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  1. Scrambled, as an omelette, or poached (with pretty solid yolk) with a bagel. I'll eat hard boiled eggs but I don't really like the texture.
  2. LATER THAT EVENING... Ultimately the moral/lesson of the episode was good, the execution was not. Rainbow Dash wasn't out of character- for an earlier season. For goodness sake Rainbow Dash is a TEACHER now in TWILIGHT'S school. Doing things the Rainbow Dash Way™ is a good way to get fired. I don't know. The episode wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it could definitely have been written better this late in the game. Rainbow Dash has been stupider in rather recent seasons.
  3. "By the way, you were the best friend I ever had. Enjoy your waffles."
  4. LOL I used to watch this as a kid. MLP reminded me a little of it back when I first started watching it.
  5. SpongeBob by far. Unfortunately the title "My Little Pony" might as well be a giant stop sign for a lot of people who would otherwise actually like the show.
  6. I live in the center of a quiet subdivision In southeast Michigan about a half hour north of Detroit. It has a cemetery on one side of the subdivision and a major auto company complex across the main road to the east. I bought the house exactly 3 years ago and live there with my pet cat. I had to pull some financial voodoo magic to get the mortgage and still keep my new(er) car at the time. It really doesn't cost much more than a 1 bedroom apartment in the area and I have a partially finished basement, garage, fenced in yard, CENTRAL A/C, patio (with two sliding glass doors to it), and big driveway.
  7. I don't have 4 stomachs and my eyes are on the front of my head- not the sides.... Which makes me think about the pigs on the apple farm for the first time... . "Oh, they're just here to eat them bad apples sugarcube, that's all!"
  8. Quality of life is a good reason to stay in shape. I go to the gym only like once or twice a week for an hour. I definitely feel better for it and notice a big difference if I don't go for a while. Overdoing it isn't good either though. You can damage joints when doing repetitive and/or strenuous physical activity and have other problems if you aren't paying attention to your nutrition.
  9. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Cirrus.



  10. Two Best Sisters Play- We've Completely Lost Our Minds!!!
  11. I thought it was an OK episode. When it comes to Garble, All I could think of was this! Judy from the show Doug. And it's been a LONG time since I've seen that show.
  12. No, but I do have Wine and a Cellar Skeleton clock?
  13. thinking, plotting, planning
  14. '13 Camaro. V6 Manual. A lot of fun.