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  1. Say, did you once have an Artificial Thunder account on deviantart?  Because I just noticed that user seems to be gone.

    1. Wind Chaser

      Wind Chaser

      Yes, I shut it down months ago. I rarely use this site anymore either. This site and Derpibooru are my only remaining connections to the fandom.

    2. HereComesTom


      I can't remember whether I asked your permission in the past to use your Wind Chaser OC in my fangame before today, but would you be okay with it?

      I've been working on that fangame for a few years now, and it'll probably still be a few before I release the final version that includes an explorable Ponyville with NPCs, but when that day comes, would you be okay with Wind Chaser being in it?

    3. Wind Chaser

      Wind Chaser

      I don't think I would allow it by now since I'm not really engaged in the fandom anymore. Thanks for asking and I hope the project goes well. 

  2. Wind Chaser

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    Atlanta got me a good net win on DraftKings. Not the biggest Harvick fan but it felt right with him winning after Dillon, going back to where he got his first win.
  3. Wind Chaser

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    It's so true. The fandom was pretty ready to let the cooler heads prevail and handle this situation as it should have. But now it's gone into flinging accusations and insults based on flimsy evidence. I won't dare link the petition here because I believe it's an immoral attempt at character assassination; the only evidence backing this are a couple of poorly-worded videos (one of which was clarified and apologized for) and accusations of a cover-up by observers with secondhand knowledge of the situation. I won't consider it differently until firsthand evidence comes out proving this otherwise. What was meant by "forgiveness" was not to let emotions control you and act out in a way that could ultimately damage the case. But of course because of the wording used the message was misinterpreted. And now any attempt to understand what it even means is being flat-out contradicted in action. Josh Scorcher is such a man of character, I'll probably say he's at least five times the man most of us in this fandom will ever be. It's unfortunate that his plan for the good of the fandom and the victims fell apart but that's the nature of the Internet, and the man is just not afraid to come out and admit his mistakes and even praise his rivals when he needs to. If people are going to leave the fandom over this, I totally understand it. Everyone's expected to assume the risk that there are predators in the fandom but the handling of this incident just shows that it might as well not be worth the risk not only from the predators, but to the related fallout and other personal issues.
  4. Wind Chaser

    General Media Most-Idiotic Characters

    Take any character within the Bumbling Dad archetype except Homer Simpson. Pretty much everything you can do with this character has already been done by him alone. You saw this on pretty much every sitcom through the 2000s and in a lot of commercials, too. I love The Amazing World of Gumball, but in a lot of ways it burns me that they have a character like Richard considering there is almost nothing new you can do with him, the way he's written.
  5. Wind Chaser

    Underage Dating/Pedophilia on MLP Forums

    I think all of this goes without saying that while there may not explicitly be laws that prohibit "dating" per se, getting involved in such a relationship is like walking a tightrope over a minefield. You are fraught on all sides by potentially illegal behavior, where one false move could put you in violation of the law. There's a reason why, even though in most cases there isn't a specific applicable law, they almost always arouse suspicion. In addition, some states have broad state laws that could apply responsibility to the adult if the minor commits an illegal act. You can track an individual's behavior on one site, but it's hard to track them everywhere and ascertain whether any additional contact is happening off-site. My only hope is that when these issues do come up, intervention can happen early enough that it can stop potentially illegal behaviors from happening, and that when people who get involved in these relationships are dealt with, that those involved have the good judgment to tell whether the person being dealt with is a person with a clear pattern of predatory behavior or if they're a relatively young adult with other issues that made an error in judgment and needs a different kind of intervention.
  6. Wind Chaser

    Zootopia; Legitimately Stellar, or Overrated?

    "Overrated" is subjective, and you really have to have a damn good reason to call something overrated. I've seen the film, and what I will say is it did exceed my expectations as far as the dialogue writing and the visual creativity of the world, which shows the usual care and research that Disney puts into crafting immersive settings. Their research having studied real animals, cities, and police departments really paid off for the most part. To all of it, however, it's far easier for a Disney or Pixar film to extract praise for the setting and immersion because the bar has been set relatively low by the rest of the animation industry, and there is an obvious and deliberate tinge of familiarity running throughout the whole thing because it's a Disney product specifically made with regards to their heritage. It doesn't discount the hard work, but it shows how much they run rings around their competition. As for the writing itself, it tells a surprisingly well-balanced variation of the classic "American Dream" story arc. Zootopia isn't the utopia that young, optimistic Judy promised herself it would be. At her lowest point, it seems like hell, but as she matures beyond it, she finds it's neither and she has to learn to make the best out of what things are. The movie makes the point in its dialogue, which is very natural, sharp, and timely. The only thing I'd consider overrated, IMO, is some of the other dialogue. I personally found much of the metaphor pretty obvious and heavy-handed in parts, but this is a very "your mileage may vary" situation, and it's a hard thing to veil into subtlety without confusing the message. Much of the success of the film comes from timing; it just came out against the right political climate for its message to stick. The only part of the film I really take issue with is how it negatively portrays Judy's parents talking about "settling" for their lot in life in an incredibly forced and caricatured way, as if to portray people who don't achieve or strive for their dreams as Debbie Downer-esque dream killers or somehow less legitimate than people who do so. A lot of people make a good living and are perfectly happy with settling or going with the flow rather than taking charge. This could have been portrayed better in the film as a looming temptation for Judy to return to the comfort of her previous life but to reject to show just how committed she is to her ideals. It's such a minor part of the film that a lot of people miss, but it would have meant more to me if they would have handled it better. All in all, I think Zootopia is animated filmmaking at one of the finest degrees it can be in this day and age. I don't like it as much as most mainstream critics, audiences, and especially furries do, and there are a handful of other animated features to have come out since 2010 that I've enjoyed more. But I've outlined what I like more or less about it and I can definitely see what others got out of it more than I did. [citation needed]
  7. Wind Chaser

    Sonic Forces Playable, Customizable OC Confirmed

    Great idea from a marketing standpoint, and if it was any franchise other than Sonic it would get more praise. I count myself among the many fans that wanted a feature like this. Of course the jokes are easy to make; they're so easy they became dead to me within hours of the announcement (what Twitter will do to you). For the skeptics, I get that there's reason to be skeptical because of previous modern Sonic games having relied on gimmicks to cover up shortcomings in game design. But to trash the concept itself is foolish; character customization worked really well for a lot of other game franchises recently and it's about time Sonic caught up with the huge community calling for it. The community's reputation itself is humorous but irrelevant to the concept itself; it would be like saying the Edsel was good because Ford made it even though it was a failure. As for the execution, it's obviously too early to tell.
  8. How much vacation time do you get?
  9. Wind Chaser

    For The Transit Fans: Landmark Profile: Lincoln Tunnel

    There's a certain infamous part of it that I like to call the "Helix of Doom".
  10. Wind Chaser

    Cartoons better than MLP.

    I'm not as big on MLP as I used to be, but there aren't that many other toons on these days that I'm all that much into. The only one currently running that I could really say I like more and find better than MLP in some aspects is The Amazing World of Gumball. The show goes a lot further with its humor but I still find most of MLP's characters more enjoyable. As for other shows that are now gone but ran concurrently with MLP, I'd have to give mention to Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and The Legend of Korra.
  11. I stopped following pretty much every MLP analyst except for Silver Quill and Tyandaga. I've kept those two because they feel very genuine, they love their work, and especially in Silver Quill's case, are thoroughly researched and thought out. I've been losing interest in the show over time and as a result, I don't really feel the need to watch those videos to help enjoy and understand the show as much anymore, the lone exception being Silver Quill because of his wide-ranging knowledge and tackling of topics most other analysts wouldn't be as good at handling.
  12. Wind Chaser

    What's Your Most Memorable Video Game Music?

    Catchy stuff from Sonic games:
  13. Wind Chaser

    S07:E01+02 - Celestial Advice/All Bottled Up

    I'm much more a fan of "All Bottled Up" than "Celestial Advice". Both back-to-back episodes by the same writing team (Lewis & Songco) show some consistent tendencies and where these writers seem to put in their best work. The second episode seemed to put them more in their element; the narrative's use of fourth wall humor (foreshadowing the song) and the comedic editing (using Ironic Echo Cuts almost to the edge of their capacity) bolstered what Trixie could do on her own by messing everything up. It fits better for writers whose background comes from animated genre comedies like TUFF Puppy. In the first one, you could tell they had much more fun writing Spike (the snarky version decided to show up for this one while the helpful one did the second) and Discord than most of the other characters. The first episode really felt more like a cap on what Season 6 was doing with its Starlight appearances, mainly setting up her new role alongside Twilight. The second one really felt different from a Season 6 episode and I hope it sets the tone for this season. It really proved to me that Starlight and Trixie can continue to carry episodes and that Starlight's comparisons to young Twilight aren't just blowing steam. The best thing she could have going forward, however, would be a more regular supporting cast beyond Discord and Thorax, who are unlikely to be any more than recurring characters. It will give her more of an independent identity, rather than keeping her as the Sixth Ranger of the main group, and will reduce their reliance on the same character pairings multiple times over. Other things of note: it's great to see Celestia be a bit more of herself, but an abundance of expository dialogue early and an overall slow progression show that Songco/Lewis' talents lie more with exploiting the self-awareness of the episodes themselves than the continuity. While it's still a bit of a bummer that none of the original writers from the first two seasons are around anymore, promoting Songco/Lewis into the story editor role gives hope that some things will change from Season 6.
  14. Wind Chaser

    movies/tv Any other cartoons you enjoyed besides MLP?

    My favorite cartoon on TV right now is The Amazing World of Gumball. Other than that, I watch mostly older stuff. I recently finished a binge of The Legend of Korra and I have been rewatching episodes of Hey Arnold, Doug, Sonic X, TUFF Puppy, (which I consider my guilty pleasure) and classic SpongeBob. I've also been trying to catch up on Samurai Jack and haven't watched the new ones yet. I also watch Sonic Boom out of a bit of morbid curiosity (and as a Sonic fan) even though I don't like that show.