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  1. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: Google How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Banned from Equestria Daily Ok, simple and short, i'm not here to stay and play on the bloody forums, i'm here to find someone to watch Anime's with or play games with. I'm 15 years old and all my friends live in the city where i go to school, so i have no one to actually talk to or do stuff with, i'm pretty productive, not a no liver, i go outside quite allot, do daily tasks around the house, and have quite a few things to do, but when i don't i ge
  2. Sure ^-^ I'd love to as well! I'll problably contact you after school tough, have to leave in about 10 minute anyways.
  3. Yeah sure, i'd love to ^-^ I haven't played terraria in quiet a while actually, but ever sins their new update i just can't get my self to not replay it, and also being able to play cs:go would be lovely as well! I hadn't had much time to get into it just yet, but i'm sure i'l (We will) get adicted soon enough ^-^
  4. Cainthegamer

    Hey guys ^-^

    Thanks! ^-^ I tried to find the best one that i could, its hard to find just the right picture when you've got 1305 of them :3
  5. I am, but i sadly don't own any of them, *hint hint* Yargh, yeh maity.
  6. Well like i said, i have a pc, or else i wouldn't have posted my steam/skype info in my profile, and besides that i have an overheated xbox, thats about it :/ (Sorry forgot to qoute and don't really get how "Mentioning" Works yet :'(
  7. Ik speel gewoon op de pc, ik hou niet echt zo veel van consoles. Ik vind't een toetsenbord veel makkelijker om mee te werken, en de spellen voor pc zijn ook stukken better. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I only play on the pc, i dislike consoles for the main reason that they suck and lack allot of freedom and mobility you have on a pc. Thanks ^-^ I kind of had trouble finding a decent spot to post this in
  8. So i've got a couple of friends that i talk to on skype, and play games with, but sins they all recently got Battlefield 4 and me being such a peasent not being able to aford buying it, i'm kind of left here with nothing to do, so first off, i'm looking for someone to talk to on skype and play games with, like Starbound, Terraria, CS GO and any other game really, as long as its fun of course ^-^ But sadly most people i meet live in america, and i live in the netherlands, so its kind of hard for me to find someone in my timezone to play games with. I don't really like dutch people that muc
  9. Cainthegamer

    Holla' to the heard

    Welcome ^-^ I see you and i decided to join on the same day, hope you'l enjoy this place just as much as i do
  10. Cainthegamer

    Hey guys ^-^

    Thanks you guys ^-^ I can already see i'm here to stay Never before have i seen such a loving and welcoming community And (Massive digital hug) *HNNNG* ^-^
  11. Cainthegamer

    Hey guys ^-^

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: By using google of course How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Once i wanted to entertain my self in my bedroom, so i found out about this game called "banned from equestria daily". Clicked it, played it, and joined the herd ^-^ So i kind of came here for one reason only, to make new friends. You see, most of my friends are either, not bronies, or just aren't into the whole fandom as much as i am. So lets see, i'm 14 years old, live in the netherlands, and am also part scottish. So yeah,
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