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  1. ZukoIsBestPony

    Question the Questioner.

    I'm hungry, what do I do about it?
  2. ZukoIsBestPony

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    ...I had to kiss you? I must restore my honor somehow.
  3. ZukoIsBestPony

    Gaming Looking for a legacy (Sims 3)

    You are awesome! It would be pretty hard. I bet I could try to make all of the pegasi fairies and all of the unicorns witches, which will add this whole new complex to breeding and gameplay. Plus I would have to pick and choose background ponies which will be extremely challenging, cuz well the list of background ponies is absolutely huge. I'd have to at least use basic 'cheats' (Turn off aging, edit sim in create a sim etc) But other then that I'm sure I could make it through without money and mood cheats, which are generally the big no nos in challenges. In fact, just the idea of an all pony town is intriguing, I wonder if I could manage that, note I'd have to eliminate the non pony based characters in the town, that or edit them to my whim. Both ideas are rather devious though. The age group thing could be the extremely hard part. Placing ponies like Discord and Star Swirl on a time line would be treading in the territory of head cannon. I think I'll give it a try though.
  4. ZukoIsBestPony

    Gaming Looking for a legacy (Sims 3)

    So, lately I've been a bit addicted to paying legacy challenges in Sims, (Or just challenges in general) and even more lately, I've purchased the Pets expansion pack and the Supernaturals expansion pack. However, I've yet to do any challenges including these packs, and I'm having trouble finding some good ones. So I'm wondering if any of my fellow bronies know of any good challenges, established or just ones you may have made up. Preferably I would like one that has a mlp theme, but I'm good with just about anything. Post below with a link/idea please! Thanks for reading. <3 ZiBP
  5. ZukoIsBestPony

    Lack of opposite gender: Does it happen to you?

    Eh, girls my age are mean, I prefer the company of boys.
  6. ZukoIsBestPony

    Poll: How to end a dark story.

    Hmm, sounds good. I like it. But, I am still deciding, I honestly am having trouble with this one.
  7. So, who else saw the season 3 opener for Legend Of Korra? And who else enterly changed there shipping options? Before this I shipped -Korra and Mako -Bolin and Asami Now, with all of the really super cute moments between the two, I've come to ship Korra and Asami. Weird I know, as I beforehand saw them as a silly fem crack ship. But now, I think they are honestly the cutest couple on TV. Anypony else?
  8. ZukoIsBestPony

    Looks like Appledash is now canon!

    Well, it's cute, but it's just fan art. Even if she was the fan to draw it. John De Lancie did this: It does not make a giant blue d*ck cannon.
  9. ZukoIsBestPony

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I'm Harmonious Whovian. I ship Harmony, and I'm a whovian. Simple.
  10. ZukoIsBestPony

    Everything related to Greek Mythology in MLP

    Uhg. Don't even mention the movies. The movies are a gods forsaken mockery of my childhood, and therefore must burn in the fields of punishment. This is a general fan reaction to the movie:
  11. ZukoIsBestPony

    Everything related to Greek Mythology in MLP

    @, As a PJO fan, I can only suspect that you're a demigod. Give Percy a hug for me. But in all seriousness, I think the show respects the myths an awful lot, actually it's one of my favorite aspects of the show.
  12. ZukoIsBestPony

    Question the Questioner.

    Silence will fall when the question is asked.
  13. No way, not new Katy at least. Try imagining Pinkie jamming to ET or Dark Horse. Not a pretty picture.
  14. ZukoIsBestPony

    Food Combination Suggestions

    Try mixing grenadine to a pudding cup and putting the pudding in the freezer with a spoon sticking out of it. When it's frozen you have a sweet grenadine pudding sickle. Works best with vanilla.