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  1. Star Shine

    Your favourite quotes.

    Mine: Make that 20% cooler! Swag on! Yo!!!! And some others
  2. Name: Star Shine Species: Pegasus Personality: Brave, loud, kind, tomboyish. Rank: Just a teammate Appearance: Other: She loves music, and does not like to attack. One day she decides to leave the pirate crew as she thinks that they are too mean and cruel. (If thats alright with you) And Btw, please make her a filly like the same age as Scar. And make her Scar's best friend or something
  3. I would love to join it!!! Pony name: Star Shine She is a pegasus who loves music and creating music. She loves Mp3s, iPads, iPhones, etc.
  4. I really liked it!!!!!!! And it was kinda me... And there were SOOOOO many songs!!!! Now DONT get me wrong, i LOVE music. But i think that in the WHOLE series, Pinkie has the most solo songs. Rainbow Dash barely has any(or even none) So, im hoping they would give Rainbow Dash a solo song.
  5. Does it have anything to do with personal information? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pm me for information. Thanks so much!
  6. Star Shine

    Daniel Ingram lyrical quirks...

    I think theres nothing really wrong with that.... it doesnt make a big change to the music....(just my opinion) And i think Daniel is really good at writing songs!!!!
  7. I do!!!!!!! AND i cant really chose which one is my favourite....I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
  8. Star Shine

    Live Action EQG: Your Thoughts?

    I actually loved it. I loved the EG Stomp and some change to the lyrics, and i think the outfits really represented the characters. (But thats just my opinion)
  9. Star Shine

    Did you like the MLP:FiM theme remix in EqG?

    I LUVED THE REMIX! When i heard it i was like: Wow....... This song is SO me!
  10. Star Shine

    Rainbow Rocks

    I have heard about this!!!!!!!!! Im REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY excited about this! I mean, 2 Equestria Girls movies! Equestria Girls, then Rainbow Rocks! It just got 20% cooler!! Btw, i think its about bands. Like Trixie and her band vs. Mane 6.
  11. Star Shine

    Are we all attention seekers?

    I seek a lot of attention. I dunno why... XD. I mean, I love being in the middle of attention for something good. Like maybe dancing, singing, music( my hobbies) blah blah blah........
  12. Star Shine

    How open are you about ponies?

    I am very open about it. I got my best friend addicted to it, told my mum so much stuff about ponies that she actually could remember and recognize the ponies(even some background ponies) and argued with my uncle over Ponies and Pikachu ( however u spell that, my uncle like Pikachu)
  13. Star Shine

    Hi Ya'll! New Pony in Town!

    Hey there!!! I'm Peggy Dash and I'm also new!!!!!!! And trust me, the forums AWESOME!!!!! They call likes bro hoofs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now how COOL IS THAT?????
  14. Hey there!!!!!!!! Sup???? I'm new to da forums too... Actually.... Yes!!!!!!! I'm a BLANK FLANK. But I'm sure no pony, not even Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon will make fun of us!!!!!!! And this forum, is like SO cool, and with u joining, I'm sure it will be 20% cooler!!!!
  15. Star Shine

    Hey There! New pony to make it 20% COOLER!

    Thank you ponies!!!!!!! To be honest, I have joined other forums before. But most people there DONT talk about ponies. And here, in this forum, ITS ALL ABOUT THE PONIES!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!! I'm sure that I am going to have an amazing Time here!!!!!!