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    Here I am: https://pp.vk.me/c310422/v310422388/765b/KWi1YeGpAaY.jpg

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  1. Blossoming Jazz

    Hello friends!

    Thank you, dear friends. I'm so happy to meet you all
  2. Blossoming Jazz

    Hi, Everypony!

    Welcome to our cosy nest, russian friend! Greetings from the Northern Capital- and write me if you want to- i'm musician too .
  3. Hey, dear friends. It seems that I have to introduce myself? (My English leaves much to be desired so I beg your pardon for it). Well, I'm a 23old musician and photographer from Russia. I like travelling, reading, playing harp and singing in the northern woods. And I adore having fun just like Pinkie Pie And I like MLP so much, it cheeres me up and makes my days ...everyday My friends don't like MLP, they are mostly too serious, so I'm here to find new foreign friends who will share my adoration for this awesome show . Friendship is magic, as you know and I like all kinds of magic too, so I
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