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    Private Pony Dating RP

    A black and browned maned Pegasus stallion flew though the skies. His mind was thoughtless, except for one thing. He always had a crush on a white unicorn named Vinyl Scratch. He was scared if he asked her he would get rejected or it would be really awkward and he would freak out. Lightning Strike flew down to a fluffy cloud and layed down on it. He rested their for a few minutes. " Yeah, I've been working on some new beats. I have to hurry up and make a new one for that mare named Pinkie Pie's new party." He heard Vinyl say from on the ground. He looked down to see Vinyl and Octavia walking though town. "Hey Vinyl!" Lightning shout from the cloud above them. Vinyl and Octavia look up to see a Pegasus floating down to them. "Oh, Sup Lightning!" Vinyl said in her usually excited tone."Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie Friday night?" Lightning asked. Vinyl blushes "Sure! Why not" Vinyl says smiling and blushing. "Ok, see ya Friday then" Lightning says spreading his wings and taking off into the dawn sky. Lightning Strike pushed open the door to his cloud bedroom. He walks over to his desk and sets down his saddlebag next to his guitar, piano, and 3D Glasses he had for no reason. He walks over to his cloud bed with a midnight blue blanket and plots down on it. Lightning slowly drifts off into sleep.
  2. A crystal white stallion soared though the new, fresh sky of Ponyville. He had just moved there the day before. He has only met new Pony's named Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. He was into music, so he said they could hang out. He lived in 2 story cloud home with a sorta modern design. He knew he still had many ponys to meet, so he decided to fly down to the market. As he walked though the market, Lightning Strike noticed no-pony was in the market. Lightning Strike walked up to the door of Sugar Cube Corner. He pushed open the wooden door and was greeted by a many, many ponys yelling 'Welcome to Ponyville'. It scared Lightning a little bit. He looked around the room to see many foods, sweets and ponys. "Ummmmm..." Lightning Strike said in a confused tone. He felt something land on his head. He looked up to see a party hat on his head. He looked forward to see a very,very,very excited pink earth pony with a fluffy mane. "Hi! My names Pinkie Pie and I threw this party just for you! I'd like you to me my bestest,bestest friends in all of Equestia!" Pinkie Pie dragged Lightning over to 5 mares standing next to each other. "This is Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and last. But not least Rainbow Dash! " Pinkie said pointing at each one of them as she said their names. "Hello, nice to meet you all" Lightning Strike said with a smile on his face. Lightning and the girls chatted for hours. Vinyl Scratch played dub-step as most likely everypony in PonyVille was there. Vinyl got bored and decided to play a slow song to dance to. Everypony grabbed some pony to dance with. Lightning didn't really want to ask anypony to dance, Mainly because last time he attempted to it was very awkward. He got the guts to get up and ask Dash to dance. Lightning slowly walked up to the rainbow maned pegasus. He moved his brown and black mane out of his eyes. "Hey, Dash" Dash looked up at the white Pegasus stallion who was about 3 inches taller than her. "Would you like to dance?" Lightning asked. Dash looked down trying to hide her blush. "Uhhh... Sure" Dash said back up at the stallion. Lightning and Dash walked to the edge of the dance floor. Lightning and Dash stood on there back hooves. Lightning up his hooves on her hips. The both slow danced not noticing the flash from a camra that went off. When the music stopped Lightning said goodbye to everyone and went home. Lightning pushed open the door to his room. His walls were midnight blue. His floors were black. He walked over to his bed and plopped down on it and slowly drifted off to sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------–——--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope y'all enjoyed the First part of my first Roleplay Thing. More to come!
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    Hello Firewolf! I know ya gonna like it here. After you make 5 post make a couple blogs then go on down to the Roleplay Fourms. Imma always be there when I am allowed too
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    Anypony else sing the songs while watching MLP?

    I do sometimes . Love is in Bloom or True True Friend or I have to Find my way
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    FAQ I want you to answer.

    Yes Yes Yes Butt Marks Du!
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    Hey Guys! I'm a new member. Earlier today and Yesterday I was trying to post a blog and the button didn't show up to make one. I PMed SkyBound and Him We found out you have to make 5 post on forums to make blogs Why is that a thing I really don't get why you have to make post before you can blog. I have no Idea why there is a random Him in a sentence. Silly me! :b
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    That looks Boss
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    My name is Cole IRL!
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    Lightning Strike
  11. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: I found this though a website called We were listening to MLP Music and some pony brought this site up How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My friends showed it too me. I watched ONE Episode. Then got addictied!! I'm a Stallion! My OC is Lightning Strike. He looks like a Mare but he's a Stallion. LS is my Profile Pic I like to roleplay. IRL I have glasses, Black Hair, Brown Eyes. Other Things!: My Fav thing about myself: My silliness or Creativity Least Fav thing about my self: My Spelling and math Fav Color: Purple Fav Band: Coldplay Fav Sport: Archery or Hockey Fav TV except MLP: Doctor Who Fav Side Ponys : DJ-Pon3, Octavia, Derpy, Doctor Whooves, Soarin Fav Princess: Luna The Most Over-Rated pony in the show Fav CMC Member: Scootaloo Fav Villain: Discord or Nightmare Moon The Photo that is on This is My OC