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  1. Stress has hit me like a truck, and I have no help to fix it... yayyyyyyyy

  2. Streaming, I love any support I can get.

  3. There's another post about this somewhere, we have a team that plays in CEVO that's in between seasons (I'm not the one to talk to about that though.) You could always go look for that.
  4. That's how I feel right now.
  5. Alright guys, I started this blog because I'm sure many of you are interested in what goes on in the daily life of a streamer. But I'm sure that'd bore you guys with random happenings and all that so I'm only going to try to post like once every couple of days summarizing everything I've done and had happen. I hope that this can draw in more attention to my stream. So I'm going to set a basis for those of you who don't know about me and my stream. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, I'm an aspiring gamer who loves to play most everything, I take a particular liking to shooters and platformers.. Recently I've been playing what most people refer to as, survival games! Some examples of this being: Rust and Infestation: Survival stories. I hope to grow big in this genre and dungeon crawlers such as : Diablo 3 or Path of Exile. I find gaming to be a hobby, which I could make into a career potentially. Having this be a hobby for me has been really fun, but I DESPERATELY need a source of income. The only way I can make my dreams happen is if I can get people watching me and my stream and helping it progress. Right now I have about 6-15 people watching every day, my goal for being able to make some income.... 500 viewers a day. This number may seem large but it's the only goal I can set due to twitch's partnership rules. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I thank you for reading through all this and hope you come to support me on my next stream! every follow and every viewer counts.
  6. Well it sounds like you resolved it yourself. If you think that Pinkie Pie is the best then she's the best in your opinion. It's not a problem to love every character, I know that I do. Choosing a favorite isn't really an easy task either but once you do you can always change it. I think my favorite has changed about 20 different times until I finally stuck with twilight
  7. 35492 wow I haven't looked at this thread in so long. it's come so far! <3
  8. Niiice I do consider myself insanely lucky... ------------------------------------------------------ although I forgot to mention the look on the counselors face when she saw that it was me.. I was about to die with laughter due to how funny it was You know, that's a tough one. To be totally honest I would have debated it for like 6-7 mins then probably have written something else. Totally lucked out
  9. Been streaming Rust for about 8 hours now... I need company

  10. I was way too surprised about this whole happening too. But I'm glad to have brought some smiles to some peoples face. Me and my Fluttershy plushie are going to be happy about that day forever. (It's funny cause I got my plushie on that same day and showed it to them the next.)
  11. I totally thought I was going to... I'm so happy that it all played out for me. But being socially awkward around 15 or so people can be a little rough. I'm sure there's people around. You'll just have to look around. I was just lucky to have them brought to me.
  12. This happened to me today and I just simply can't hold it in. It was such a spectacular thing and I would love to hear your guy's experiences with things like this. So I was sitting in my fifth and final class. I was having a pretty bad day. My fifth class is a class where I can just study or do homework and sometimes our school counselors come in and talk to us about socializing or some other strange things. Well a counselor came in today and I was more angry because I had a lot of homework to do. She was talking about how when you see someone you instantly judge who they are sub-conciously. Well then she pulls out papers and tells us to write down one thing that no one would ever know about you. She didn't tell us what she was doing with them. Well I wrote down about being a brony. Next she says we are playing a agmae to guess whose is whose. My heart dropped. I felt like I was going to die and wanted to just run out of the room. She reads through a couple of them and none of them are that bad. I hear mine and I just sink into my chair, trying to stay out of view. To my surprise a couple of people actually pointed me out and figured out it was me fairly quickly. After that, the strangest thing happened, something I totally didn't expect... one of the football jocks, turns to me and says and I quote "that's really cool man, I might have to talk to you about that a little later because I'm curious about it." I get a smile on my face and finished off the day. I walked out of the classroom and a group of about 15 people approach me all from the class. They all wanted to know more and why I watched it and such.I explained in great detail and gave a couple of people my phone number because they wanted to text me about their thoughts later. 10/15 absolutely love it now and I made 10 new friends. The other 5 said it was alright and they could see why I watched it but didn't care enough to continue and I could respect that. This whole thing made my entire day.
  13. My girlfriends package came in for me today, made me so happy by giving me this

  14. Here's mine, let's see how much of a loser I am! -Get in shape (Just so I can run for more that 15 seconds and not be winded) -Get good enough at a certain game to go competitive (Whether it be Counter-Strike, LoL, DotA 2 anything would be fine with me) -Get a kick off in my streaming (Preferably to the point where I can make it a career) That concludes the very short version of Dew's lowlife.