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  1. I'm OK at cooking. Nothing fancy though. Definately better than Sweetiebelle!
  2. I truly do want to thank you man!!:-D:squee:

  3. I would have to say Fluttershy because she looks adorable, and her personality/chararacter IS adorable!!! I have her 4DE plushie on my stereo in my living room. It's calming and/or just makes me feel happy to look at her cuteness.
  4. Going over to my parents' house. My sister, grandma, uncle, aunt and two cousins are going too. Not as big of a gathering as we used to have in years past, but that's a good thing considering this year.
  5. Well being near the "Motor City" we've seen our share. I remember all this because I love cars. Me: '93 Buick LeSabre ('04-'08 Sold) The buyer's daughter had several accidents, so one day the car just couldn't take it anymore and randomly decided to end itself by fire. '98 Pontiac Bonneville ('08-'09 totaled) '01 Pontiac Bonneville (Got in '09- Still runs and drives great- but doesn't stop. Rusted brake lines and needs tires because they are getting dry rot cracks. SO basically totaled. '13 Chevrolet Camaro (Bought new at 24.) '98 Chevrolet Blazer (Inherited coincide
  6. First off I would need to know the interest rate. For EACH 1%, that loan is going to cost $10,000 in a year. So if the loan annual percentage rate is 3%, then having that money would cost $30,000 a year just to have. So hopefully you already make good money, or plan on doing something that'll make money. If the interest rate isn't bad, I would invest some of it, and I have some fun stuff I want to do that should make some money too.
  7. Cinnamon, Hot apple cider , citrus, coffee, chocolate, new leather, pine, and wintergreen. Some others are Holiday cooking, pizza, BBQ, bacon, popcorn, and baking. I also like the smell of a woodworking shop and the misty/ozoney smell before/after a storm. NOT the musty fall season rain smell though.
  8. Cirrus.

    General Useless inventions.

    WHY?!?!?!?!?! Electronic SMART Toilets?!?!? Because a regular toilet is just too hard to use?!?!? Stupid shit like this makes me want to SMACK A MORON!!! Please excuse my anti-stupidity outburst.
  9. I live 11 miles from my work, so my commute is about 25-30 minutes. On a crappy winter day it can take an hour or more.
  10. No snow here in Michigan yet, but it has been getting down into the 30's at night. Usually around Halloween we see at least some flurries.
  11. Usually I have one in my kitchen. NOT THIS B.S. YEAR!!!
  12. Please, the blanket and the sheets, The leaves the gardener rakes, are articles of faith The company believes I'm running derelict around these foreign streets The colonel knows I want to crack his head for taking me Up in an airplane... above the archipelago I stuttered in my armour in an airplane above the archipelago Now I see where you grew up, and the murderer in me
  13. I always do unless... THE SOAP IS GONE...
  14. I won't mess with one. I've had some weird shit happen in my life where it's made me question things of that nature. I'll stay away from stuff like that "just in case"
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