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  1. Happy forumverssary eve! :v

  2. You've not been forgotten...

  3. Yay finally ungrounded! :D

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    2. The Peculiar Derp

      The Peculiar Derp

      @Dawning no I haven't forgotten you. You can blame my mother. :(

    3. Dawning Demon

      Dawning Demon

      Dumb PD's mother....

    4. The Professor...8D
  4. No. It would be pretty lonely. And it is also dangerous to go in crowded places alone anyways. Like they say, everything's better with a friend!
  5. I hate it when people have fun without me...

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    2. Mars Orbit

      Mars Orbit



      You're evil.

    3. The Peculiar Derp

      The Peculiar Derp

      Shhhh *hands towel*

    4. Fleur-De-Lis


      I hate when waiting for a new chapter of a manga to be posted! ... likewise for the novel ... Douluo Dalu! although going at a pace of a chapter a day (being substantially faster than most other manga/manhua It still just aint fast enough! XD ONWARDS NOVEL!

  6. I finally thought of something that I love doing, but I'm not good at: applying nail polish. :P

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    2. The Peculiar Derp

      The Peculiar Derp

      @creeps my customers wouldn't be very satisfied XD

    3. creepypastaeater


      XD than wut m8?!

    4. Dawning Demon

      Dawning Demon

      Oh my gosh...your back :o

  7. Ugh, all these people talk about summer, while school doesn't end for me until the 12th >_<

  8. I have that shitty solution commercial stuck in my head YOUR A KID NOW YOUR A SQUID NOW YOUR A KID YOUR A SQUID YOUR A KID NOW SPLATATATATATATATASPLATOON >_<

    1. The Peculiar Derp

      The Peculiar Derp

      I meant *splatoon* commercial :P

    2. Petrus


      Hahaha! o_0 CRAP now it's in my head to

  9. I just realized if there was a wizard version of the show Animal Hoarders, Rubeus Hagrid would have been on it at least once. 0_0

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    2. Mars Orbit
    3. The Peculiar Derp

      The Peculiar Derp

      @creeps it's a Harry Potter reference:p

    4. creepypastaeater


      I know XD but I thought you said that there was one so I twas like wut.

  10. I'm looking back at old texts between me and my crush. It was painfully obvious that they liked me. ;~;

  11. Yes, very overrated. The series should have stopped at #2. They just keep milking it. Now a fourth game and a movie? I mean, come on. I'm getting pretty damn tired of all these shitty fanfictions, theories, parodies, fanarts, etc. It wasn't even great to begin with. You just sit in a chair and close doors to prevent the haunted animatronics from popping up and making a weird screeching noise. But apparently it's " the scariest game in years" Like is it really that scary? I think not. It's just an overrated money cow. Case closed.
  12. How about Discordian Killjoys? I think it sounds pretty damn cool.
  13. This morning, actually. I guess I shouldn't have ate so much frozen yogurt at King's Island. 0_o