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  1. Mixing two of my most favorite things <3 My Little Pony and The Phantom of the Opera <3 hope you enjoy <3 (the notes on the cutie mark stand for "Past the point of no return")
  2. Sorry I haven't been on much every pony I promise to post more ASAP I'm still editing a few things before they're ready to be posted for you guys. have a lovely day :)

  3. I like it!!!!! :3 and yeah i know but the story usually comes after all the basic design and names are finished you know?
  4. I have created a new OC and i fear he doesn't have a name or special talent just yet, his design is still a work in progress and if any pony would like to make a suggestion for a name i will credit you for naming the pony. Please help if you can. Thank you for your time
  5. As am I Quill keep up the excellent work my love <3 ^-^
  6. Sappire Scroll as a baby batpony Enjoy <3
  7. Good afternoon everypony ^-^

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    2. Silent_Song495


      doing Well and i hope you are? :)

    3. Frith is Magick

      Frith is Magick

      You speak Japanese? cool!

    4. Silent_Song495


      actually i don't my cousin does and i only know that much lol sorry to disappoint :(

  8. I realize that i misspelled her name when i drew it lol xD enjoy ^-^
  9. Goodnight everypony have a lovely evening <3

  10. Treblina Bass is an OC that i drew for my cousin who is a fellow Pegasister ^-^
  11. Picture Problems finally fixed thanks to the Lovely Admins of this wonderful site ^^

    1. DashingQuill23


      Yayy!! Now you can share your art with the forums! :D

    2. Silent_Song495


      I can't wait to!!!!1 I'm so excited to show everypony my work and I really hope they like it O~0

    3. DashingQuill23


      I'm sure everypony will love it! <3

  12. Corkey is one of my best friends and always will be! <3 I really hope this will be fixed soon i feel so bad that my pictures aren't uploading I figured out what the issue was i needed to switch uploaders i feel dumb, but here's Corkey <3
  13. A scene from "A Quill and A Song" ,By Dashing Quill, i drew enjoy <3
  14. A scene from Dashing Quill's Story i sketched up for "A Quill and A Song"