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  1. A drawer track bracket!!!!!!!!!!! (I did actually buy this most recently) JK, I made an unplanned stop to the Salvation Army thrift store by my work and got a Blu-ray home theater system with the all the speakers, wires, and remote PLUS a wireless add-on for the back speakers. It literally was barely used (judging from condition and lack of fan dust and original Panasonic remote batteries.) I only paid $40 and the thing has actually been currently selling on eBay for $140-$180 BEFORE SHIPPING COST! I was planning on getting a new Blu-ray player in the future for another TV around Black Friday, but this was great! Much cheaper and better!
  2. They're the heir because their uncle's brakes broke over there. He was trying to avoid hitting a hare. After the crash he was eaten by a bear- which just goes to show, life's not fair.
  3. My cat Xyon. His nickname is Biggie because he turned out to be a pretty large cat (not fat-wise). The hilarious thing is that his meow is so high pitched like a kitten! 2 1/2 years old currently About a year old here
  4. LOL. Celestia was pissed but yeah, I don't think she could ever go that crazy I was just thinking of the Irony of things disintegrating into complete chaos and Discord possibly not even being around to witness it- BY HIS OWN FAULT
  5. So because of the final episodes, I've revisited my initial impressions of Celestia from when I first started watching the show. I thought she was genuinely nice but was setting up "crap" for "Twilight and friends" to deal with. I didn't put much thought beyond that at that point in time, since I had now idea how the show would go over time. now "cue" Discord. Always trying to F things up for his own amusement. A character like him in a show like this is just great. He's definitely one of my favorite characters. Now for where I'm going with all of this. OH HOW I WISH they could have gone another layer with him and Celestia being each other's nemesis'! But you know- for kids. When it was revealed that Discord was Grogar- I literally gasped- I wasn't expecting that. I was like "Shit- is he actually bad?" Ultimately though I think it was great. I don't think he was really concerned about Twilight, her confidence, and her "Oh so important" coronation, but was more concerned with sticking it to Celestia by screwing with her grand plan. Retirement!?! NOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean look at the situation- Sister's back, main villains nullified (for the time being), Equestria in an overall good state, ready to hand over the keys and... BAM!, Chef "look at me, I'm a good boy now" was cooking up trouble, and it boiled over, just a bit. Maybe the whole time Discord was actually malevolent and was trying to "break" Celestia but legit messed up. Now in a NON TV-Y WORLD- Celestia could have snapped after Discord revealed that his plan got away from him- along with his magic. I mean she could have turned into an enraged Daybreaker and immediately blasted a dumbfounded Luna back to the moon and maybe even possibly kill Discord in the state he was in at the time. On top of a now crazed insane Celestia, add the bumbling bell brigade to the mix and now what? Imagine how F'd up the possibilities could be! I really don't know how something like that would have turned out. I mean we saw how down Twilight got in the actual episode, now add if Celestia went insane/evil because of Discord going too far!
  6. Am I the only one who wishes Cozy Glow got kicked sometime during the show and made a squeaky toy noise?:ooh:

    1. Lucky Bells

      Lucky Bells

      That would've been funny

  7. Better than ever I'd say. Back around Easter of 2019 I decided to look into a Keto/Low carb diet after a friend I work with was starting it. I had heard of it but just thought it was some fad thing. My big thing was the research. I looked up studies referenced to things I came across to make sure it wasn't BS or something that would eventually actually cause some harm. The differences have been quite suprising in 5 months. My skin has improved, sleeping and waking up is better, I have more energy, I've lost a little weight despite eating much more fat than I ever have in my life, my knees and wrist don't get sore as easily when strained. I'm also less irritable and my mood seems to be better overall. Now at my job I am walking around all day , which is how it's always been since high school, but I only work out an average of 45 min a week currently due to being busy, but I've gotten better results than I have in these 5 months than when I used to work out like 4-6 hours a week!!!!! I'm now just under a 6 minute Mile which I've never been before and I'm 31 years old now!! This winter I'm actually going to work out probably like 6-7 hours a week (Since there's literally not much else to do here in Michigan's crap winter) and I think it's probably going to be ridiculous in a funny way by spring! Some of the main things I do now: Saturdays I do cheat though. I cut out soda/pop like 90% I cut way back on all sugar and grains. I combine breakfast and lunch together by taking an earlier lunch at work I eat more eggs (pasture raised organic), broccoli, and cauliflower. I use olive oil and butter (grass fed organic) more then I ever did I add bacon bits (lean) to a lot of stuff I made I use mushrooms instead of noodles in stuff I eat more walnuts and sunflower seeds I take a little magnesium, potassium, selenium, and zinc I try not to snack between meals which is easier now that I eat way less sugar overall I really spend about the same on food. It's more nutritious and keeps you feeling full longer so you're not hungry often. I'm also eating out less and not buying junk snack food that I used to end up eating too much of for no reason anyway. If you don't want to do all that, try at least cutting back on sugar and carbs and you will feel better.
  8. First thing I do is check the power company's website for their outage map on my phone. Then I check by my parents house on that map. Based on the outages in the area, I take a guess how long the power will be out. I may go to my parents house and bring stuff in a cooler from my fridge and freezer to put in theirs if they have power. If it's not too bad I start thinking about what I'll need out of the fridge/freezer so I open it as little as possible. Lucky thing also is that I have a gas water heater and stove. What I do usually is tidy up/dust a little. As it gets dark I might light a couple oil lamps and turn on a couple of LED candle things. Then I might read or use internet on my phone while sitting with my cat. I usually go to bed early too.
  9. I had two very close calls where I easily could of died, but got VERY lucky. Your state of mind may surprise you, mine sure did. One of the times I was like "Well isn't this just fricken' great!" and the other time I was like NOPE! F THAT! I would definitely like to avoid being burned, mauled, poisoned, or crushed to death. Or ending up with some horrendous illness. With regards to afterlife, I was raised Roman Catholic and believe in God and Jesus. However, I think there is probably much more to it than the stereotypical heaven and hell concept. I think there is MUCH more going on with how the world/universe works than we know. That could be a whole other hours-long discussion. When it comes to believing that there is nothing after death, the unsettling thing that comes to mind is that "that may be what you get" AS a result of that belief. That would be a variation of hell in my opinion- eternal nothingness. I'm not trying to put anyone down by stating that, but in the way I think things might work, that might be a scary possibility. Kind of like a final "NO SOUP FOR YOU" ... *** a funny thing related- I HATE HEARSES. I think they're a HORRENDOUSLY UGLY abomination of the automobile. I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE MY FINAL RIDE IN A ROLLING PILE OF S#!T!!! I would rather be taken to the graveyard in the back of a regular SUV or even a small moving truck.
  10. I'm Roman Catholic and definitely believe in God, but I don't buy the stereotypical idea of heaven and hell. The invention of the transistor really escalates possibilities. I think life and the world could be RADICALLY different than what we think it is. This goofy old song from when I was a kid (2nd grade 1996) is becoming more and more relevant as time goes on. It's kind of scary! (The funny thing also is that I never heard this song until a few months ago. Back in 1996 I listened to mainly country music)
  11. I definitely believe that there is some kind of "afterlife." What it actually is, I don't know but my guess is that it's MUCH more complicated than just heaven and hell. Here's some food for thought; and by that I mean just a crumb... The transistor was invented on 12/23/1947... ...Looking like some crap 5th grade science project. 72 years later the newest iPhone (a relatively attainable CONSUMER product) has over 8.5 billion transistors... Besides that look at what else we've accomplished technologically in that short amount of time. NOW lets add some more time to that and apply some layers akin to the concept of the movie inception for a start... Possibilities about the fabric of reality can get pretty insane pretty quickly...
  12. When I first found out the title for this episode, this was the first thing that came to mind so I just had to make it! Trixie's Hoof is derived from the pinkie finger. Photoshop is just fun sometimes.
  13. Well I was just re-watching some old episodes and in this one... Looks like apples aren't the only food grown on the farm ...
  14. I use Pert shampoo (or sometimes the store version) daily. My hair isn't as airy/cooperative if I don't. Then I just brush it for like 10 seconds. I've tried other shampoos and they feel like they don't completely wash out, or they make my hair snarly (which is weird since I have short hair.)
  15. Scrambled, as an omelette, or poached (with pretty solid yolk) with a bagel. I'll eat hard boiled eggs but I don't really like the texture.