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  1. When watching the finale I strongly got the vibe that the intention by the staff is for it to be implied that they are together. Lyra and Bonbon I don't have a problem, but this seems too contrived based on the whole show. BUT I will admit I immediately thought back to what Applejack was saying in this scene from "Simple Ways" while watching the "older Mane 6" portion of the finale. I thought about it and I do see Dash wanting to live on the Apples' farm as a real possibility. One thing that Rainbow Dash has always seemed to have a real problem with is being alone. She may have been just doing her Wonderbolts thing over the years and possibly didn't pursue (or have luck with) any long term relationships. She's probably coming up on retirement and may have just decided one day that she was getting sick of coming home to her empty cloud mansion day after day. I'm sure Applejack would probably have been happy to have extra help now that everyone's getting older. I mean Rainbow Dash "helping" around the farm is also nothing new. In all seriousness though I do think there's a lot more going on with a character like Rainbow Dash then has been touched on throughout the show.
  2. I like Android for smartphones vs iOS. iPhones and Apple computers aggravate me when using them. Plus they're overpriced for what they are. I'm not a "badge collector." Them being the BMW or Mercedes of phones/computers doesn't carry weight with me. I'm looking for valve, quality, and usability in electronics. Now I do like Apple's iTunes and the iPod for music. I still have a couple iPod Nanos with Bluetooth that I use all the time. I like a separate device for music instead of poking at my phone screen all the time and draining it's battery too. On my iPod, I just push one BUTTON and its on and playing without even needing to look at it. It has a touch screen if I WANT to use it.
  3. I have all Mane 6 4DE Plushies. I originally was just going to get Fluttershy because she was SO adorable and well done! but It started to seem sad with some of them missing... I just searched my e-mail for the orders. Fluttershy 6/19/2018 Rainbow Dash 6/21/2018 Applejack 6/25/2018 ... Rarity 7/3/2018 Pinkie Pie 7/3/2018 ... ... (cricket sound) ... OK, FINE!!! Twilight 9/23/2018 It took me so long to buy her because I didn't like the mane they did on her, but it was sad that I had all of them except the MAIN character!
  4. What more is there?... To some a car is an extension of oneself or an "instrument" of transportation. NOT just a washing machine with wheels. My summer car that I specifically ordered new in 2013 is a MANUAL transmission Camaro. I didn't want a touch screen, nanny sensors, etc. It was one of the last years before all that stuff became mostly standard. I got a V6 due to cost/ insurance/ and fuel economy. I get 25mpg around town and have get 32-34mpg on long trips (not grandpa driving either.) It was actually quite a bit less new than I would have guessed also. Driving that is a way different experience than a normal automatic transmission car. You HAVE to go by sound and feel. You also are forced to pay more attention because YOU have to make more decisions (aka manual transmission) That kind of car has a time and a place though. Bumper to bumper rush-hour traffic ABSOLUTELY sucks driving stick, which thankfully I rarely ever have to deal with. Driving in snow is crap too, but I have an old 1998 4X4 SUV that was my grandparents' for that. It's also different if you work on your own car and know what everything is/does on a car. You could point at anything on my cars and I could tell you what at least 95% of the pieces are/do. Living near the "Motor City," both sides of my family have been in the auto industry- Tool and die (metal press/cutting/shaping machines), die design, metal forming processes, etc. I would have been too, but the industry is not what it used to be- too unstable now. New cars seem flimsier and have less individuality. They seem more alike than different. Years ago it was more the opposite. All the extra computer nannies and the like make driving more of a numb, boring experience. I like driving to drive and NOT be messing with technology. (Plus if you keep the car for a while and that stuff starts breaking, you're going to wish it didn't have that stuff when you see the repair bill.) Another good analogy would be playing a musical instrument. (I played violin and piano although not very good ) People can use computers to make/synthesize music more easily and conveniently. You don't even have to worry about it going out of tune either! Why play an actual physical instrument anymore? Seems inconvenient. </sarcasm>
  5. Oh, I didn't make the frame, it's just a pre-made $10 frame. I just thought the chrome trading cards/decals would look cool in it
  6. My floating frame idea turned out pretty good. Someone was selling these as a set. They had Discord (appearing confused) above NAMELESS Derpy, which I thought was hilarious.
  7. Labatt Blue Light and Bud Light Platinum are my favorite normal beers. I don't particularly like the taste of beer, but I don't hate it either, unless it tastes like soap. I don't drink often at all, so the taste to me is just something "different" to have once in a while. I prefer the taste of wine over beer.
  8. I would say I take risks, but they're usually very calculated. I rarely do something very risky just on a whim. I pretty much always avoid stupid things that could easily lead to getting hurt. Risks that could lead to someone else being affected in a negative way I also try steer clear of. In the last few years I have been taking more risks, but I try to think of every outcome first and weigh them against my target.
  9. In general I like moths, except for pest moths, like grain/pantry months and clothes moths. I caught an awesome one called a polyphemus moth. I was getting gas at night at a very bright station and he was dive-bombing the ground trying to get away from the lights.
  10. Haha! Now you made me think of a Mr T. Applejack!
  11. It was part of a comic someone made a few years ago that I found amusing. I forgot what it was now though.
  12. There's a time and a place for them I guess. We had three over the years as leases when I was a kid and they were great for that. We went on a lot of road trips. After the vans, a couple years before I started high school, my dad bought a 2002 Tahoe. It's a much better built and capable vehicle. It has almost the same room but without sliding doors. Still have the thing 18 years later. You still see a ton of them on the road still- not so for minivans of the same vintage. Minivans are pretty much a bigger car without beefed up mechanicals. They also don't have as good of resale value, which probably causes a lot of them to get junked vs fixed later in their lives.
  13. Haha! That profile Pic with that comment just made me laugh too much! One of the smells that is starting to get on my nerves more and more is pot smell. It's legal now in MI and sometimes I'll have to deal with a customer who just reeks. I just think, "what a pig." I don't have a problem with someone smoking pot if they choose to, but not cleaning up and being out in public like that is just a different way of being a jerk. I wish I could do this to the smell!! XD
  14. Poor PC Victim Derpy...

    When I saw this I had to get it. :laugh: Discord made it actually funny!877145728_Mlpchromedecalssmhl.png.cf904978a0a4a6347768a613a3e13f7e.png

    1. Cirrus.


      (Had to move this from forum)

    2. Radium Phosphor

      Radium Phosphor

      Knowing Discord, he probably had something to do with that. :laugh:

    3. Cirrus.


      LOL it's more like Discord of all people is baffled by the nonsense!



  15. I definitely agree. There's a lot of crap looking stuff out there. I only get stuff that looks show accurate, or very close to it. Sometimes I have to get some kind of set to get a particular item. If it comes with something that looks bad, the bad item ends up condemned to a special "sad" box that stays closed to keep the ugly in.