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  1. Heya


    weirdness: This morning my laptop decided to just not connect to my internet anymore. but...internet worked fine, my smartphone was connected just fine, but my laptop, more oddly, found NO internet, neither mine or anyones else. only after restarting, it worked again, but then i pretty much had to go, so no time saying bye. weird still...

  2. 501.914 nah, actually not, maybe at begin of this year, but recently we never where under 0 Celsius yet, at least where i live
  3. happened enough to not make it boring, but not enough to make it a big surprise race either. The start was probably the most exciting one, as suddenly Carlos Sainz was leading the race ahead of both Mercedes and Kimi Räikkönen flying from near backfield up to 6th. In the end it settled back to how we used to see, Sainz in the middle of points and Räikkönen with no points. if the results scream unusual at all, it's probably Vettel with a point, Leclerc on 4th and Gasly on 5th. Stroll did terrible and retired in the end, beeing also the only retirement, ruining Norris' race too. Perez got just barely away with a warning for his too hard defending on Gasly. no safety cars or red flags either and no usual...either until after the race. the podium in the end where the standard 3 we see there, mercedes and Verstappen. Albon and Kvyat didn't showed much to give them another year in this race either. We see!

    oh yeah, and track limits where a thing, which a few drivers felt in the first place with time penaltys.

    And respect where respect belongs: Congrats for Lewis Hamilton having now the most victories in F1 Racing with 92 wins.


    125 Points left to gain: Drivers that can still win the championship after Portugal:

    Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes

    Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    Max Verstappen/Red Bull


    Drivers for 2021

    Mercedes: Valtteri Bottas/???

    Ferrari: Charles Leclerc/Carlos Sainz

    Red Bull: Max Verstappen/???

    Alpine: Esteban Ocon/Fernando Alonso

    Haas: ???/???

    McLaren: Lando Norris/Daniel Ricciardo

    Aston Martin: Lance Stroll/Sebastian Vettel

    Alfa Romeo: ???/???

    AlphaTauri: Pierre Gasly/???

    Williams: George Russell/Nicholas Latifi


    Grand Prix of Portugal 2020 Race 12 of 17

    1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes

    2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes

    3rd Max Verstappen/Red Bull

    4th Charles Leclerc/Ferrari

    5th Pierre Gasly/AlphaTauri

    6th Carlos Sainz/McLaren

    7th Sergio Perez/Racing Point

    8th Esteban Ocon/Renault

    9th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault

    10th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari


    11th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo

    12th Alexander Albon/Red Bull

    13th Lando Norris/McLaren

    14th George Russell/Williams

    15th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo

    16th Kevin Magnussen/Haas

    17th Romain Grosjean/Haas(+5 Seconds)

    18th Nicholas Latifi/Williams

    19th Daniil Kvyat/AlphaTauri


    20th Lance Stroll/Racing Point(OUT)


    Fastest Lap(+1 Point) Lewis Hamilton


    Racing Duels:

    Hamilton 9:3 Bottas

    Leclerc 9:3 Vettel

    Verstappen 9:3 Albon

    Sainz 5:7 Norris

    Ricciardo 9:3 Ocon

    Gasly 7:5 Kvyat

    Perez/Hülkenberg 6/0:6/0 Stroll/Hülkenberg

    Räikkönen 8:4 Giovinazzi

    Magnussen 5:7 Grosjean

    Russell 7:5 Latifi


    Championship Drivers:

    (--)1st Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes 256 Points(4/1/1+1/1/2+1/1/1/7+1/1+1/3/1/1+1/

    (--)2nd Valtteri Bottas/Mercedes 179 Points(1/2/3/11/3/3+1/2/5/2/1+1/--/2/

    (--)3rd Max Verstappen/Red Bull 162 Points(--/3/2/2+1/1/2/3/--/--/2/2+1/3/

    (--)4th Daniel Ricciardo/Renault 80 Points(--/8/8/4/14/11/4+1/6/4/5/3/9/

    (+3)5th Charles Leclerc/Ferrari 75 Points(2/--/11/3/4/--/14/--/8/6/7/4/

    (-1)6th Sergio Perez/Racing Point 74 Points(6/6/7///5/10/10/5/4/4/7/

    (-1)7th Lando Norris/McLaren 65 Points(3+1/5/13/5/9/10/7/4/6/15/--/13/

    (-1)8th Alexander Albon/Red Bull 64 Points(13*/4/5/8/5/8/6/15/3/10/--/12/

    (+1)9th Pierre Gasly/AlphaTauri 63 Points(7/15/--/7/11/9/8/1/--/9/6/5/

    (+1)10th Carlos Sainz/McLaren 59 Points(5/9+1/9/13/13/6/--/2/--/--/5/6/

    (-2)11th Lance Stroll/Racing Point 57 Points(--/7/4/9/6/4/9/3/--/--//--/

    (--)12th Esteban Ocon/Renault 40 Points(8/--/14/6/8/13/5/8/--/7/--/8/

    (--)13th Sebastian Vettel/Ferrari 18 Points(10/--/6/10/12/7/13/--/10/13/11/10/

    (--)14th Daniil Kvyat/AlphaTauri 14 Points(12*/10/12/--/10/12/11/9/7/8/15/19/

    (--)15th Nico Hülkenberg/Racing Point 10 Points(///--/7//////8//

    (--)16th Antonio Giovinazzi/Alfa Romeo 3 Points(9/14/17/14/17/16/--/16/--/11/10/15/

    (--)17th Kimi Räikkönen/Alfa Romeo 2 Points(--/11/15/17/15/14/12/13/9/14/12/11/

    (--)18th Romain Grosjean/Haas 2 Points(--/13/16/16/16/19/15/12/12/17/9/17/

    (--)19th Kevin Magnussen/Haas 1 Point(--/12/10/--/--/15/17/--/--/12/13/16/

    (--)20th Nicholas Latifi/Williams 0 Points(11/17/19/15/19/18/16/11/--/16/14/18/

    (--)21st George Russell/Williams 0 Points(--/16/18/12/18/17/--/14/11/18/--/14/


    Championship Teams:

    (--)1st Mercedes 435 Points(Hamilton 256/Bottas 179)

    (--)2nd Red Bull 226 Points(Verstappen 162/Albon 64)

    (--)3rd Racing Point 126(141) Points(Perez 74/Stroll 57/Hülkenberg 10)

    (--)4th McLaren 124 Points(Norris 65/Sainz 59)

    (--)5th Renault 120 Points(Ricciardo 80/Ocon 40)

    (--)6th Ferrari 93 Points(Leclerc 75/Vettel 18)

    (--)7th AlphaTauri 77 Points(Gasly 63/Kvyat 14)

    (--)8th Alfa Romeo 5 Points(Giovinazzi 3/Räikkönen 2)

    (--)9th Haas 3 Points(Grosjean 2/Magnussen 1)

    (--)10th Williams 0 Points(Latifi 0/Russell 0)

    1. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      whoops, forgot to change the races country, obviously it's Portugal yesterday, not the Eifel XD

  4. Rising's F1-News:

    Helmut Marko himself confirmed, that Pierre Gasly will drive for AlphaTauri in 2021, keeping his seat

    Current Driver Line-up 2021(but it can change anytime as we saw with Perez, who was already setted...)

    Mercedes: Valtteri Bottas

    Red Bull: Max Verstappen

    Aston Martin: Lance Stroll/Sebastian Vettel

    McLaren: Lando Norris/Daniel Ricciardo

    Renault: Esteban Ocon/Fernando Alonso

    Ferrari: Charles Leclerc/Carlos Sainz

    AlphaTauri: Pierre Gasly

    Alfa Romeo:


    Williams: Nicholas Latifi/George Russell


    and I didn't forget, results from yesterday's race coming up soon!

  5. Heya


    and another friend unfollowed, recently it rather goes downwards, dunno if I do something wrong

    1. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      But I'm still here. Gao~ :squee:

      I heard if you say his name 3 times, he replies to you.
      @Deae Rising Shine~! Deae Rising Shine~!! DEAE RISING SHINE~!!!