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  1. Trying to listen to music with from only one earbud would make me nuts pretty quick.
  2. I would say Rainbow Dash Level. I have quite a few MLP figures and stuff I've gotten over the years, but only have my 4DE Fluttershy and like one other thing out at a time. I don't go out advertising it though. I don't have a problem with liking it, I just don't want the aggravation of dealing with those who might have a problem with it.
  3. I definitely agree with this, I just don't, and never really have seen why some are so adamant on painting themselves into a box? I just thinks it leads to aggravation/conflict due to varied definitions and skewed/incorrect interpretations of said labels. Especially by people who aren't informed or part of that group. I just like what I like, and some things may align with some labels. I'm a fan of MLP but won't adopt "Brony" because I think it sounds obnoxious and don't subscribe to the stereotypes and having to explain what it actually is vs those stereotypes when talking to someone. I'
  4. Of the ones hinted at in the show proper, I would say Applejack X Rainbow Dash. I just don't see it. From what we've seen from Rainbow Dash's history, she seems to hate being alone and also while being the element of loyalty, ironically has been shown to be very willing to "nope out" and skedaddle when something looks like it's going to be annoying or an inconvenience. () I'd bet she probably didn't have much luck with relationships. My guess is that sometime after her Wonderbolts career days, one day she probably came home to her empty cloud mansion and thought, "This isn't working
  5. My favorite of the Mane 6 was, and always will be Fluttershy. I just think she's just so adorable! Her design, voice, and personality just go together perfectly. Then: Rarity- Her design is nice, but I think her voice acting is the best of the group, and HILARIOUS. Tabitha knocks it out of the park. I also like how the show calls out her accent as BS. ...Unless she was adopted... Applejack would be next. I like her down to earth and usually no nonsense personality. Twilight- Her design, personality, and voice go together well. Rainbow Dash. Her flashy d
  6. Speaking of manual vs auto, having a manual actually saved my car. About a month ago I was going to work and I was on the on-ramp to get on the freeway (I-75). There was a moron in the minivan in front of me going 35 AND NOT SPEEDING UP! The minimum speed for the freeway is 55mph! Well, we were nearing the end of the on-ramp and a double trailer gravel hauler semi was coming up fast and someone was behind me, and the stupid van was making the semi try to slow down. The freeway is bridged over the road I was entering from and the on-ramp approached at an upward angle with a concrete
  7. I definitely will give it a chance. It FOR SURE looks more coherent and grounded than Pony Life. The only problem is that from what's out there, I'm getting vibes that the characters seem to be middle school to high school age- so somewhere in between the ages of the CMC and the Mane 6. I really got more into the G4 show proper after I realized the Mane 6 were post high school age (working age). I was like, "That's kinda different, this could actually end up being a fun and interesting show!" So if the G5 ponies are like Equestria Girls age, I probably won't be too interested, a
  8. I thought it was a very good interview also. I REALLY mainly became interested in MLP due to the behind the scenes stuff, and how open and accessible the staff were on social media. Like I mentioned, I've worked with Flash and know a lot about animation and the production process. I almost decided to persue it as a career, but didn't think that would be good long term as I think 2D is kind of dying off/cheapening. Anyways, by looking at the posts, maybe "peeved" was too "strong" a word? If I rephrase it, I just am more kinda sad that it seems like people think SHE herself is an
  9. Is/has anyone else been annoyed when Derpy is referred to as an "animation error" over the years? I have ever since the first time I saw mention of her when I first got into the show. I've worked with Flash (The animation program used) and was pretty sure that she was no "Error" The easiest way to explain what happened is that one of the animators INTENTIONALLY made her and her goofy expression while messing around with the "crowd models." She wasn't in frame, or "camera view" at the time for that scene, so they just left her in the work area (the area of the screen not visible w
  10. None here. I've just had a couple crushes throughout the years and ALMOST asked a girl out like 10 years ago. The first girl I ever liked way back in like first-second grade is kinda scary/crazy now. The girl I almost asked out has kinda developed a crappy attitude too and ended up marrying some "tool"/ hipster combo guy with ZERO personality. I don't even know what's up with that guy. I'm actually glad that I haven't been in a relationship during this corona mess. I'm sure it put stress for sure on many people's relationships.
  11. Fluttershy is definitely my favorite pony altogether, including her design. She's just soooo cute and adorable! I like her more subtle colors and long smooth swooping mane/tail. Her eye shape and color is pretty too. In terms of just aesthetics and art design, there's a few other ponies in the show that I particularly like a lot too. Rarity is a close second out of the mane 6. I like her mane color contrast and styling along with her eyes too. Other ponies in the show that I can't leave out: Coco Pommel- She's just adorable all around.
  12. Speaking in terms of G4, I think it was done very well how it was. If it was changed to be "for boys" I think it would have seemed forced and wouldn't have been nearly as good or successful as it was. I think the depth/personalities of characters and writing is more important than what gender the show is "made for." Lauren Faust just happened to be in the right time to be offered the job to reboot it. In interviews, she has mentioned that she had been disappointed in girls' entertainment since being a young girl herself. She liked the pony toys, but not the show. She made up her own chara
  13. Right now I'm really excited about the new Ford Bronco- the one that's going to be competition for the Jeep Wrangler, not the new weird mini one that's on the roads now. So far I really like what I've seen and read about it. I like the exterior, interior, and mechanical options available. The price spec'd out with the mechanicals I want isn't too outrageous for what you get either. I possibly might get one in 2023 if I can make my financial voodoo work. I would regularly do light-moderate offroading with it too.
  14. I have a 2013 Camaro that I've had since new. I also have a 1998 Chevy Blazer that I inherited in 2017 from my Grandmother. I also have a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville (in upper right of Camaro picture) that a brake line went out on right when I got the Blazer. It's been out of commission since and I'm probably going to get rid of it though since it needs brake lines, brakes, rear shocks, a window motor, idler pulley, AND tires. Not really worth putting the money into. It sucks because it only has like 90 thousand miles. It starts right up still and the AC even still works.
  15. Cirrus.

    Science Static Electricity

    My poor cat gets zapped all the time in the winter when I pet him. Not much I can really do about it though.
  16. Not a problem here. When I'm in the bathroom, I'm using it as a bathroom. I don't understand why you need to even be using a phone in the bathroom, It's not like breathing where you're going to suffocate and die without it in a few minutes... Or is it?!?! I feel sorry for the poor souls if that is the case!
  17. I used to drink a can a day a couple years ago. The only time I really do anymore is at my family's cottage that I go up to twice a month during the summer. Occasionally I may have some at a restaurant too, but I definitely don't buy it regularly anymore.
  18. No conventions here. I did go with a local Brony group to see the movie and to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings after. I also went to a meetup with the same group a couple years later where they rented a room at a community/sports center for the series finale. Both meetups were pretty good.
  19. I was 25 near the end of 2013. The first episode I watched when it aired live was Rainbow Falls at the beginning of 2014.
  20. That's good to know. I was starting to worry about those two black holes devouring the solar system that he mentioned before for a second there...
  21. Thanks for the decorations- I think...:discord_balloon::confused:




  22. No, Come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER went alone.
  23. If they're closer than a few miles from me, then yes. From a safe distance, not really.
  24. My handwriting is OK I guess. It's not fancy, but not too messy either. Pretty average I'd say.
  25. I didn't care much for Cadence at first, but she has grown on me over the years. She has a pretty good voice, character design, and personality.
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