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  1. preparing for work, bye

  2. Morning

    1. Sparklefan1234


      Good Morning, My Friend. :D

  3. UPDATE: Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo get a 10 second penalty for driving to close on the cranes during safety car, dangerous driving. However, it changes absolutely nothing on the end result, because Giovinazzi(10th) was more then 10 seconds away from Grosjean/Haas(11th)

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad it didn't affect his result. :kindness: Giovinazzi leading the race must be one of the best F1 moments in 2019! :mlp_yeehaa:

    2. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      at one point the podium was alfa romeo, toro rosso and renault XD(But obviously no pitting yet at that time)

    3. Tacodidra


      And Stroll fourth for Racing Point. :P If only that safety car period had been a few laps earlier... :adorkable:

  4. so, sended my answers now, should be okay I hope^^
  5. Ferrari wins the third race in a row. last time that happened was 2008!(And there it was 4 in a row)! And Vettel gets his first win this year. It's also the first double win since 2017 and the first ever double win in Singapore(As shown in a status yesterday). And Verstappen steals the 3rd spot from Mercedes, that finish 4th and 5th(After Bottas has to play wingman again). Albon finishes the top 6. best of the rest, after 2 bad races is McLaren again, this time Norris tough, after Sainz fell far behind and only semi catched up trough the 3! safety cars. Gasly also shows again, that he prefers the Toro Rosso and finishes 8th. Hülkenberg in Renault and Giovinazzi in Alfa Romeo finishing the points. First timer also: Fastest lap giving no extra point, thanks to Magnussen/Haas(17th and last) stealing it like last year but not beeing in the top 10. Without points this race: Haas(11th and 17th), Racing Point(13th and DNF) and as usual Williams, who had there first retirement this year with Russell crashing out. Kubica finishes 16th. Räikkönen, Perez and Russell failed finishing.

    Only drivers that still could become Champion:

    -Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes

    -Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    -Charles Leclerc/Ferrari

    -Max Verstappen/Red Bull

    -Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari



    Drivers for 2020

    Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton/Valtteri Bottas

    Ferrari: Sebastian Vettel/Charles Leclerc

    Red Bull: Max Verstappen/???

    Renault: Daniel Ricciardo/Esteban Ocon

    Haas: Kevin Magnussen/Romain Grosjean

    McLaren: Carlos Sainz/Lando Norris

    Racing Point: Sergio Perez/Lance Stroll

    Alfa Romeo: Kimi Räikkönen/???

    Toro Rosso: Daniil Kvyat/???

    Williams: George Russell/???


    Grand Prix of Singapore 2019 Race 15 of 21

    1st Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari

    2nd Charles Leclerc/Ferrari

    3rd Max Verstappen/Red Bull

    4th Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes

    5th Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    6th Alexander Albon/Red Bull

    7th Lando Norris/McLaren

    8th Pierre Gasly/Toro Rosso

    9th Nico Hülkenberg/Renault

    10th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo(+10 seconds)


    11th Romain Grosjean/Haas

    12th Carlos Sainz/McLaren

    13th Lance Stroll/Racing Point

    14th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault

    15th Daniil Kvyat/Toro Rosso

    16th Robert Kubica/Williams

    17th Kevin Magnussen/Haas


    18th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo(OUT)

    19th Sergio Perez/Racing Point(OUT)

    20th George Russell/Williams(OUT)


    Fastest Lap(No Point) Kevin Magnussen


    Racing Duels:

    Hamilton 11:4 Bottas

    Vettel 9:6 Leclerc

    Verstappen 12:3 Gasly(1)/Albon(2)

    Hülkenberg 8:7 Ricciardo

    Magnussen 7:8 Grosjean

    Sainz 9:6 Norris

    Perez 10:5 Stroll

    Räikkönen 12:3 Giovinazzi

    Kvyat 8:7 Albon(5)/Gasly(2)

    Kubica 3:12 Russell


    Championship Drivers:

    (--)1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes 296 Points(2/1/1/2/1+1/1/1/1/5/1+1/9/1/2/3+1/4/

    (--)2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes 231 Points(1+1/2/2/1/2/3/4+1/2/3/2/--/8/3/2/5/

    (+1)3rd Charles Leclerc/Ferrari 200 Points(5/3+1/5/5+1/5/--/3/3/2/3/--/4/1/1/2/

    (-1)4th Max Verstappen/Red Bull 200 Points(3/4/4/4/3/4/5/4/1+1/5/1+1/2+1/--/8/3/

    (--)5th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari 194 Points(4/5/3/3/4/2/2/5+1/4/16/2/3/4+1/13/1/

    (--)6th Pierre Gasly/Red Bull;Toro Rosso 69 Points(11/8/6+1/--/6/5+1/8/10/7/4/14*/6/9/11/8/

    (--)7th Carlos Sainz/McLaren 58 Points(--/19*/14/7/8/6/11/6/8/6/5/5/--/--/12/

    (+1)8th Alexander Albon/Toro Rosso;Red Bull 42 Points(14/9/10/11/11/8/--/15/15/12/6/10/5/6/6/

    (-1)9th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault 34 Points(--/18*/7/--/12/9/6/11/12/7/--/14/14/4/14/

    (--)10th Daniil Kvyat/Toro Rosso 33 Points(10/12/--/--/9/7/10/14/17/9/3/15/7/--/15/

    (--)11th Nico Hülkenberg/Renault 33 Points(7/17*/--/14/13/13/7/8/13/10/--/12/8/5/9/

    (+2)12th Lando Norris/McLaren 31 Points(12/6/18*/8/--/11/--/9/6/11/--/9/11*/10/7/

    (-1)13th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo 31 Points(8/7/9/10/14/17/15/7/9/8/12/7/16/15/--/

    (-1)14th Sergio Perez/Racing Point 27 Points(13/10/8/6/15/12/12/12/11/17/--/11/6/7/--/

    (--)15th Lance Stroll/Racing Point 19 Points(9/14/12/9/--/16/9/13/14/13/4/17/10/12/13/

    (--)16th Kevin Magnussen/Haas 18 Points(6/13/13/13/7/14/17/17/19/--/8/13/12/--/17+0/

    (--)17th Romain Grosjean/Haas 8 Points(--/--/11/--/10/10/14/--/16/--/7/--/13/16/11/

    (--)18th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo 4 Points(15/11/15/12/16/19/13/16/10/--/13/18/18*/9/10/

    (--)19th Robert Kubica/Williams 1 Point(17/16/17/16/18/18/18/18/20/15/10/19/17/17/16/

    (--)20th George Russell/Williams 0 Points(16/15/16/15/17/15/16/19/18/14/11/16/15/14/--/


    Championship Teams:

    (--)1st Mercedes 527 Points(Hamilton 296/Bottas 231)

    (--)2nd Ferrari 394 Points(Leclerc 200/Vettel 194)

    (--)3rd Red Bull 289 Points(Verstappen 200/Gasly 63/Albon 26)

    (--)4th McLaren 89 Points(Sainz 58/Norris 31)

    (--)5th Renault 67 Points(Ricciardo 34/Hülkenberg 33)

    (--)6th Toro Rosso 55 Points(Kvyat 33/Albon 16/Gasly 6)

    (--)7th Racing Point 46 Points(Perez 27/Stroll 19)

    (--)8th Alfa Romeo 35 Points(Räikkönen 31/Giovinazzi 4)

    (--)9th Haas 26 Points(Magnussen 18/Grosjean 8)

    (--)10th Williams 1 Point(Kubica 1/Russell 0)

  6. making the night, last foreverrr! At least during summer, it's too hot otherwise! Would you like to be a tree?
  7. 5 second penalty for cutting several corners to Ponyville
  8. Risings F1-news:

    Danill Kvyat seems to be confirmed for Toro Rosso, so he is no option anymore for Red Bull, meaning who gets the 2nd Seat at Red Bull and at Toro Rosso is between Alexander Albon or Pierre Gasly, depending who works better with the Red Bull car.

    1. Tacodidra


      I think it will be Albon (it would be weird to see them promote Gasly again). :) It'll be quite strange to have two Red Bull rejects at Toro Rosso, though, since the team is supposed to train new drivers for them... :please:

      Yeah, I know that's the case now too, but I think it's different, since it wasn't the original lineup this year...

  9. we dont evven have the previous ones badges yet and the next one starts already, busy shedule XD I try it when waking up