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  1. She gets wings after she "ponies up" so I would assume yes
  2. If you want to use anime as a synonym for cartoon then sure. But people would probably find it weird if you started calling the Simpsons an anime.
  3. It isn't, but neither are self-driving cars, holograms, or personal robot assistants I find those things equally facinating as the magic from that series.
  4. It is more mundane or equally mundane, but I believe you are comparing apples to oranges here. What could be seen as fantastical from our world is different and subjective.
  5. Should Equrstria Girls be a superhero series? If not why have them constantly fighting monsters?
  6. Robots, space aliens, mutants, ghosts, time travelers they can all exist in their world. Hell the EqG world could coexist in the Doctor Who world.
  7. Why haven't the girls shut the portal already? Know the magic is coming from Equestria, so if the portal is closed then no more magic. It is essentially pollution.
  8. You just contradicted yourself by acknowledging that there is evidence of magic working in predictable ways. You know what would mix things up? Have a reason for the girls to leave the magic flowing into their world you know like have threats from their world that they are illequipped to take care of without magic.
  9. I am surprised that this board has so many EqG haters.
  10. Miraculous Ladybug tried that, it got REALLY repetitive after just one season. It is already repetitive in EqG, so I would rather they move away from that plotline for a good long while. For a force that Sunset Shimmer doesn't understand it is surprising how predictable it works.
  11. If the EQG world was more interesting, then you wouldn't have that problem. If EQG is going to do these high tension conflicts, I would rather they don't ALL revolve around magic. In this scenario sci-fi provides a nice contrast to magic, and gives the girls a greater purpose than stopping fantastical pollution. If you want the series to be more realistic and tone down the magical conflicts, then sci-fi just gets in the way.
  12. It looked like the latter, but we really didn't see much of it.
  13. Twi also built a robot dog, there isn't a reason necessarily why those things couldn't exist in the EQG world.
  14. And the world still seems boring in comparison to the USAs ridiculous president and all the cool technology we have, like robots. If the EQG world is less mundane than ours it is ONLY because it has magic, otherwise it is far more mundane than ours.
  15. It would be more consistent to just go the scifi route. It would fit the tone of the series more and explain why the reactions have been so toned down.
  16. It could have its own form of magic, called science. It would be more interesting to see a world that is exciting in its own way react to an exciting element from another world. If the EQG world was willing to go more of the sci-fi route, then magic would have something to be contrasted too thus being more significant while keeping the universe interesting in its own right.
  17. It seems more mundane than our world. Why does the series feel the need to make one of the most interesting aspects of its world that it has elements from another world, it is pretty much an admittance that the very world this series takes place in has little to offer and is pointless to explore. Why not throw in sci-fi? Other girls series do it ,even Monster High does it. It would provide something meaningful that Equestria doesn't. Why does every villain need to be some girl corrupted by magic? Are mechsuits somehow too icky for girls? Is the concept of AI too difficult for kids
  18. I would rather seem them use their magic to take care of threats from their own world.
  19. Nope, I think it is a lazy way to introduce concepts without being creative while seeming profound.
  20. I think the lack of world building and major character developments are intentional for a series that has to juggle so many writers, is episodic, and isn't continuity heavy. The producers/story editors probably try to keep things vague to keep what is established consistent otherwise it might be very difficult to reconsile everything in the very short timeframe they have to produce a season. There are likely major budget constraints as well given how cheaply the show is produced as well, which might lead to the lack of variety in locations and characters we may see in a season.
  21. http://forums.equestriadaily.comYou do know this exists right?
  22. They could shrink down. The Invader Zim fandom had conventions 10 years after its show ended. Sonic still has conventions every year. Or they can get Hasbro's approval like GIJoe Con or Botcon.
  23. But Pokemon fans will go to a convention that is going to cater more towards their needs or go to a convention that covers gaming/anime in general. It is common sense.
  24. Then stop being Bronycon, and be an all geek culture con.
  25. http://www.horse-news.net/2017/02/bronycon-no-longer-pony-con.html Really stupid, I don't see who would bother going to this event when there are several larger Pokémon centric events and if not that you'll have your needs met at most major gaming conventions. Also I doubt Pokémon content creators are going to bother going to a pony convention in the first place.
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