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  1. LOL I agree with the oozing poison infesting everyone's life, but would rather not have the comet as the cherry on top. I think there's already been enough stuff burning in all this nonsense going on...
  2. Yes, and here in the US I see the quiet (currently still quiet) ones who see the real criminals through the B.S. "WOKENESS SMOKESCREEN" as only taking so much until... I was just looking through my past picture attachments and found this somewhat fitting.. Anyway IN MY OPINION "The wrong trousers" movie metaphorically represents whats going on in a way here that hopefully won't play out and be found out by the uninformed/misinformed when it's too late. Gromit the dog sees the Penguin tenant who moved in for the criminal he is, while Gromit's owner, Wallace, thinks he's the greatest. Wallace then gets "taken for a ride" against his will by the penguin and then it's too late. There's a lot more going on under the facade the virus and BLM. That "going on" is very likely to lead to the end of middle class in America if it plays out. We could literally go into Civil War in the worst case. If that IS the case, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Then add shark-in-the-water China CCP to the mix... Not good folks. We could get high taxes and exorbitantly high "green" energy costs. Gun ownership for citizens will probably become a thing of the past also. Living expenses will skyrocket and then normal houses will be unaffordable to normal people and the rich will buy them and turn around and rent them right back to you. Don't think it can't happen? Look what happened cost of education here over the last 40 years. How are you "supposed" to make more money? Get higher education. Now you have to get a boat anchor of a loan to do it (basically giving away some future earnings/ money you could have invested to build wealth). Good luck doing that, let alone build generational wealth, with now outrageous living expenses. By the time you realize what's going on and decide to do something, you'll realize what the 2nd amendment that was taken away was really about. Now you have nothing and really can't even do anything about it. This or a loudmouth for another 4 years. Think about it. Well that's it for my rant. I have no idea how things are actually going to go given how crazy this year has already been. I've had it already.
  3. I like the better hot dogs once in a while. I also have something to add from the show... ...
  4. I like roller coasters. I live about 3 hours from Cedar Point and used to go there every year as a kid. Last time I was there was like 2012.
  5. When I bought my house in 2016 I was glad I remembered the place! There's a thrift store a couple miles from my work. For the first couple of months I would stop in quickly after work about once a week until what I was looking for showed up. I got nice end tables for my family and living room and a nice glass coffee table for next to nothing. I've gotten a few other furniture things, some nick knacks, and electronics also. Some of the stuff was brand new and unopened also! They're definitely worth checking out! You never know what you might find!
  6. Nope. I'm actually working on putting more weight in muscle- just more toned, not crazy like Bulk Biceps though. I cut way down on sugary stuff and bread related stuff for the last year and a half and it's made it A LOT easier.
  7. The jalapeno flavor is my favorite.
  8. I'm in Michigan, so the LA area of California.
  9. When it comes to China, I think their people, culture, and architecture are cool. I think their government needs to go to hell. It's good for literally NO ONE. Aside from the virus crap going on there they have record flooding and are just opening floodgates of the world's largest dam and not even giving anyone downstream any warnings. Also, if their citizens have something bad to say against them they'll just be thrown in prison and have their organs sold on the black market. Another new development is that they could literally take someone prisoner WHO NEVER EVEN SET FOOT in China. If you said something on social media against the CCP and had a flight with a layover in a country that has an extradition treaty with China, you could "dissapear." Now that's F'd up. They're also buying out a lot of rare earth mineral sources around the world that are needed for electronics production to try to get total control over that.
  10. Always. Went without once. That was enough of that.
  11. NOPE. I'll figure something else or I guess its the end of the line. I would rather die of exhaustion trying to get out of the situation. I've almost died twice (car accident and getting too exhausted swimming after a raft blowing away in deep water) and let me tell you, I would choose that over eating someone. F that.
  12. I can eat with chopsticks, but not very efficiently. I know. It's so stupid and terrible. Right across the street from my work was a very good and successful family run Chinese restaurant. I've gone there forever and near the end of last year they closed suddenly. They just wanted to do other things. Luckily it was before the virus. I bet now they're glad they got out when they did. They didn't have to deal with this BS.
  13. Today at work, because I'm too lazy to copy the bookmarks onto another browser.
  14. I like millipedes and used to keep them as pets sometimes as a kid. they're pretty cute and pleasant. I don't like centipedes though. They're like spiders with too many legs- that like to run- AND are on drugs. I usually don't bother with these since they're harmless and quick to disappear if left alone. They're too spazzy to try and deal with. They're literally like a ping pong ball. When I lived with my parents they would have a lot of these since their house known as a "quad." It's staggered so the basement is underground and the second level is half underground. The "third" level is at ground level, and then the 4th level is really like at 1 1/2 story level. Since a lot of the house is at or below ground level these guys love it. Our cat used to mess with these all the time. they don't bite people unless you're trying to grab them, but how crazy they try to run all over is unpleasant. Luckily these are the only ones I've had to deal with indoors. Centipedes with shorter legs are usually pretty aggressive and are best left alone. They do try to bite anything you put by them.
  15. GM / Chevrolet. Me and my family has had many over the years with very few minor issues. Toyota and Honda make reliable cars but I really don't find them appealing/exciting at all.