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  1. First off I would need to know the interest rate. For EACH 1%, that loan is going to cost $10,000 in a year. So if the loan annual percentage rate is 3%, then having that money would cost $30,000 a year just to have. So hopefully you already make good money, or plan on doing something that'll make money. If the interest rate isn't bad, I would invest some of it, and I have some fun stuff I want to do that should make some money too.
  2. Cinnamon, Hot apple cider , citrus, coffee, chocolate, new leather, pine, and wintergreen. Some others are Holiday cooking, pizza, BBQ, bacon, popcorn, and baking. I also like the smell of a woodworking shop and the misty/ozoney smell before/after a storm. NOT the musty fall season rain smell though.
  3. WHY?!?!?!?!?! Electronic SMART Toilets?!?!? Because a regular toilet is just too hard to use?!?!? Stupid shit like this makes me want to SMACK A MORON!!! Please excuse my anti-stupidity outburst.
  4. I live 11 miles from my work, so my commute is about 25-30 minutes. On a crappy winter day it can take an hour or more.
  5. No snow here in Michigan yet, but it has been getting down into the 30's at night. Usually around Halloween we see at least some flurries.
  6. My phone is pretty organized, since I don't do much in terms of work on it. I have three home screens organized by app priority that I can swipe between. The only thing I really save on there is pictures. I prefer doing work or anything involving typing on an actual computer. . On my actual computer, I have files pretty organized. Bill stuff is very organized by year and account. My desktop isn't too bad, but has some stuff that needs to be organized. In my browser I use the bookmarks toolbar and have it by order of priority and site type. Some things have drop down menus also. I generally jump between a few tabs and windows. I usually don't have more than 5 or 6 opened at a time though. When I lived at my parents' house still I had multiple displays on my computer and it was sweet. I could drag windows around. ^^ this is how it was in my room in 2016 before I moved out ^^ Now that computer is still there at my parents' in the living room set up (with only one screen) at the desk where our original computer used to be. No one uses that desk and I don't have internet at my house so I just kept it there, My mom didn't know it was my computer until last year! She thought it was STILL the old 1998 computer!!! I also have about 10 external hard drives with photos and videos. They aren't too organized and I definitely need to consolidate and catalog them... SOMEday...
  7. Usually I have one in my kitchen. NOT THIS B.S. YEAR!!!
  8. Please, the blanket and the sheets, The leaves the gardener rakes, are articles of faith The company believes I'm running derelict around these foreign streets The colonel knows I want to crack his head for taking me Up in an airplane... above the archipelago I stuttered in my armour in an airplane above the archipelago Now I see where you grew up, and the murderer in me
  9. I won't mess with one. I've had some weird shit happen in my life where it's made me question things of that nature. I'll stay away from stuff like that "just in case"
  10. Bisexual- I guess?? With a general stronger overall preference towards females?? I've never been too enthusiastic about the prospect of dating so it's not that it matters much.
  11. Killing flies, wasps, mosquitoes, ants, or grain/pantry moths- ABSOLUTELY NOT! Good riddance! By daring to enter, they chose DEATH!
  12. My baby cat Xyon a couple months before I got him!
  13. Online on this site I'm always honest, more so than real life. This forum is one of the nicest places to interact online IMO and I've been around here since '14. In real life I'm honest, but may occasionally lie about trivial small talk things, such as saying I'm doing good even though I might be having a shit day. There's also certain things I don't see eye to eye on with my parents that I don't voice my opinion on if I think it'll just cause negativity also. Lets just say they're a little more "right of center" than I on some topics... In real life I may also say something is fine/good even though I may not like it in order to keep peace if it really doesn't matter in the long run. I do have a line though. There's a few people in my life who are overly opinionated or chronic complainers and It's grating. Fortunately overall I'm not picky on most things. I always think "does it really matter?" and most of the time just stay quiet. I don't think lying leads to anything good anyways. I do agree that NOT showing ALL of your cards is a good thing sometimes though...