She said, a gentle smile on her face.
  14. SkyHeart

    Open Casual Baltimare RP Reboot

    @@Filthy Cropper @ SkyHeart smiled at him, and looked directly at him. "Of course!" she said. SHe heard a sigh from over by the bookshelves. The mare from earlier was flipping through pages, but she didnt seem particularly interested. She looked... lonely. "Will you excuse me for a moment Lorem?" she asked politly, then fluttered over to where the mare was. "Hullo! My name is SkyHeart. May I suggest the Adventures of Butter Hooves? It's very humerous." She smiled at her kindly.
  15. SkyHeart

    Open Casual Baltimare RP Reboot

    @@Filthy Cropper Skyheart smiled, happy to make a new friend. "Of course! This is the first time I have ever been here, so we can explore together!" She finnsihed picking up her things, then hopped down from her chair. She was only a bit bigger then a filly. Her little wings flapped, and she kept herself in the air. "I dont want to get my icky hooves all over the floor" she said. "It would be impolite." She flew to the door.