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  1. No, we just don't shut up about being a 'minority.' ow my... I did not mean it like that. You made me it sound worse that I intended( you made me sound like I was complaining). If everybody liked MLP like everybody likes shoes for e.g ( oki I think everybody likes shoes, not sure) than it would become a commodity. bleh we are on the same page to some degree really. I think there is not much it can be done about it. There is no real good answer to this question, nor can it be a solution that doesn't sound too much like an Utopia.
  2. Honestly that can be said about any community, or any gathering of people that share a common interest. Just because we like something doesnt mean we are better/ or worse than someone that does/doesn't. Being a better and kinder person takes work ( but thats just me probably )
  3. I can relate a different story. For different reasons people around me dont really know what MLP is reasons: -people here dont speak English that well (i mean in the country I come from) -my friends/ people I know are not that much into roaming the internet as I am < girls for e.g have no idea what MLP is... very few know it and most of those that do, enjoy other so called geeky activities like reading comics, cosplay, anime etc.> ) - I am a bit old for cartoons in general (I dont think that, the stereotypical image of what a girl of 20 something should be like in my country says that) So when I sometimes tell people i watch a tv shows with animated ponies meant for kids, the just shrug it off and think its just one of my quirks. I guess you can't call it brony hate. Its more like something that doesn't fit the norm. ( which is quite funny considering that what women find okay to watch here are Turkish soap operas- they're like watching the paint dry) What I'm trying to say is that people dislike bronies because they watch/like etc. things that society does not deem okay for its peers. (and i think a lot of people said this already ) We are a minority, we can get bushed around. its that simple
  4. Just one, a friend of a friend. I try to talk to him about mlp but he's not that much into the show how he is in the fandom ( he said he watched some of the episodes but not all of them) He likes to colour in photoshop and asked people around deviantart if it would be okay to colour their work. Most said a huge NO! quite rude, only mlp fans welcomed him with open arms Thats why I joined the forum, he said Id meet a lot of nice and friendly people
  5. People always think I am way younger than I am. I'm in my mid 20s but nobody would think so if they saw me. The only time people guess my real age is when i talk to them ( its the way I phrase things I guess, people told me I talk like a serious adult. Not really, just with people I dont know) My voice sounds old from what I could tell. I called some people I had to talk to for different reasons ( college project, volunteer stuff) and they said such a formal hello on the phone when they heard my voice I almost laughed every time ( most were my age or older) Mostly its because I dont like to dress my age ( every time I tried makeup it looked like I experimented in the dark, and high heels are horrible to walk on. really... I dont have a car and I walk a lot. I only wear sneakers and comfy shoes) And at some point I had half my hair magenta ( which ofc made me look more like 17 than 20 something) !! Everybody says I should be happy about it but sometimes I feel that people dont take me serious enough because of it.
  6. Sometimes I listen to bands that are gathering dust and nobody listens to them anymore ( not oldies but goldies, bands that haven't had made a new album in some time now) Lately I found out that Bush made a new album in 2011 ( after a 10 year break I think) and its awesome ! aand I can't post it. I think it's because I'm new anyway it's Bush- All night doctors
  7. I'm not a fan of stretching things for 2-3 episodes ( and MLP doesnt do that necessarily ) but there was action in here for two episodes. The plot was a bit overflowing. Cadance comes to PonyVille and fluttershy leaves ( I didnt even see the connection, why on earth would it matter) then Discord comes in all sick and tries to ruin the girls special day. The girls battle some ugly Dune like creature ( Im sure Im not the first that thought about that) First off, the part about Fluttershy leaving, why would they let her go alone? They never go alone anywhere! Maybe I forgot, remind me, is there an episode where one of the girls leaves alone and nopony goes after her? later edit : i remember, it was one episode where Applejack left for a rodeo I think. Yet again why did they let her go alone? No pinky cheer Why is Discord so much into Twilight lately? You might say he's a trickster...and Twilight is an alicorn now... so he might be plotting something...I don't know, he keeps popping up through the series, sometimes out of the blue. Maybe it's because so many people like him ( I do too, he's fun, reminds me of someone)
  8. I remember finding some short MLP clip on youtube. I didnt know what it was back then so I said" let's watch a whole episode, see what it is". Needless to say I liked it. The intro did ( and still does) scared me a little, too shinny I liked the fact that Twilight was not so much into meeting people and all of the sudden she had 5 friends. It doesn't happen like that in RL sadly
  9. too much snow <_<

  10. hey!! thanks guys I did post it around 2 in the morning ( I have a lot of work to do and even If I want to sleep, I can't right away, Im still in hyper mode ) There are so many places to post, its a huge forum! cheeri-O Ps: Can I brohoof a person? or just a forum post? or is it the same thing?
  11. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: I googled it. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: loong story, but here it goes : two years ago I was writing my undergrad thesis and it was going pretty slow ( I am a very slow writer and tend to rewrite the sentence a hundred times ) and I was a bit depressed about it. I opened youtube for a little break and saw a MLP short clip... and the rest is history. It really made my day and it still does. Ow hey there, I've wanted to join a forum for some time now ,but didnt really know where to start. When I started watching MLP I had no idea there was such a huge fandom, with people of all ages ( I do admit when I first started watching I found it a bit odd that I liked cartoons for small children, especially girls, even though I am one myself. I find most cartoons for kids these days really annoying) I have a brony friend who likes to color different stuff for people (mlp fandom mostly) and he told me to give the community a shot. so... here I am. Where do I start? ps: sorry if I make grammar mistakes, English is not my first language and I learned it by watching cartoons as a little kid. Never really learned it the proper ( boring and totally inefficient - I also tried learning German at one point, but it did not stick sadly) way